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Stegosaurus (Terra by Battat)

Look at this super cool Stegosaurus!  I’ve never outgrown my love of dinosaurs and Stegosaurus has always been my most loved species.

There is a paragraph of Stegosaurus information on the back of the box. 41 kata lagi


Flashback—1959 | The Fifth Grade Class Field Trip

While I was fever ridden in bed at my American Consulate General Karachi apartment oddly enough I dreamt of my childhood, beginning with a field trip our fifth grade class had made to the Natural History Museum in Los Angeles… 971 kata lagi


City on the Savanna

A walled city stands on a plateau that overlooks a grassy savanna where Stegosaurus roam. Although this would be a fantasy setting, of course, the architecture here draws a bit from the Great Zimbabwe civilization (after which the modern country is named).


15 What’s the coolest dinosaur? | #NHM_Live

Join four Museum dinosaur experts as they each try to convince you that their favourite dinosaur is the best there ever was. It’s the ultimate dino face-off! 105 kata lagi

Earth Sciences

Stegosaurus Drinking Doodle

I doodled this Stegosaurus ungulatus drinking in my sketchbook around 1 am when I had difficulty going to sleep. Stegosaurus is a really magnificent animal, by the way.


Let's Put A Happy Little Stegosaurus Here

As I stated in my last post (and multiple other posts I believe), I have been wanting to do some practice with color, shading with color, and painting figures or landscapes for a long time. 217 kata lagi

Original Art

Uh, The Head Just Fell Off... (My First Metal Earth Dino Experience)

Hello again friends,

Sorry it has been a bit longer than I had intended since the last update, I have been hit by the flu that is kicking butt around the country and have been laid up since Sunday trying to get over it. 1.639 kata lagi