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Last night I dreamt of dimetrodons. My story has stegosaurs in it, not dimetrodons.

Is my brain trying to tell me something?

05 Dinosaur world tour | #NHM_Live

We’re back with the first episode of series 2, featuring Paul Barrett discussing Dinosaur discoveries from around the world. Most species people are aware of are ones found in North America but dinosaurs have been found on every continent on Earth. 70 kata lagi


Living Baby Dinosaur Found!

Idaho 6/16/2017: Scientists conducting wildlife research on the Snake River between Grand View and Bruneau stumbled upon a Baby Francosaurus, long considered from other fossil evidence as a distant cousin of the Stegosaurus. 259 kata lagi

Texas (er, Idaho) Scrawl

Rowdy, Rawring Stegosauruses


Fear me!

I’m a Stegosaurus!

Um, yeah.


My cute, cuddly Stegosaurus Boy stands in the backyard, wielding a neon orange baseball bat.

Keeping himself occupied, he pitches himself a Nerf football while waiting for me to hunt down an actual baseball. 493 kata lagi



Oh, Stegosaurus how miss you
My favorite toy when I was but a youth
I miss your large stubby legs
The spiky tail with its deadly spikes… 105 kata lagi

Current Poetry

Mr. Nature: Behold the Mighty Stegosaur

Of all the Miller Co. wax dinosaurs I had in my childhood, only a couple of these Stegosaurs survive, a big one and a little one. 214 kata lagi


Liaoningosaurus: perhaps not an ankylosaur

This one goes back several years… with several updates!
Xu, Wang and You 2001 described what they thought was a juvenile ankylosaur, Liaoningosaurus paradoxes (Early Cretaceous, Yixian Formation) featuring… 857 kata lagi

Reptile Family Tree