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Stegosaurus Drinking Doodle

I doodled this Stegosaurus ungulatus drinking in my sketchbook around 1 am when I had difficulty going to sleep. Stegosaurus is a really magnificent animal, by the way.


Let's Put A Happy Little Stegosaurus Here

As I stated in my last post (and multiple other posts I believe), I have been wanting to do some practice with color, shading with color, and painting figures or landscapes for a long time. 217 kata lagi

Original Art

Uh, The Head Just Fell Off... (My First Metal Earth Dino Experience)

Hello again friends,

Sorry it has been a bit longer than I had intended since the last update, I have been hit by the flu that is kicking butt around the country and have been laid up since Sunday trying to get over it. 1.639 kata lagi

A Stegosaurus Morning

Steggy lifted her head and listened. Familiar voices. Voices that meant food. She gurgled a low rumble deep in her scaly, armored throat, and watched the blurry distance she knew was the barn door. 688 kata lagi

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Dinosaur story

Sophie got a stuffed bunny rabbit.  So now Ben wants a dinosaur.  I found a cool pattern for a stuffed stegosaurus that got Ben’s approval.  I let him pick out the yarn when we went to the store… he wanted rainbow for the body and red for the spikes. 97 kata lagi

Crochet Projects

The Monitor

I know this image was taken a long time ago. I recognize the prehistoric life as being a Stegosaurus, a Dimetrodon, and a Triceratops but the image has not been around as long as the large reptiles pictured. 74 kata lagi


An Impaling Down Jurassic Fern Fields.

Imagine yourself walking quietly searching for prey on a field of ferns in the middle of a Jurassic tropical forest. You have good colour vision to spot any unusual coloration in the sea of greens. 237 kata lagi