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New phylogeny of Stegosauria

A few problems here.
Raven and Maidment 2017 have produced a phylogeny of the clade Stegosauria (Fig. 1). Unfortunately it splits stegosaur proximal outgroups (in the… 187 kata lagi

Reptile Family Tree

Jurassic Park in Review: The Lost World Part One

In 1995, Michael Crichton penned the sequel to Jurassic Park, “The Lost World”-a sort of reference to the old Arthur Conan Doyle novel about an isolated land where Dinosaurs still existed, and some of the inspiration for Jurassic Park itself (as well as other films like King Kong, and TV shows like Land of the Lost). 1.755 kata lagi

Baby Bob 2.0

How many years does your sister have to be with the guy she’s dating before you welcome him into your holiday celebrations?

I don’t really think there is a specific number, or rather, it varies based on the relationship. 289 kata lagi


Getting Creative with Little Miss Ling: Steggy

The final kit I received in the FreshStitches Kit Club was Spike the Stegosaurus.

For me it felt like I had come full circle. The first “special something” I received as part of the FreshStitches Kit Club was Kool-Aid, and it was also the last! 142 kata lagi

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Sounds Familiar

“Now entering the Jurassic Period! Next stop: Stegosaurus Forest!” – Mr. Conductor (Ian James Corlett), Dinosaur Train

Sounds Familiar

It's a Stegosaurus

Everyone can draw, even if you say you can’t. My friend handed me her drawing the other day, explaining that it’s a stegosaurus with a missing leg. 127 kata lagi