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Nyarai and the Stegosaur

Nyarai the Muvhimi (huntress) is driving this angry bull stegosaur into the walled enclosure you see in the background. The strategy is to lure the beast into a trap and then have her hunting peers dispatch it with arrows and javelins, but it will be a task easier said than done. 52 kata lagi


Nerd club

About a month ago I got together with a couple of friends and we reminisced on summers gone by, settling down, going out less etc – we happen to be single, but a lot of our friends are now married, settled or cohabiting so we gradually see a little less of them as a result. 460 kata lagi


Dinosaur invasion

Steggie and Ahtop are finished. The kids are thrilled and the dinosaurs are pretty giant. The final finishing is a bit fiddly – mostly because the animals are stuffed by then. 167 kata lagi

Knitting And Crochet

The skull of Lesothosaurus revisited

Lesothosaurus diagnostics (Galton 1978, Early Jurassic, 2.2m) was originally considered a basal ornithopod. Sereno (1991) suggested it may be one of the most primitive of all ornithischian dinosaurs. 241 kata lagi