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The Monitor

I know this image was taken a long time ago. I recognize the prehistoric life as being a Stegosaurus, a Dimetrodon, and a Triceratops but the image has not been around as long as the large reptiles pictured. 74 kata lagi


An Impaling Down Jurassic Fern Fields.

Imagine yourself walking quietly searching for prey on a field of ferns in the middle of a Jurassic tropical forest. You have good colour vision to spot any unusual coloration in the sea of greens. 237 kata lagi

Happy Birthday Prof. Kessler!

Hundreds of visitors have, and will continue, to stroll past the stegosaurus fossil in the Prehistoric Journey exhibit at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science. 461 kata lagi


Warning Mode

The plates on this Stegosaurus ungulatus blaze bright right to reflect its aggravated, defensive mood. I personally like to imagine that Stegosaurus and its cousins could change the color of their plates much as chameleons change their hide color today (it’s an idea that evolved from the portrayal of Stegosaurus turning its plates red as a warning display in the old BBC documentary Walking with Dinosaurs).


Allosaurus Roar Review: Dinosaur Journey Museum of Western Colorado, Fruita, CO

The Dinosaur Journey Museum of Western Colorado is located in Fruita, a town at the base of the spectacular Colorado National Monument, about 20 miles or so east of the Utah border.  1.655 kata lagi


The Small Big Thing

It’s been a while. How are you?

I’m sorry I’ve been away. Life gets like that sometimes doesn’t it?

This time around I’m going to talk about something that is taking up a strange amount of head space for me right now. 692 kata lagi

The Dinosaur of Angkor Wat

Over the weekend I was able to visit the Ankor Wat temple complex for the third time. Since everyone in our class had seen the Big Four temples, we decided to go off the beaten path a little and see some that we hadn’t been to before. 410 kata lagi