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Shelonian Art Dump

Taking a leaf out of my colleagues blogging practice – I’m just going to drop all the pictures I’ve been working on for the Shelonians. There are a fair few pictures – so hold on to your hats. 354 kata lagi

Concept Art


Stegosaurus – Gouache and Ink on paper (11×15)


Stegosaurus Turtle Cozy - No Pattern Necessary

Does anyone remember a few months ago when I posted about the Modern Masters Magic draft I played in? Well, while I was there the two wonderful ladies that were in charge of Prof. 509 kata lagi



Easily one of the best known of all the dinosaurs, Stegosaurus is recognized all the world over. It is the biggest and most famous member of the stegosaur family. 477 kata lagi


Denver's Fighting Dinosaurs

Just a quick post today to keep the blog moving. The Allosaurus and Stegosaurus skeletons at the Denver Museum of Nature and Science are among my all-time favorite fossil mounts. 961 kata lagi


Sweet Stanley Stegosaurus

Friends, meet Stanley. He is an extremely adventurous Stegosaurus who enjoys road trips, making friends and eating grass. 

I made Stanley over Easter (yes, it has taken me this long to blog about it, and yes, I am a terrible person) for a very special one year old’s birthday (but further to that whole terrible person thing, I didn’t finish him in time. 166 kata lagi


Simply a Stegosaurus

This Stegosaurus armatus is roaming about near the shade of a baobab tree. Not much more to say about this other than that I really need to figure out how to ink savanna grass properly.