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Allosaurus Roar Review: Dinosaur Journey Museum of Western Colorado, Fruita, CO

The Dinosaur Journey Museum of Western Colorado is located in Fruita, a town at the base of the spectacular Colorado National Monument, about 20 miles or so east of the Utah border.  1.655 kata lagi


The Small Big Thing

It’s been a while. How are you?

I’m sorry I’ve been away. Life gets like that sometimes doesn’t it?

This time around I’m going to talk about something that is taking up a strange amount of head space for me right now. 692 kata lagi

The Dinosaur of Angkor Wat

Over the weekend I was able to visit the Ankor Wat temple complex for the third time. Since everyone in our class had seen the Big Four temples, we decided to go off the beaten path a little and see some that we hadn’t been to before. 410 kata lagi


A Surprising Find

25 years ago in July of 1992, a group of volunteers from the Denver Museum of Nature & Science and from the Garden Park Paleontology Society began an excavation braving high temperatures, thunderstorms and flash floods. 487 kata lagi



Last night I dreamt of dimetrodons. My story has stegosaurs in it, not dimetrodons.

Is my brain trying to tell me something?


05 Dinosaur world tour | #NHM_Live

We’re back with the first episode of series 2, featuring Paul Barrett discussing Dinosaur discoveries from around the world. Most species people are aware of are ones found in North America but dinosaurs have been found on every continent on Earth. 70 kata lagi


Living Baby Dinosaur Found!

Idaho 6/16/2017: Scientists conducting wildlife research on the Snake River between Grand View and Bruneau stumbled upon a Baby Francosaurus, long considered from other fossil evidence as a distant cousin of the Stegosaurus. 259 kata lagi

Texas (er, Idaho) Scrawl