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Georgia Coliseum designed as Cow Palace - not lined-up for basketball renamed 1996 Stegeman 53 years later now the electricity FAILED tonight as The Lady Bulldogs 14-6 smashed Auburn 13-7 by 63-30 despite multiple electricity issues.

Stegesaurus electricity failed tonight halting the Nationally televised contest for over 15 minutes.  When the electricians could get the electricity back working again to the lighting system, they still had electricity issues for the broadcast crew including electric microphones which would not work.  503 kata lagi


Hooked: Amigurumi Stegosaurus

Happy New Year! I hope your 2016 has been great so far!

My last post of 2015 was of my Arlo ‘The Good Dinosaur’ Pattern which you can find… 121 kata lagi


Good afternoon everybody. Please enjoy a crudely drawn Stegosaurus


Dinosaur Putt Putt

Our son recently turned four, and asked for a dinosaur themed birthday party.  Well except he only wanted grandparents to come, no friends.  Mark and the kids worked one weekend on a dinosaur putt putt game to play, and it turned out even better than I imagined it would!   163 kata lagi


Wax Crayon Drawings

Wax crayon drawings for my son to mess about with…he enjoys adding details, like drawing what they’ve eaten inside their bellies.

A Stegosaurus

A bespoke Stego card. He’s so lovely I might do a full print run!