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NBA news: Lakers star LeBron James is BETTER than Michael Jordan - Stan Van Gundy

LeBron James joined the Los Angeles Lakers from the Cleveland Cavaliers recently, in a move that has prompted much excitement.
The 33-year-old is one of the basketball’s biggest names and, inevitably, comparisons with fellow icon of the NBA Jordan have regularly arisen. 11 kata lagi


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Hi everyone, how are you? I moved to Sydney two days ago, and the past week has been pretty intense.

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Can a Fanbase Ruin the Music?

Let’s be honest, sometimes we can get a little too excited about our favorite artist.

Recently, Brockhampton released their fourth album, “iridescence,” this month. Since it’s release, they’ve been consistently reminding their audience to stream/buy the album to help them reach #1 on the music charts. 270 kata lagi


Fire by The Crazy World Of Arthur Brown

Mike Check: Halloween Hootenanny continues here on KMCR there fellers! And here’s…(*starts talking in a demonic voice*) FIRE!!!

Mike Check (*voice back to normal*): Aghhh! Fire!!! 397 kata lagi


Tribute by Tenacious D

Mike Check: It’s time for Halloween Hootenanny 2018 there fellers! And for some reason we’re going to start things off by reminiscing about the time we beat SAM: The Evil Troll King in that musical contest during our Martian/7 Years Of Whackin’ special back in April by replaying the “The Greatest song in the world”. 221 kata lagi


Pariah's first Pieces

I’ve always loved to paint and sketch, but we’ve all gotta start somewhere, right?

Here are my very first paintings and sketches, circa. 2015-2017.

The Old Guitarist (Rendition) 11 kata lagi


via What’s New In Streaming For The Next Seven Days — DeciderTV

The Good Place is back! There’s a lot of stuff happening this week, but that’s the important one.

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