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Whats New In Streaming This Week | @Presto @StanAustralia @NetflixANZ — DeciderTV

Whats New In Streaming This Week | @Presto @StanAustralia @NetflixANZ — DeciderTV

There’s a lot of new content on Australian streaming services this week, and if you ever wanted to check out a free trial of Presto, now’s the perfect time to do it. 148 kata lagi


Stan and the standard deviation

Stan was teaching social statistics to a group of elderly neighbors.Since he was 101 it gave  much  hope  to them to see him demonstrating his prowess with various techniques on the overhead projector,.He was planning to do some logic and  some philosophy too.Annie was sitting by the door so she could answer the bell if any paramedics turned up for tea or supper… 587 kata lagi


Nostalgia Goodies In Eminem's "Marshal Mathers LP 2"

Eminem’s latest solo album is chock full of nods, throw backs and all sorts of nostalgia from earlier works in his career. I am here to compile a list of them, picking out and listing everyone I notice. 682 kata lagi


Willi Siebert (1915)

Journal entry, second battle of Ypres

By: Willi Siebert   

Finally, we decided to release the gas. The weatherman was right. It was a beautiful day, the sun was shining. 608 kata lagi


This Weekend's Streaming Guide — DeciderTV

What’s Streaming This Weekend

Source: This Weekend’s Streaming Guide — DeciderTV

Your weekly streeaming guide for Australia! The fourth season of Orphan Black premieres today, and I also write about  43 kata lagi