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Dear Stan

This post was originally submitted two years ago to a joint blog that was never published.

screencaps made and sourced from original video

One of my favourite things about The Amazing Spider-Man was the omission of the “with great cheese comes great carbonara” quote in favour of one made by Peter Parker’s English teacher… 546 more words


Funeral or Wedding fashion? Looks all the same to me...

I noticed this week is that funeral fashion in the South is the same as wedding fashion up North! Or did everyone just know that Gail’s marriage had died before it even happened? 186 more words


Pravi Trenutak Da Iznajmite Stan | Nekretninko - Srbija-Nekretnine.org Blog

Želite da promenite okruženje, ili ste prinuđeni da potražite novi stan, sada je pravi trenutak da krenete u potragu.

My life changing albums (number 6)

6 – The Marshall Mathers LP (Eminem)

So, me and my family were going on holiday. It was a 14 year old Bear, a 13 year old sister and 9 year old baby sister at the back of the car – it was a long ass drive. 349 more words

Dr Dre

Daily Draw: I The Magician, Loki

Today’s draw is about using your tools to create livelihood. What do you love? I know, I know, following your bliss is much easier said than done. 261 more words