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What's New In Streaming This Week — DeciderTV

via What’s New In Streaming This Week — DeciderTV

This week’s streaming guide! Netflix has 3 original titles dropping later today. June is going to be a good month for streaming in Australia, so watch this space.


Silent Stan Kroenke Reveals His Hand

A ruthless attitude is perhaps the most vital of attributes that successful entrepreneurs possess. Business acumen can be accumulated throughout a career, and a sound financial knowledge is always desirable – but without the ability to separate personal and business attachments, a potential tycoon will never get close to that personally branded helicopter. 1.170 kata lagi


Origin of (Pop) Species: The Fantard


“Fantard” comes from the combination of “fan” and “retard”. It is often used to describe a fan that seems to find difficulty in accepting rational criticism towards one’s idol or fandom. 1.069 kata lagi


oh men.

You  know what is a pleasant surprise? Well, not pleasant, but it was a surprise to me. Greek texted me the other day. The conversation was quite strange to say the least, as he straight away asked me if I had been dating other men and simply stated that he has been dating. 317 kata lagi


Episode 59. The Fallen

Vernie arched her back and pressed her knuckles into the base of her spine. She sighed, knowing she still had more work to do.

Three months and nobody thought we might need chairs instead of crates. 2.899 kata lagi

Serial Fiction

Day One Hundred Thirty #DiaryoftheEndoftheWorld

We paid a call on Kip today. We were encouraged that there was no difference in the way and manner that the gatekeepers treated us upon our passing through the second avenue entrance. 87 kata lagi

Diary Of The End Of The World