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Precision Pro vs Standard Stabilizer, Check it Out | PartsAvatar Parts YouTube

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5 (Simple) Tips for Successful Embroidery

Embroidery doesn’t have to be complicated.  Here are five (simple) steps to help your embroidery shine!

  1. Iron.  This might seem obvious, but this is definitely the most important embroidery prep you can do. 
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Essential Stock for an Embroidery Shop

Every year,  when we do trade shows,  we always meet some newbies,  people who are just starting out and looking for advice. Often,  they’re swimming in a sea of possible equipment and supplies and mystified about what they need and what could be useful. 609 kata lagi

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Update on Karma Warranty


Just an update on my warranty claim of my Karma.  It was so easy and all my perception on warranty claim was false.  The time frame from my postage to Singapore and back to me take within 1 week.  114 kata lagi


Gut-Check Tour - Day 10

This entry is part of a series recounting our experiences on a two-week RV trip we took to southern Mississippi, Alabama and northern Florida. The goal of this trip was to test ourselves, our two cats, and our rig to make sure we all have what it takes to be full-timers. 1.217 kata lagi