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Ways In Which a Individual May Guard and Maintain His or Her Knees

Each and every particular person requires his / her knees. It won’t make a difference in case such a person is certainly a mom, a health care professional, a farmer or perhaps mechanic – we all need to be able to bend their particular knees in an effort to walk. 264 kata lagi


Steadicam Masuk Era Gimbal Elektronik

Setelah bertahun-tahun bertahan dengan konsep stabilizer kamera yang berlandaskan pada pemberat, Steadicam akhirnya tidak bisa lagi menghindar dari kenyataan bahwa dirinya pun perlu membuat stabilizer ponpin yang menggunakan penyeimbang elektronik. 236 kata lagi

Manfrotto 585 ModoSteady 3-in-1 Camera/Camcorder Stabilizer and Support System

Bogen Manfrotto MODOSTEADY: a unique innovative-designed, ergonomic, multifunction stabilisation system for lightweight camcorders. A “three-in-one” product: 1. A shoulder support. its bi-injected foot can be used as shoulder pod, so that the MODOSTEADY becomes an extension of the body. 92 kata lagi

Wow, haven’t seen many voltage stabilizers lately. Modern electronics as reduced the need for them and of course here is the US the power us usually quite stable. 164 kata lagi


Review: Akally Camera Stabilizer

I was sent this camera stabilizer by Akally for free for a review.

This camera stabilizer comes in a brown box and inside the stabilizer and all the various additional parts are very well packaged in a secure white Styrofoam -like packaging, but there are no instructions of any kind. 661 kata lagi

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You may have seen the rig below, but not known that it’s called a “fig rig”, conceived by Mike Figgis, a very successful film director. 622 kata lagi