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Scratch-built Camera Gimbal for Photographer with Cerebral Palsy

We so often hack for hacking’s sake, undertaking projects as a solitary pursuit simply for the challenge. So it’s nice to see hacking skills going to good use and helping someone out. 176 kata lagi

Misc Hacks

New Stick, New Smile

Welp, I’m a happy camper!

See, last time I was whining about how something I bought (Moza Mini-G) didn’t work as promised. It ended up going back and a new one took its place. 672 kata lagi


My Stick Don't Work, Argh!

I bought the Moza Mini-G 3 Axis Gimbal Stabilizer for a couple of reasons.
1. It fits the GoPro Hero5.
2. The description says that the free app would assist with time-lapse. 354 kata lagi


Steadicam Volt Camera Stabilizer

Adored by filmmakers both indie and mainstream, Steadicam s line of camera stabilizers have created some wonderful sequences coupling freedom with Read more

Fancy - World's Smallest Stabilizer for Smartphone

The struggle came finally to an end:) Fancy is the smallest, lightest, and the most stylish camera stabilizer for smartphones. It only weighs 180g – perfect for carrying around wherever you go. 77 kata lagi