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Squeeze Those...

The room is dark and hazy. Pedals whir. Bright eyeballs and shiny teeth glow in the eerie blue light. I smile and say hello to everyone even though I recognize no one. 697 more words

Discovering Me

Tax Day 2015

Aaaaaaah! It’s tax day. Get those returns postmarked by midnight :)

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Color Photography

Song of the day: 13 April 2015

In 1981, Squeeze released its fourth album. From this album, the second single would be Tempted. It was sung by Paul Carrack, who normally played the keyboard. 62 more words

Song Of The Day

1920s Flour Duster

Just a little unique Hipstrrr touch.

Three To True Ignorance (2015)

1. Parking lot.
2. Getting in car.
3. Car squeezes by you.
No suspense-
Take away driver’s license.


Repost: "Black Coffee in Bed"

I originally posted this for International Coffee Day.  Which today is not.  So I did a little judicious editing.  Really, i just took the opening sentence and  253 more words


Squeeze - Black Coffee In Bed (music video)

Today feels like a day that’s going to be all about songs about coffee. Here’s one. Squeeze doing “Black Coffee In Bed”, one of their greatest tracks. 25 more words

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