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Which Squeezing Method Gets You the Most Lemon Juice?

From flavoring water to grilling fish or making a lightly-dressed green salad, there are a multitude of kitchen situations that call for fresh-squeezed lemon juice. But is there a “best” way to get juice out of a lemon?

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Three That Can Get Tight (2015)

1. Budget.
2. Pants.
3. Living quarters.
Much to compromise-
In regards to room size.


Nut’s Aren’t Born

Two things about nuts: One thing is, that it may be unwise to provoke one! And the other, is that your right nut is connected to your heart. 447 kata lagi

Current Events

U2 @ Croke Park 1985

‘Well, the Jacks are back. And what an All-Ireland we have for you tonight’.

As opening gambits go, Bono’s introduction to the partisan hordes at Croke Park just after 8.30 p.m. 3.390 kata lagi


Three Crowds (2015)

1. Sports.
2. Concert.
3. Presidential candidates.
In the breeze-
One more to squeeze.



AKA, the first one with Tooms!

The series’ first Monster-of-the-Week (MOTW) episode is so deliciously creepy! After we re-watched this one, my husband turned to me and said, “You watched these on  301 kata lagi

Best gifts 2014: Squeezercup

SqueezercupLooking for an interesting addition to your kitchen collection? Try the Squeezercup! Air Tokyo is a Japanese company that focuses on making silicone kitchen tools that focus on both functionality and design. 23 kata lagi

Best Gifts 2014