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Squeeze wrote songs that are clever, catchy, and fun. So of course they never caught on in America. God forbid we should show the world we have taste or anything. 619 kata lagi


Squeeze It.

There is an inexplicable, intermittent squeezing within me, almost as if I’m being wrung dry; it occurs at a point beyond my sternum but seemingly right beneath the surface of my chest.   511 kata lagi


A squeeze??

There’s a person in my Chem class who is really striking to look at. And I’d like to look at them. A lot.

We’ll call them R. 184 kata lagi

Reason #246: Sweets From A Stranger

 The following song titles from the Squeeze album Sweets From A Stranger wouldn’t necessarily  give the prospective listener the feeling the band were totally secure of the direction they were headed, do they:  344 kata lagi


Retrospective: Albums Of The Year 2015

Last year was a big year for music and I think I can safely say I bought more albums than in the previous.  So, when I considered how to approach my top albums of 2015, I decided to do a bit of reading of the big music magazines and websites first to see what they had to say for themselves.  1.026 kata lagi


The X-Files are back!

The premiere last night wasn’t good but I just don’t care. Why is that? Nostalgia?

I was a wee tot in the ‘90’s so my parents didn’t let me watch the show. 119 kata lagi