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#Day51 #365JosHappyDays - We fitted 6 people and holiday luggage into a tiny micra!

OK so this still amazes me that we pull this off and in true manly fashion just as we do with grocery bags from the car “ONE trip is all we need!” Luckily it was just a matter of dropping us off at the ferry port so we could walk on, as we definitely couldn’t handle a holiday that tightly packed! 8 more words


Watching X Files Late at Night is Such a Bad Idea

I recently discovered all 9 seasons of X Files are available on Netflix.

I tried finding a picture of Mulder and Sculley looking excited, but instead I found the inspiration for Zoolander 339 more words

X Files

Do your idiotic friends squeeze ur palm during a handshake? Mine do!

Haven’t you’ll experienced this crap? Yes you have. C’mon dude, who doesn’t know of this stupid handshaking trademark? Especially if ur a thin boy among ur friends…(or may be thinnest like me.) You casually shake hand, and then ur tuff, macho, body builder friend squeezes it still you break your tolerance level and shout in pain. 87 more words

Tank of the world

my Tank of the world

He loves to squeeze in boxes

With or without stuff


your voice trails off,

you’re mumbling under your breath again.

i can’t make out the words

and then you seem annoyed that

you have to repeat them. 70 more words

Pip n Nut Coconut Almond Butter - A Review

Er Ma Gawd. This stuff is great. I got this little sachet in my March Lifebox and it is really, realy good. So… what is it?! 365 more words


Toothpaste tube etiquette?

Now it is true that I’m prone to having a rant, its also true that I like things to be a certain way but that way is in their proper place and neat! 438 more words