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Good morning West Coasties. I was mourning the loss of the seniors and taking a stroll down this past season’s memory lane when I ended up on Concordia’s website and low and behold, what was waiting for me there? 753 kata lagi



I had the pleasure of visiting Charleston, SC last year with my grandparents. Today, my thoughts are with the residents of the city as they go through some of the most unimaginable pain anyone could go through. 494 kata lagi

GNAC Player-of-the-Year Is... Riley Stockton!

Riley Stockton is our player of the year, and it’s really not that surprising. He’s incredibly consistent and even when he seemingly has a bad game, it measures up as good against anyone else. 158 kata lagi

Great Northwest Athletic Conference


Why hello there you. Whoever you are. Ah, that just took me back to my younger years. I use to run a website based off of something I was a pretty huge supporter of… You could code your pages to address the readers. 135 kata lagi

Standard 8: Teacher Leaders present professional practice for the review of colleagues

The Teacher Leadership program through Seattle Pacific University provided me the opportunity to learn and grow in the education profession. This portfolio serves as a collection of work for the review of my colleagues and professors. 730 kata lagi


E1 – Exemplify professionally-informed, growth-centered practice.

E1 – Exemplify professionally-informed, growth-centered practice.

Teacher-candidates develop reflective, collaborative, professional growth-centered practices through regularly evaluating the effects of his/her teaching through feedback and reflection. 397 kata lagi


Res Hall Traditions, Gender, and Empathy

The following essay has been stewing for a while. Seattle Pacific has been having a lot of great conversations about gender and identity recently, so this essay is in part a contribution to that discussion. 2.149 kata lagi