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There is hope in every story.

Western Media often restricts our greater global lens. In Dr. Segall’s Performing Democracy, she fights to reveal the truth about Arab Springs, defined as a revolutionary wave of demonstrations and protests, civil wars and riots in the greater Arab world. 474 kata lagi


Where Do They Go?

Apologies for the lack of writing on here in the last six months. My honors project is partly responsible for this, but it has been done for a while now and is now online and downloadable, so you can see the fruit of my labor! 80 kata lagi


The Seattle Pacific AD has resigned.

Erin O’Connell had given this blog some major problems over the course of the year, and the editor-in-chief some major problems over the course of four years of GNAC servitude. 103 kata lagi

Great Northwest Athletic Conference


Good morning West Coasties. I was mourning the loss of the seniors and taking a stroll down this past season’s memory lane when I ended up on Concordia’s website and low and behold, what was waiting for me there? 756 kata lagi



I had the pleasure of visiting Charleston, SC last year with my grandparents. Today, my thoughts are with the residents of the city as they go through some of the most unimaginable pain anyone could go through. 494 kata lagi

GNAC Player-of-the-Year Is... Riley Stockton!

Riley Stockton is our player of the year, and it’s really not that surprising. He’s incredibly consistent and even when he seemingly has a bad game, it measures up as good against anyone else. 158 kata lagi

Great Northwest Athletic Conference