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Warm spring air

my cares are carried away

by blossom’s fragrance

© ~ N’D ~ 25/05/2016


Hello my Lovelies! Finally we have reached the Summer season, my Pinterest for this month is full of floral rompers, lace up sandals and braids! As well as being a jumble of pastel shades. 50 kata lagi


Fun at the Germ-Infested Playground!

Such fun, at the indoor playground!

Falling rain has us weather-bound.

So to the mall, we go instead.

Where gross germs are easily spread.

Full of children, so tightly wound. 61 kata lagi

What’s this?

Yes, I braided the daffodils leaves. Can you tell I have wayyyyy too much time on my hands? Actually, not true. Between Ben and Nerone ( one or the other always seems to need something) I get little bits of time but no block of two or three hours when I know for sure I won’t have to stop, clean my hands from what ever I am doing and go do something for one of them. 157 kata lagi

Copyright 2008-2016, Martha Taccarino, Friends And Family In Italy

Shallows and Depths

Shadow or mirror?
Inky swords and lances pierce
Floating day-bright clouds

a visit to the royal greenhouses

A friend of my mother’s had given her a tip to visit the royal greenhouses at Laeken, in a suburb of Brussels. Unfortunately, my mom’s springtime visit did not coincide with the opening of the greenhouses to the public, which only happens for three weeks each year. 239 kata lagi