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15. A Bulb Broke

a bulb broke to let out

a stem lengthened into

a plant unfurled into

a leaf accompanied by

a bud fattened into

a blossom fell before… 12 kata lagi



Come here love, she gestures, voice barely above whisper

Learning my face with her frail hands.

It’s been so long since my eyes clouded over… 155 kata lagi


Southern Girls - It's a Coffee Thing - Artesano Coffee, Spring, TX

Rebecca and I set out for a weekend of learning with our Young Living family. We always look forward to seeing our Young Living Family, they are some of our favorite people in the world.   569 kata lagi

A Day In The Life

Adding circuit breakers to your .NET applications

Apps fail. Hardware fails. Networks fail. None of this should surprise you. As we build more distributed systems, these failures create unpredictability. Remote calls between components might experience latency, faults, unresponsiveness, or worse. 1.812 kata lagi


Reading List for Spring Break!


{1} Lord of Shadows

Cassandra Clare

Super, SUPER excited to finish this one! Lord of Shadows actually released in May, and I ordered my Waterstones Special Edition way before that. 85 kata lagi

PostgreSQL - Table Access Error

The core of the PostgreSQL object-relational database management system is available in several source and binary formats.

You can download PostgreSQL via www.postgresql.org

Follow the… 189 kata lagi


#585 Sunnies season

We’re back, bitches.

Yep. My old faves, the Dolce & Gabbana sunnies ARE BACK. I usually put them in hibernation sometime around June, to hide away in a drawer… 64 kata lagi