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I saw Spring

On the weekend I was walking in a local park. It was sunny and it was cold, but I was doing a good deed and walking puppy dogs for the shelter. 173 kata lagi


My Friend, the Tree

Written by Millionaire’s Digest Staff Member: Author Franci Hoffman

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There is a magnificent tree outside our back porch.  845 kata lagi



An image left over from this spring which was glorious and renewing.


Mum's jeans

Hi you all!
Despite the heat here in my town, I couldn’t go without a jeans outfit. I really dislike it when I’m forced (because of the weather) to wear only a particular type of clothing, like skirts and shorts in the summer..So this awakens the rebel in me! 205 kata lagi


A 3.2 km walk through a Romanian village

Last week, I have contributed a lovely story from Romania about an old spring walk through Feleacu Village. My memories of the walk from five years ago were prompted by a day of walking and biking a lot as I try to balance my now sedentary lifestyle (job-induced) with more regular exercise. 32 kata lagi

Life's Mystery

100 days...epilogue

After receiving great news I often experience a desire to reach out to someone, anyone with whom to share, to celebrate. When life’s sorrows come to my door there is a yearning for someone…something with whom to connect with…to find a shared understanding that eases the confusion that wraps around grief; yet, a bit of courage is needed…to silence anxiety’s voice, “to speak of death is lose the listener you seek.” 456 kata lagi


Piedmont Farm Tour Snapshots

About one month before my due date with Charlotte, we took Grace on the Carolina Farm Stewardship Association Piedmont Farm Tour. We look forward to this event every year, more so now with little ones!  179 kata lagi