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Astrological Musings & More

The cycles of Nature, or the Wheel of the Year, turns again as we approach the Vernal Equinox. Less than three weeks away, Nature is slowly awakening while “Old Man Winter” does his best to hang on in parts of the country and the world. 764 more words


Return of the Shop

After a few months of being slightly more careful with money it seems I have now returned to old habits of shopping addiction. With two days off and a day trip planned to Cambridge; shopping was inevitably going to happen. 115 more words


Top Five Nail Polishes for Spring

Hi everyone! Today’s post is my ‘Top Five Nail Polishes for Spring’, I know it still doesn’t feel like Spring but it is March when means it technically is. 238 more words

Springtime is in the air and it got me into the garden

Springtime is in the air and it got me back into the garden after not really nore than sticking my nose out there since the late autumn, apart from cold dashes to get logs for the fire. 167 more words


Hoping For Spring

I had the great privilege of doing a Spring/Easter display window for Sally Hirsch at W Hirsch Oriental Rugs.
For the storefront window, I wanted to bring some bright, cheerful colors to all us winter weary folks. 50 more words


Floral Orbs

I don’t ever like to throw craft items away, or pass by a bargain that looks like it could be used in a crafty way. Today those two worlds came together. 281 more words