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Exposures:  Rain, Rain

We have lately been getting a TON of rain here in the Panhandle.  With Spring rain comes many things: flowers, bees, babies, mosquitoes, puddles, playa lakes…and toads (or are they frogs?) 79 more words


14:16:12:05:15:21 - gathering *

* i do not like groups of people. i tolerate them at best, and even this, rather poorly. they completely drain me of energy and leave me feeling used and, quite often, worthless. 47 more words


I am Pleased to Inform You...

Dear All the Colleges Who Have Rejected Me,

I am pleased to inform you that your final decisions have not marred my charismatic persona, nor hindered my growth as the bright student and hardworking human being that I am today, two short months later. 692 more words


The Sun Will Shine

After a month of gray skies and twice the normal amount of rain the sun is beginning Shine. 8 more words


House Finch Egg

When spring arrives, I find myself feverishly looking for nests to photograph, either with eggs or newly hatched birds.  So far this year, I’ve come up empty handed, but I did find this house finch egg while tearing down the rest of the… 29 more words


Heritage Park, Taylor, MI

This is spring in Heritage Park.  one of the beautifully restored buildings arranged around a pond in Taylor Michigan.  This is ink and Watercolor 9×12