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SportUS orders tougher airline screening

The feared extension is not included in a raft of strict new screening rules on flights into the US.

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BBC News - US & Canada

SportUS woman 'shot boyfriend in YouTube stunt'

A teenager killed her boyfriend as he held a thick book to his chest, believing it would stop the bullet.

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BBC News - US & Canada

SportHacking 'most serious threat to US', says security expert

Ex-Department of Homeland Security chief: Hacking ‘most serious threat’

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SportHacking ‘most serious threat to US’, says security expert… 17 kata lagi

BBC News - US & Canada


June 28th 2017

Today I released the fifth issue of my monthly online magazine.

This month, a number of the Feed writers graduated from University. Remembering how that felt, I decided that the theme for May’s issue of Feed Magazine would reflect the feeling that I felt – and I’m sure that they felt – when finishing University: Freedom. 236 kata lagi


In der NWO werden Frauen durch transgegenderte Männer ersetzt...

…Vorbereitungen dafür laufen seit Jahrzehnten. Die ersten “weiblichen” Tennisstars waren Männer in Frauenkleidern. Dies könnt ihr leicht anhand einer Google-Suche nachprüfen. Wahrscheinlich ist JEDE Tennisspielerin, die zu großen Turnieren zugelassen wurde/wird, transgegendert. 32 kata lagi


Opinion - More Cap test cases for NRL expansion

Last time, we went off-piste and moved from rigorous analysis to speculative analysis. Let’s go further off-piste and apply Cap in ways that it was never meant to be (that’s why we’ve switched from “Analysis” to “Opinion”, even I have my limits). 1.171 kata lagi

Rugby League

Boxing for Refuge: Week 7, session 1, in which I get punched in the head and my hands smell like feet

I’d originally planned to post these boxing updates weekly, covering both sessions in one post, but I’m finding that I have more to say each time than I expected. 660 kata lagi