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Why Datasheet Is Not Enough for Today’s Freelancer

As a freelancer or a small company, your business is closely connected with computers. You receive and fulfill various orders from different clients; your business is prosperous, it grows, and as you gain experience, the amount of orders gradually increases. 907 kata lagi


OOTD: Two Looks For Valentines Day

Valentines Day is fast approaching, so I’ve teamed up with Emma and Roe to bring you two cute looks that are inspired by this day of love. 462 kata lagi



Choosing whether to go back to work or stay home with the kids can be a tough choice for the modern mother.

But who says you can’t have it all? 643 kata lagi


Tips and Tricks for a Better Sleep

When the clock struck midnight on December 31st, I wasn’t sad to see 2016 go. For me, 2017 is all about new beginnings: creating new opportunities, saying yes to positive experiences, and improving my life in beneficial and positive ways. 508 kata lagi


The Future is iDroid

Millennials, meaning  you and I,  are a demanding lot. We want our values mirrored in every aspect of our lives, from eating clean food to fuelling our cars with a sustainable energy source. 229 kata lagi


Rainy Days with Goldfish®

In the Bay Area, we generally do not experience harsh climates and weather changes. In fact, we rarely even experience rainy days. You could say that we are lucky in some ways, but nothing says family bonding like a cold, rainy day inside. 445 kata lagi


NATHAN The Hipster waist belt review

I’ve invested in several running accessories from NATHAN in the past, and I always try to remember to wear the foot lights I bought last year when I run in the dark. 505 kata lagi