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Farmers- Improve your yield as much as 167% with this organic product

Are you a crop, tree or fish farmer? Improves your crop yield by as much as 167% with a miracle wonder formula-SUPER GRO! 1.100 kata lagi


Craft Ideas Magazine: Dreams Come True Card

The newest issue of Craft Ideas Magazine arrived in the mail this week.

Even though I knew it was going to be in there, it’s still exciting to see one of your cards in print. 221 kata lagi

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How to become the world’s most translated author

Becoming the world’s most translated author is no easy feat. Many of those in UNESCO’s Index Translationum list of the top 20 most translated authors have held a place in the list for some years. 455 kata lagi


Exciting things to do at Whispering Palms

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The scenery is overwhelming, the warm breeze from the Atlantic Ocean romantically blows away your worries as you sit comfortably with your lover and the chalets/rooms are readily available for you to spend the night. 325 kata lagi


Taman Mini Indonesia Indah, Tempat Wisata Budaya Terlengkap di Indonesia

SOBAT BBC tentu sudah tidak asing lagi bukan dengan Taman Mini Indonesia Indah atau yang lebih dikenal dengan TMII? Hehe, pertanyaan retoris nih. Ya jelaslah sudah pada akrab. 640 kata lagi


A Love Letter to My Eldest Daughter

Dear my eldest daughter, Asyifa Salsabilla Nerisha.

Hi, Sweetheart. 

Hari ini kamu sedang enggak enak badan dan harus istirahat di rumah. Bunda udah izin ke wali kelas pagi tadi sebelum kamu bangun tidur. 1.174 kata lagi


5 Jobs That Will Be Likely Made Redundant By Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial Intelligence is simply intelligence exhibited by computers. With the momentum that AI is gathering, some jobs will become redundant or very few hands will be required to do same jobs. 288 kata lagi