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Illinois peeps, check out - Strangers No More in An Adopted Family

“Stranger Than Family” is Matthew Avignone’s take on growing up in a family of adopted children in a small Midwest town.. via NYT Multimedia http://ift.tt/1NNKIpJ


Thief steals expensive, custom bike for girl who has spina bifida, right before her 12th birthday

ST. FRANCIS — When a burglar in St. Francis stole a girl’s bike, her family says that person also took her freedom. The bike was customized specifically for the special needs of the soon-to-be seventh-grader. 374 kata lagi


getting to know me

my name is stephanie kimball and my family and i live in a california suburb named roseville – a.k.a. ‘the bubble’ right outside of sacramento. i have been thinking of blogging for a long time now, but have only just now decided to take the plunge because the kiddos are healthy, husband is happy, and life seems good. 310 kata lagi


sweet and sour

in my house we eat a lot of grapefruit. my husband hates it, but occasionally will partake to earn brownie points with me (“…if I eat healthy now, later we can…”). 138 kata lagi


Our Journey with Spina Bifida

Today marks day 5 in the hospital post fetal surgery. I’ve decided to write a blog to maintain the memories of this surgery but also to share some of our experiences with others who may be faced with some of the same decisions.   113 kata lagi

What do you expect?


Neurosurgery clinic called today. The doctor returned, reviewed Garrett’s file, and would like to see us tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow.

*This should have been my first clue, but I missed it. 468 kata lagi


Team Meeting


Spina Bifida Clinic

Since birth Garrett has been seen by a team of doctors at least annually, but usually bi-annually to stay on top of his health and wellness. 195 kata lagi