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Our Sparrow...

Well this has been an exciting week.  Last week we were advised that our team had found a child who was three years old and had spina bifida and due to medical needs, needed to be adopted soon.   73 kata lagi


Prof Sir John Burn

Aspirin. To you or me, it’s a common painkiller that gets rid of a headache. But to Professor Sir John Burn and his colleagues it’s an ongoing object of investigation in the fight against cancer. 507 kata lagi

St. Francis Children's Hospital, Room B2

Finn whispered, “Will you guys pray for me?” Joey, his mom and I started crying. Then we prayed over his sweaty little body; cheeks red and flushed, eyes closed. 752 kata lagi

Two Easy Snacks For The Post-Workout Slump

I know you’re training hard for your next challenge, hitting the trails and the treadmills like nobody’s business! For more info on taking on a fundraising challenge for Shine, please give me a call on 01733 421307 or email: … 360 kata lagi


A mad dash to A&E

Trish had started to feel unwell last Monday just as we were returning from Dublin. By the time we got home she was more unsteady on her feet so I took her to the doctor. 511 kata lagi


A Sprint for....Life? (August 12, 2015)

I remember what I felt as I rested on that ultrasound table and heard the doctors confirmation of Kendall’s diagnosis. Thousands of thoughts flooded my mind – and I mean thousands. 1.610 kata lagi

Rebecca is on a mission: to revolutionise #orthotics care in the UK!

Rebecca Loo is on a mission: to revolutionise orthotics care in the UK. This will help many people with spina bifida.

Children and adults with disabilities or medical conditions need to get quality, well fitting orthotics such as splints and footwear quickly, in order to carry on living their lives to the full. 298 kata lagi

Spina Bifida