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Even artichokes have hearts

The red flood gates burst open around 5 this morning. I know, gross but what is cruel is feeling like your uterus is being stabbed with Satan’s claws. 328 kata lagi


D Day (Diagnosis Day)

Friday, May 29th.  The day our lives forever changed.  We were scheduled to have a gender ultrasound.  We weren’t supposed to see the doctor due to a scheduling mix up.   1.100 kata lagi

You and Folic acid

Folic acid is also known as folate which can be found in some foods . It is an important B vitamin for everyone especially women. 176 kata lagi


“I can’t find a goddamn fucking job and I’m too fat to be a stripper.”

Not that Kind of Girl- Lena Dunham

I spent my day feeling half alive. I suppose it’s less morbid than “half dead”.

Speaking of morbid… 138 kata lagi



There is nothing more exciting than having the weekend off, especially when you work retail. Other than it feeling like a breath of fresh air, I am excited about sleeping in and not being someone’s bitch-slave. 360 kata lagi