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6 Reasons Why Breastfeeding Problems Are Not Your Fault

Yes, I don’t believe it’s entirely your fault that you are struggling with breastfeeding. (That’s not to say that you can’t breastfeed or don’t have any control over it.) I think most of our public health and private programs that aim to help with breastfeeding forget that we live in a very different situation than ever before in human history when it comes to breastfeeding and childbearing. ¬† 807 kata lagi


Nikki Frittmann has Spina Bifida and lives in Auckland with her husband and two cats.  Every second month she shares her musings with DPSN.

Death. 686 kata lagi


Spina Bifida and the BSA Ropes Course

My son was 30 feet in the air climbing on a tight rope and, he has Spina Bifida. This was a moment for him, me and his dad that we will never forget. 1.139 kata lagi


Making the Decision About Prenatal Surgery For Spina Bifida

Disclaimer: I did not undergo in-utero surgery for my son’s spina bifida. I have studied this report on the MOMS trial extensively and used it as an example in my biostatistics and public health policy courses during my MPH studies. 1.605 kata lagi

Struggles of Having a Preemie with Special Needs

I knew before Little Bear was born that there would be several things we’d have to deal on top of typical newborn adjustments. But when we had to add him being a preemie into the mix, that further complicated things. 1.098 kata lagi

A Measure Of

Going for it

Wow, life has been so crazy! I realize I signed up to tell you all about it when I started this blog, but can I be real for a second? 610 kata lagi