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Over My Head

As you may recall from the first “official” post of The Rolling Diva Lifestyle, I have finally become comfortable with the idea of living in an accessible one-level home, as well as having disabled driver plates on my car. 1.378 more words

Bethany A. Hoppe

Spina bifida clinic

Every 6 months we have to take a trip to Seattle. Our daughters condition requires us to visit Seattle Children’s Hospital for evaluations. I always get super nervous before our trips. 266 more words


Toilet Training and Spina Bifida

Toilet Training, Bowel Programs and UTI’s are one of the most common topics at any Spina Bifida gathering.  Sit in the back of a Spina Bifida Teen Conference, next to the wheelchairs, and one will quickly figure out why.  712 more words


Things That Aren't

Finn’s so smart. I know, I know…your kid is smart too. But Finn is really smart. ;) His brain is most impressive because we were told in the NICU that he may not ever be able to communicate with us. 390 more words

I have MTHFR...

It’s taken me two months to put it down in a blog, but I did test positive for the MTHFR gene mutation. In that two months I’ve tried to learn a bit more about it; work out what if anything it means to me and my health; and think about how to move forward in terms of maximising my health outcomes. 622 more words

I really do...

I mean I REALLY love someone with Spina bifida.  I would scream it from the rooftops if I have to.  Holly is so amazing, so strong, so brave, so beautiful.   479 more words


He’s Been There…ALL Along!

by Renee Noseworthy

I was born into a traditional Anglican (Episcopal) family, where I was the “baby.”  My sister and brother were both in their teen years when I was born.  1.732 more words

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