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The Brutal Truth - I'm not okay

Little Bear came home this past Monday. And for the first two days, we got a lull in the chaos of bringing a baby home for the first time. 1.878 kata lagi

A Measure Of

Bringing Little Bear Home

“Expect him to be here for 6 weeks,” they told me when he was first born. It was 6 weeks till his original due date, exactly 4 weeks till his scheduled c-section date. 1.028 kata lagi

A Measure Of

Folate - The Pregnancy Vitamin

Whenever a new expecting mum comes in or a woman comes in asking for advice before starting a family, i will invariably harp on about the importance of taking a pregnancy supplement with folate. 339 kata lagi


The Sore Truth

There are so many things that are unfair in this life. This evening we discovered what (at this point) we’re assuming is a pressure sore on Hayden’s back. 535 kata lagi

The Arrival of Little Bear - Part 2

(Click Here for the first part of Little Bear’s arrival)

One of the things that consistently made me tear up prior to Little Bear’s arrival was the fact that I wouldn’t get to hold him for who knew how long after he was born. 2.118 kata lagi

A Measure Of

The Arrival of Little Bear

CONTENT NOTE: Possibly graphic descriptions.

Tuesday, January 31st, marked the exactly four week countdown to my scheduled c-section. Tuesday, January 31st, 2017, also marked the birthday of Little Bear at 4:04am in the morning. 3.007 kata lagi

Little Bear

Differently Abled in an Abled World

Cassie’s Corner:

Conquering Adversity

Discrimination begins when we underestimate someone’s capabilities. Stereotypes are generalizations based on ignorance. Because there is a vast spectrum of what is considered a “disability”, a majority of the population remain ignorant to the diversity of the term “disabled”. 2.343 kata lagi