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A Shifting Perspective

At the beginning of this pregnancy, I had this intense feeling that this pregnancy would be hard. I didn’t know what that would look like, but I just knew it would be a lot harder than Little Monkey’s. 713 kata lagi

Little Bear

Letter To Little Bear

November 7th, 2016

My dearest little bear,

Did you know that I knew you were coming to join us even before I was pregnant? I felt your presence, the happy, bubbly, excited presence just waiting to join our family. 2.287 kata lagi

Little Bear

Introduction to A Measure Of...

As I write this, I am 26 weeks pregnant with our little bear, who was diagnosed 6 weeks ago with spina bifida. It has been a difficult journey so far, meeting with specialists, and watching my entire game plan for this pregnancy change. 165 kata lagi

Little Bear

Interview with This Girl Can 🌈 A campaign to get women active! 

Tuesday was the day that This Girl Can came to our gym, i-motion gym to interview me on how they have helped me in my motivation to become more active. 510 kata lagi


Shunt update

Well, we’re still waiting. While it’s really awesome to have so many specialists looking out for K, it also means that there are sometimes communication gaps, which cause annoying delays. 377 kata lagi

Spina Bifida

Back Pain update

If you remember a few days ago I wrote a post about how I went to the Urgent Care Center instead of the Doctor, well, I finally went to the Doctor and after I picked up my X-rays. 316 kata lagi

INvisible Beauty In Pain Artist Spotlight & Interview | Amber Dawn Knox

The INvisible Beauty In Pain campaign’s sixth artist spotlight is Amber Dawn Knox

Amber Dawn lives in Rochester, NY and the INvisible Beauty in Pain Gallery is her first time painting in many years as well as contributing a piece to a public art gallery.

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