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A Story of a Three Year Old

“Tell me a story, Momma.”

There once was a boy named Finn. He was the fastest little boy on wheels. He had the happiest smile and the sweetest voice. 400 more words

My Sweet Blaine

After Blaine’s celebration of life with an overflow crowd at the Wonder Ballroom, I pretty much collapsed. When someone passes away, there is a lot of work to do, tasks to get through, it’s a bit of a whirlwind for a while. 5.189 more words

Free Geek

The Blog I Never Wanted to Write

I am going to be honest. I never wanted to start a blog for my daughter . Neither did my wife. A lot of times when someone starts a blog, there are complications. 537 more words



So on Friday night I had written a post and once i was done, i “thought” I had published it….turns out I erased everything >:[ I was highly upset. 439 more words

Birth Defects

Couple's appeal to improve home for disabled daughter #Cambridgeshire

To make a donation please CLICK HERE!

A couple from Peterborough say they need to raise £7,000 to help upgrade their home for their disabled daughter – or they won’t get a £30,000 Government grant for the work. 60 more words

Spina Bifida

Playing Catch up

I’m such a horrible blogger. I told myself I was going to start this blog and keep up with it on a daily basis. Fail. I got so caught up with life but I promise this time I’m back on it for good. 53 more words

Birth Defects

Teenage boys more likely to father child with birth defect due to mutating sperm

Teenage boys are more likely to father children with birth defects due to high levels of DNA mutations in their sperm, research suggests.

Boys’ reproductive cells go through six times as many mutations as girls’ during teenage years, and 30 per cent more than when they are in their 20s, a study of 24,000 parents and their children found. 154 more words


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