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A New Day For Homeschooling | Simply Classical Curriculum

I have approximately 12 minutes before the kids start to rustle and wake so I’ve got to make this brief. Even in my head as I write this all these words are coming out in a conspiratorial mom whisper, as if that will keep them asleep just a few minutes longer. 856 kata lagi



When you’re 13 years old, the last thing you ever expected or needed was four days of unending tears. Add an equal amount of anger, and I can’t begin to fathom how far down the anguish must have been. 1.181 kata lagi


Sticks and Stones (Why People First Language Matters)

When we received Eisley’s diagnosis at my 23 week anatomy scan, I walked out of the ultrasound feeling like I was no longer pregnant with a baby, but with a diagnosis.  657 kata lagi

Spina Bifida

My Mutant Butt

A story from my nerve block…

Today as I was pants around thighs, stomach down, ass up preparing to get my nerve block, my doctor was swabbing me down with that I assume was iodine. 1.516 kata lagi

Testing, Testing 123: Research Uncorked

Testing, testing 123. The interest flowing in regarding my last post has rekindled my passion for sharing my research with others. For more information about said research, please refer to… 296 kata lagi

Are you taking your folic acid?

Are you taking your folic acid?

Well, maybe not, according the results of a recent SC telephone survey by the SC Birth Defects Prevention Program… 927 kata lagi


Shoe Fall, Don't Bother Me

The weight of always waiting for the other shoe to fall is exhausting. Waiting for the “what if” to happen and always being on edge knowing it IS coming…. 464 kata lagi