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Facts and Famous People

I’m going to be posting a bunch of things I find here and there on the topic of spina bifida, as I learn more and prepare more for jellybean’s grand entrance. 815 kata lagi

Spina Bifida

Back in Zürich- the wait is on

All settled in to my hospital room (thankfully I have a window-side bed again), and ready to … do nothing for the next three weeks. There was a small amount of panic yesterday when I realized I’d forgotten to pack the converters for my chargers, and was strictly rationing my battery life, but a kind nurse found a usb plug in the lost-and-found, so now I can be on Facebook and netflix to my hearts content. 630 kata lagi

Spina Bifida

This Dad turned his disabled daughter into a comic book hero

Dan White is the author of the brilliant Department of Ability comic book, featuring a cast of superheroes whose impairments are their greatest superpower.

In this blog Dan tells us how his daughter Emily was disappointed to find that she there weren’t any superheros that looked like her – so he decided to make his own! 822 kata lagi

Real Life Stories

*Insert Shameless Plug Here*

Over the last year, I have enjoyed blogging here and there about key events in our family’s journey. When a post comes to life, it is strictly because the Spirit has moved in me and I literally HAVE to write it down. 234 kata lagi

Interesting info on Spina Bifida

When M and I first heard the words “spina bifida” in the ultrasound room, we were both feeling scared, devastated and overwhelmed – but neither of us actually knew what they really meant. 1.371 kata lagi

Spina Bifida

the emotional wellness hack I learned...from a neurosurgeon

In January 2015, I was invited to and appeared on the radio show segment about Family Voice & Choice: Self-Care 101.

Self-Care 101
I have found that when people talk about self-care, they usually mean taking outer action, such as going for a walk, to help themselves attain or maintain an inner wellness that in turn sets them up to respond better to life’s demands. 902 kata lagi


The little things

Everyone always says it’s about the little things but until you experience it yourself that saying lacks meaning, it lacks depth, it lacks heart. Sometimes it takes missing the little things to make you realize just exactly what the little things are. 509 kata lagi