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The Sun Will Come Out, Tomorrow.

Tomorrow, I have an appointment with the oral surgeon in the dental hospital in the city. At the appointment on Friday my dentist decided that their definition of “urgent” and his were not the same as my jaw is more locked than before and my “good” side is starting to loose muscle strength. 133 kata lagi


My Week on Instagram - 7th Nov - 13th Nov 2016

All the siracha on a Asda Free From margarita! So, so good.

Dad brought back treats from the Highlands! They were delicious!

Halp! I went Pokemon hunting and got surrounded by Ghastlys. 39 kata lagi


The Trials and Tribulations of Pregnancy Scares

Its been quite a while since I last posted, probably around a month. Between my college classes, creating a plan for the rest of my time in school to work around the baby schedule, getting everything ready for the baby shower, and preparing for his arrival, I’ve barely had the time to breath – much less write. 1.062 kata lagi

New Mom

The Motherfucker Gene

One of the things that’s haunted me most about living with mental illness is my inability to explain or account for it–to myself or to others. 2.856 kata lagi

Mental Intensity

I Don't Call, I Don't Write...


Having been AWOL for a while as I haven’t felt the motivation to blog. However, no more! Persistence and persuasion is key, I will blog or research most days until it becomes a habit. 63 kata lagi