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Something Funny For Saturday

Couldn’t resist posting this one. Spiderman’s so great :)

xxx Jedidiah


Cosplayer Spotlight: Moncton Spidey

Every month, we will try to sit down with a new cosplayer and help promote their work! Cosplayers are one of the main attractions at Comic Con’s! 1.014 more words

Super Heroes

I was ten years old when I watched Spider Man cuffing the limbs of goons with his mighty web in New York. When I reached thirteen, Hulk who was incredible smashed my Onida screen and I was eighteen when Iron Man made ironical comments ridiculing CIA’s dependency on him. 509 more words


Why Spider Man Is Marvel’s Original Gangster

Fellix Lyu


Before we get into the whole “who’s better” arguments, let’s just discuss the topic of how Spider-man even came to be. Spider-man was never intentionally supposed to be made into a series. 330 more words

Chicken (Features)

Things I've been reading recently #5

Shutting Out The Sun is a journalistic exploration of Japan’s ‘lost generation’ that gives much social scientific work a run for its money in terms of breadth and insight. 1.013 more words


to live in a Burrito cocoon

how one even becomes a cocoon is hard enough to explain but a cocoon made of burritos is a mission in itself. I have finally found the key to everyones heart. 128 more words