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Assignment five - 'Photography is simple' - Tutor feedback

Course:  Expressing Your Vision

Assignment five – ‘Photography is simple’ – Tutor Feedback

Please find below my tutor feedback which has been provided in full as instructed by my tutor.   1.669 kata lagi


Spencer Tunick - Salford 2 (Peel Park) 2010

Spencer Tunick is an American Photograph who is known for his nude photography, often containing a mass of people. Although the medium used is technically photography, the pieces are actually a documentation of an installation. 216 kata lagi


ΦΩΤΟΓΡΑΦΙΑ & ΤΕΧΝΗ: Η γυμνή αλήθεια του Spencer Tunick

Της Θεοδώρας Γιάγκου

Πριν από μία 25ετία, ένας άντρας έβγαλε δειλά τα ρούχα του στη Wall Street για να ποζάρει για τον Spencer Tunick, κάνοντας πολλά φρύδια να ανασηκωθούν μπροστά στη γύμνια του. 11 kata lagi


Sharing control in participatory art

Participatory art is normally spoken about in terms of how people are changed by being involved. There are problems (at least for me) with some of the assumptions behind that, but I’ll come back to them another time. 701 kata lagi

A Restless Art

We Are All Chrysalids Now - on body shaming and other circus antics

Striding through the urine warm, wave machine propelled waters of a Kentish leisure centre, I realised that there wasn’t a body there that wouldn’t be shamed if it belonged to a public figure. 794 kata lagi

Sixth Boro Summer 2

Even with sunglasses on, you can see the provenance of this barge Matilde in summer light.  Jeddah was my point of departure for a voyage I took just over 30 years ago… 211 kata lagi