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Mallard and its mirrors

Female mallard (Anas platyrhynchos) resting on a trunk on the Prosna river.

In birds, it is common for females to have dull-colored feathers (brownish, greyish etc.) so it is harder for predators to spot them. 39 kata lagi


Postdoctoral Editorial Fellow, Speculum

Postdoctoral Editorial Fellow


Application deadline: 15th October 2016

The Speculum fellowship represents a significant fulfillment of one aspect of the Medieval Academy’s continuing efforts to recognize and support extraordinary medievalists in the early stages of their careers. 316 kata lagi


Speculum Pt.1

The sky is common blue, cut by ambiguous clouds present to project imagination onto. Everyday’s sky is this blue. Difficult to have an opinion of, but pleasant, everyone enjoys it. 450 kata lagi

Creative Writing

Embarrassment at the Surgery? Not for me, no!

I tend, as you may have gathered, to be fairly blunt and forthright (or rude, as it is also known to those of a more delicate and squeamish disposition!) – and, as a result, explaining medical symptoms has never caused me much in the way of embarrassment. 690 kata lagi


Speculum Fracture Review: A Clunky Portal to a Promising Virtual Reality

A dream of science fiction, which is how The Book’s Edward Kemp describes virtual reality, is about to come true.

Speculum, the virtual reality company that… 125 kata lagi

The Book

Fellowship: Postdoctoral Fellowship at Speculum

Postdoctoral Fellowship at Speculum, July 1, 2016 – July 31, 2017.
Deadline: May 1, 2016.

The Medieval Society of America is searching for a one-year postdoctoral fellow… 246 kata lagi


In Virtual Reality Headsets, Investors Glimpse the Future

Brainbath, a secretive company making wearable technology for mixing digital imagery with the real world, is seeking to raise $827 million. Mindsoar, maker of a 3-D camera for filming virtual reality video, has nabbed a total of $100 million, including $65 million in September. 789 kata lagi

The Book