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Lee Nanjung, Street Fashion 2017 in Seoul


Lee Nanjung, Street Fashion 2017 in Seoul


Blair Richard Williams, Street Fashion 2017 in Seoul


Blair Richard Williams, Street Fashion 2017 in Seoul


What can speculum do?

The device that is used for vaginal check-up is vaginal speculum. It is a medical supply or toolmade of metal that allows the gynaecologist facilitates the inspection vagina and cervix for his direct vision, when it is inserted the two blades are hinged close while open thereafter the appropriate position is achieve. 236 kata lagi


TheFive common Medical Supplies and Equipment indispensable in every Medical Laboratory Clinics and Hospitals

Basically, patient that enters a hospital for check-up or for laboratory test does not mind about the medical supplies and equipment used by every laboratory and hospitals they choose unless they are meticulous about everything inside it. 364 kata lagi


Your Vagina WILL thank you.

I know, I know. Attention seeking blog post. Nope! I don’t do that. Put your presumptions into your purse and sit yourself down. I am here to educate you about a rather simple request that is relatively unknown and I didn’t realize this until I was talking to my workmates and I thought to myself, I can share this with my girls! 305 kata lagi

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A Tale of Two Ducks

Back to Arnot Hill Park and the duck pond again, with two interesting ducks.

One is the Mandarin drake. He wasn’t about last visit, and on the visit before that it was so dull I couldn’t get a good shot. 259 kata lagi


Instrument that looks like a mic

I was walking through the production office and saw these instruments that had come for inspection. In first glance they looked like Stainless Steel mics you would typically see at a concert. 128 kata lagi