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The Entropy of Things

Isn’t that supposed to be the Internet of Things? No, I’ve written about that before, but this post is related. Well, it depends on how far my train of thought gets down the tracks. 865 kata lagi


Fake Followers

Fakeness on the internet;
No way to escape,
dishonesty is everywhere,
and internet anonymous
has made it easier.

For people to make money
out of your tiny stepping stone. 39 kata lagi


The significance of Providing Great Customer Services

Something that I’ve figured out in my lifetime is that customer service is a super important issue since it is impossible to be successful, long-term, without it. 884 kata lagi



I love comments but when I log in and see this garbage in my comments it just drives me crazy.

I’m glad I have to approve my comments. 714 kata lagi

Bone Health


Here’s one to watch, I’ve seen in a handful of unwanted emails: tools@smtp-service.com


Filtering Through the Sea of Free website maker Solicitations

I recently went to a lunch and introduced myself to the person sitting close to me. I told him or her who I was and that I used to be a website artist, he distributed to me that he gets emails from people who do what I do constantly and got five that day. 388 kata lagi