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New Netflix scam emails has users tricked

Fake email has caught a lot of phish.

A lot of scam emails you get are obvious, hinting at an inheritance of millions or a free year-long subscription to a cruise line are just a few bogus examples. 288 kata lagi



This email was sent to one of my “Hugh Jasse” email accounts, and contained a PDF file inviting me to click on a link. I did not visit the web page concerned. 240 kata lagi


Spam @ Walmart

I’m guessing it’s in high demand I suppose, just in time for Thanksgiving…

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Retro Cooking: A Very Retro Thanksgiving Meal

Most holidays are a fun times to try retro recipes. Thanksgiving didn’t disappoint. Since none of my vintage cookbooks has anything too exciting to try for Thanksgiving, I went to my trusty friend Google and found a few gems. 276 kata lagi


Spam part 2

For awhile, it seemed like all of the spam comments were about wordpress, twitter, becoming a freelance paralegal, and seo stuff. But then some of the fun ones came back. 352 kata lagi

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