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GDPR so far

The new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has a lot of my emailers sending me notices. So far, I’ve been able to get off several elists which never produced any usable links. 24 kata lagi


A Different Sort Of Lei

Here’s how much we love our Spam® AND Diamond Bakery Soda Crackers

Oh my gosh!!  We make leis out of just about anything!  It started out as… 53 kata lagi


Reliable Ways To Cut Out Link Spam in a Twitter Search

As social sites have increasingly deployed cute algorithms to feed us what they want us to see (as opposed to what we actually asked for), it’s become almost essential for the serious reader to adopt a more proactive approach than the simple policy of ‘follow and wait’. 717 kata lagi

Social Media

Internet Problems

I often notice when you click on a link on a website, however slightly miss it, you are transferred to another site.  God says all sites that are enabled in this manner will be shut down for 7 months.  51 kata lagi



I know at least one other blogger has had this happen to them, but for the second day I checked my spam folder to find way over 70 comments, a couple were trying to sell me Russian women, one was selling sex toys, a few were from genuine people and the rest were from various different people commenting on everything the word what. 18 kata lagi


California's Dangerous Spam Lawyer Relief Bill

When it comes to regulating commercial email, California has a checkered history at best.

2003 – California Almost Shuts Down Commercial Email

In 2003, California almost shut down all commercial email in the United States when it passed the poorly drafted California Anti-Spam Act (“CASA”) banning the sending of unsolicited commercial email.  681 kata lagi


It Gets Totally Crap On The Internet

Why do I spend my time on the internet? Why? There are all sorts of sweet things I want & can’t have. So yeah,& it went like this…a $500.00 Amazon gift card. 211 kata lagi