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Spamalot, Like A Lot A Lot

I don’t want you other bloggers to get jealous or nothing, but I’ve officially hit it big time here at WordPress. Did I get Discovered? Nope. 416 kata lagi

Public houses, private comms

Wetherspoons delete their entire customer email database. Deliberately.

In a very interesting development, the pub chain JD Wetherspoon have announced that they are ceasing sending monthly newsletters by email, and are deleting their database of customer email addresses. 659 kata lagi

Data Protection

8 'Til Late: The Coziest Bodega in Town

NYC bodegas are vibrant and lively at all operating hours, and the 8 ‘Till Late bodega is no different. Taking inspiration from an NYC bodega, artist Lucy Sparrow opened up a pop-up art exhibit in the Chelsea Standard Hotel where all the items in the bodega were created out of felt. 385 kata lagi

Daily Life

What Email Spammers Know About You

Spam emails still work.

After decades of annoying us, spam is still one of the most effective ways to spread highly profitable threats like ransomware… 392 kata lagi

Security & Privacy

Apple Is Quietly Scrubbing the App Store

Apple has made a small, but important change to its App Store guidelines that could have a profound impact on the apps available in its marketplace. 411 kata lagi


Green Eggs and Spam

I have no idea how you, my dear fellow bloggers deal with your “comments” that akismet relegates to the spam folder. For years, I never read them, just clicked on the purge button and awaaaaay they went. 183 kata lagi

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