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Crean una manga inteligente que ayuda a recuperar movilidad tras un derrame cerebral

Dentro del campo de la medicina, varios científicos e investigadores han buscado la forma no sólo de prevenir padecimientos y enfermedades, sino también de ayudar a las personas que actualmente tienen alguna enfermedad y… 412 kata lagi

Milk Teeth @ Planet Sounds


Bring your own beer? Well, that is never going to be a good turn out by the end of the night, and who was I kidding when I said “It’s a Sunday, I’ll only have one or two.” Planet Sounds, a venue with the capacity of 35, situated underneath a bridge opposite the local Co-op (I can only imagine how much money they made from the four Fosters for £3.75 deal) a small crowd started to emerge. 489 kata lagi


Celebrating Pancake Day With My Housemates <3

When you are blessed with the most awesome housemates >>> everything else becomes easy. This is how we celebrated Pancake day ;)

I have never celebrated Pancake day until I met these lovely girls <3… 46 kata lagi

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Thomas Paddock

My name is Thomas and I have always been a bit of a chatterbox. I have also always been a massive music nerd. Hence, I love to interview artists of all genres, genders, ages and personalities. 144 kata lagi


Grabbing Southampton's badge before joining @LFC

Adam Lallana came up through the ranks at Southampton and in the 2013-14 season he was voted the Fans’ and Players’ Player of the Year. 12 kata lagi

Made Them Cry

Pancake Fun at St Edmund's!

Are you making pancakes today or tonight? Well – last Sunday our fab CAFOD team of volunteers at St Joseph’s and St Edmund’s parish in… 287 kata lagi


Fraser Forster, England's Number 1

If you happened to have attended a Saints game recently you will be well accustomed to hearing the Southampton faithful directing chants of ‘England’s number one’ towards their cult hero goalkeeper, Fraser Forster. 552 kata lagi