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Veggie Soto Mie and Egg Roll

What is Soto Mie?
Soto is a “comfort soup” for Indonesian. There are so many variations of Soto depending on the regions. Soto Mie traditionally is served with meat (beef, or chicken), soup broth, noodle (egg noodle, vermicelli or combination of both), slices of veggies (tomatoes, cabbage, bean sprout and etc), egg roll and condiments (lime juice, sweet soy sauce, fried shallot, sambal, vinegar and emping (fried Indonesian chips). 327 kata lagi

Cooking And Recipe


Jam menunjukan pukul 1:45 siang. Nadia pun semakin resah. “Udah jam segini, kepala udah mulai pusing lagi! Makan apa ya hari ini?”

“Segar kali ya makan yang berkuah di suasana panas terik begini. 118 kata lagi

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