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Song Seung Heon's Third Way of Love premiering in Korea

Regular readers of my blog will be no strangers to the name Song Seung Heon. He’s my ultimate bias when it comes to Korean celebrities, and I’m thrilled to be seeing him in the tv drama Saimdang later this year. 125 kata lagi

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My Princess (2011) : Korean Drama Review


Lee Seol has an ordinary life as a college art history student. She’s a young, energetic, and cheerful lady who spends her time in school daydreaming about going to Egypt with professor Nam. 1.421 kata lagi


Song Seung-heon Terpilih Sebagai Model Produk SNP

Brand kosmetik lokal merek SNP mengatakan memilih aktor Song Seung-heon sebagai model baru produk mereka, dikutip dari media Korea, hari Senin.

SNP mengalami kenaikan penjualan sebesar 800 persen pada tahun 2015 bila dibandingkan dengan tahun sebelumnya, ini berkat tumbuhnya popularitas di pasar Asia lainnya. 72 kata lagi


everybody knows everybody at don't forget me vip premiere

Wouldn’t expect anything less given it is Jung Woo Sung and Kim Ha Neul. Their best buddies and former co-stars turned up to support them. It was a reunion of sorts for the stars, many of whom were co-stars in various projects, from movies to dramas to commercials. 205 kata lagi

Press conference for upcoming drama Saimdang

Recently Song Seung Heon and Lee Young Ae appeared alongside each  other at a press conference in Seoul promoting their upcoming historical drama “Saimdang”, with Lee playing the title role and Song being her fictional love interest. 141 kata lagi

Korean Dramas

the otp of saimdang

Song Seung Heon and Lee Yeong Ae  shared the stage to promote their upcoming drama, the bio-epic Saimdang, Her Story. The drama apparently is only going to be broadcast next fall so well, we can enjoy the occasional pics as and when they come along. 57 kata lagi


Stills released for new historical drama "Saimdang"

After several movie adventures overseas (China) Song Seung Heon is once again returning to the small (Korean) screen as the fictional love interest of Korean icon Sin Saimdang portrayed by the beautiful Lee Young Ae. 177 kata lagi

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