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The Chaebol Heir who Loved the Long Lost Princess of Korea

One of my favorite behind-bickering-they-love-each-other couples.  An appealing love ride between initially annoyed to each other couple who were forced to be together for the princess training conflict.   339 kata lagi

Best Korean Drama

KDrama Classic Spotlight: Happy Together (2000)


* Lee Byung Hun as Suh Tae-poong
* Song Seung Hun as Suh Ji-suk
* Kim Ha Neul as Jin Soo-ha
* Jo Min Soo as Suh Chan-joo… 263 kata lagi

Classic Korean Dramas

Saimdang Light's Diary (2017)

Setelah 13 tahun vakum dari dunia akting, Lee Young-ae akhirnya kembali membintangi sebuah drama historis bersama Song Seung-heon. Lee Young-ae berperan sebagai Shin Saimdang, seorang wanita penggiat seni dan penulis pada Dinasti Joseon. 713 kata lagi


Song Seung Heon Shares "Cute" BTS Photos from His Filming Set

Song Seung Heon is a timeless gentleman.

One of my longtime celebrity crushes, Song Seung Heon, shared a few pictures from the set of his current historical series, … 89 kata lagi


Autumn in My Heart (2000)

This is a drama that can be considered as the originator of TEARJERKERS and the typical relationship pattern in Korean drama – love quadrangle.

Yoon Joon-suh and Yoon Eun-suh were siblings, yet after an accident, Eun-suh is found out that she is not the biological daughter of the family. 195 kata lagi

Korean Drama

Saimdang: Light's Diary Kdrama Introductory Review

Lovely as ever… Lee Young Ae as Saimdang/Seo Jiyun

Saimdang: Light’s Diary has brightened up my sageuk drama viewing – which of late has been somewhat lacking. 281 kata lagi


Saimdang, Light's Diary - First Impression

Had this drama been shown in 2016, it would really have been a year of reincarnations in KDramaland. The setup here is more similar to… 425 kata lagi