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Solo Female Travel?

Whenever I speak to someone about travelling and they say “I’d love to go to (insert country name here), but I’ve got no one to go with”, my usual response of “just go anyway” is always met with a giggle and dismissal of “no, no, no I can’t go alone!”  Well, the truth is – … 484 kata lagi



Day 1: Cape Jervis to Eagle Water Hole // 16km // 4.75hr includes 60min of breaks

This was my very first solo hike and as I was dropped off at the Southern Terminus of the Heysen Trail, there were a lot of mixed feelings, namely   (1) Excitement  (2) ‘Eye of the Tiger’ style badassness. 1.122 kata lagi


Bovin Lake

June 23, 2017.

I decided to make my first foray in to the Castle Wilderness by checking out Bovin Lake. The trail is described in Ambrosi’s  476 kata lagi


I woke up at half past seven, but I was more enthusiastic arising from my slumber than ever before. It was the day I left the hellhole. 862 kata lagi