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Boat solar panel

new solar panel for the boat

Its been a few days since I’ve gone to play or “work” on the boat. But today I got the new solar panel for the boat. 546 kata lagi

Marine Solar Panels

Tilburg to spend 10 million Euros on solar panels

Tilburg – The city of Tilburg will spend 10 million euros on solar panels. These panels are to be placed on municipal buildings. The city council proposal was accepted unanimously. 156 kata lagi

City Council

DIY Solar Panels-Build Your Own Solar Panels?

DIY SOLAR PANELS – Solar panels are expensive to install. But with rising energy bills, DIY solar panels are looking increasingly attractive. Making your own solar panels might the answer. 20 kata lagi

DIY Solar Panels -Solar Panels

Tracking, Absorber, Solar water heater and Magic mixture

Welcome to this months special archive content of Disruptive Energy’s magazine ‘Solar Thermal Techmag- August 2015‘. Subscribers of magazine are increasing and so is the complexity of technology in solar thermal energy. 705 kata lagi

Solar Thermal Energy

Up a Tree, Imagine!

I have an imagination problem.

People criticize each other all the time  “use your imagination” or “you lack imagination.”

Not me, I spend most my time imagining things, crazy things, irrational things, inherently dangerous things. 445 kata lagi


Saskatoon home uses virtually no power to stay warm despite cold temp

SASKATOON – A Saskatoon home had to use virtually no power to keep the heat on despite a cold snap that resulted in record-breaking energy usage across the province. 332 kata lagi