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SolarCity accused of misappropriating solar company Cogenra's trade secrets

Solar company Cogenra is suing Elon Musk’s SolarCity over the use of shingling technology the company alleges SolarCity took from Cogenra and used to create a world-record breaking solar panel. 340 kata lagi


China to Build Solar Mirror Farm Using Oakland Company's Technology

China is turning to alternative solar technologies to fill its insatiable appetite for energy from the sun.

Solar company BrightSource Energy, based in Oakland, Calif., said this week that it has signed a deal to sell its solar farm technology to a Chinese project owned by a state-run energy company. 637 kata lagi


Info About Solar Panels

As the trend is tremendously growing on a regular basis, many must still be wondering what solar panels, Commercial solar contractors, etc are and what they do?  543 kata lagi

Solar Contractors

Here's Where the World's Largest Solar Panel Farm Is Under Construction

While California has been covering pockets of its deserts in sprawling solar panel farms over the past few years, it turns out the sunny state won’t be home to the world’s largest one. 401 kata lagi


Renewable Energy 2016

Solar– Solar is the form of renewable energy I’ve always been the most hopeful about. The sun rises every day (I hope), and the amazing thing is that the solar panels we use only capture a small percentage of the sun’s power/energy. 584 kata lagi

Solar PV Is it still worth it?

Since the Feed in Tarriff (FIT) was substantially reduced earlier in the year there has been a question raised about whether it is still worth buying solar PV. 199 kata lagi

Here's Why Solar Farms Are Booming in the U.S.

Solar panels on the rooftops of homes might be the most visible, and emblematic, form of solar energy. But it’s the solar panels that make up the sprawling farms built on the ground in remote regions of the U.S., selling energy to utilities and big companies that are driving the boom in the solar industry overall this year. 801 kata lagi