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Hhsolarpower (Hilton Head solar power) is a manufacturing a wide range of 10w to 7kw capacity solar panel in South Carolina. If you’re building a new home, you should think about solar panel to getting electricity energy for your home and the solar professional to inclusive your solar panel system into your whole-house design. 103 kata lagi

Discoveries : रिश्तों की खोज

Core Thought / मूल विचार : Albert Einstein first predicted about gravitational waves in 1916 based on his general theory of relativity. In Feb 2016 an Observatory called LIGO confirmed the existence of Gravitational waves. 19 kata lagi

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Tech on the Trek

After many years I’ve finally got a pass from the wife to do some trekking in Nepal (Everest Base Camp + the Gokyo Lakes). I’m away for a few weeks and I’ve pondered what to take and what to leave. 2.896 kata lagi

Hayduke goes solar!

It’s official! I have successfully installed a solar panel to the roof of my van, and now all of my gadgets and gizmos can run off the power of the sun. 139 kata lagi

[KOKO architects] Skåpet, Norwegian Trust-based Off-grid Lodges for Hikers

Very Norwegian minimalistic yet sturdy eco-friendly cabins with off-grid operation; water comes from a nearby lake, heating and sauna comes from wood-burning, electricity comes from solar panel array. 330 kata lagi


To remove contaminations results 25% effective energy savings.


120W Solar Panel, Portable Folding Kit

With many Portable Solar Solutions already in the marketplace, we have designed our very own ‘New and Innovative’ KT SOLAR 120W Solar Panel, Portable Folding Kit. 749 kata lagi

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