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5 Smarts of Smartflower POP

The smartflower pacific is a replacement to electricity. It is a Residential Solar System in Hawaii that opens up when the sun rises. It unfolds itself completely and begins producing electricity for you. 374 kata lagi

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This morning I went to a boat garage sale in Victoria.  Very happy I went as I picked up some bargains and crossed a couple of items off my ‘to get’ list.  269 kata lagi

Vancouver To New Zealand

Renewable Energy Will Beat Fossil Fuels

According to predictions by Bloomberg New Energy Finance, renewable energy projects will represent two-thirds of all energy investments between the years 2016 and 2040. That’s right, solar power and other renewables will eventually surpass coal and gas combined! 626 kata lagi

Renewable Energy

Solar home System

We produce eco-friendly and energy-efficient solar home system,focus on high quality yet affordable and solar lighting solutions.

OEM/ODM are welcomed.

Our mission is to help low income families break their dependence on inefficient, expensive and harmful light sources by giving them cleaner and cheaper options. 6 kata lagi


Improved performance and affordability make portable solar chargers an attractive power option - CNET

Check out this article from CNET (see source link below) that gives you the skinny on these portable USB solar chargers. These are mini solar panels that typically can be folded up and carried with you when you go camping, at the beach etc…; where you can use the power of the sun to charge your devices (smartphones, tablets, etc…).   60 kata lagi

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Even Automakers Like General Motors Are Going Solar

The automotive industry is shifting to green power, and not just the cars themselves, but also the facilities used to produce them. Cars are becoming hybrid and electric, and… 459 kata lagi

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