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How Using Infrastructure Monitoring Services ensures Advancement?

Rapid technological advancement demands you to stay ahead of the curve and keep a tab on the future technologies for better growth opportunities. Creativity and innovation are the key concepts and one has to work in tandem with the same. 246 kata lagi


Thunderbird Email Database Backup with InventPure

InventPure’s new and unique method of Backing up Thunderbird Mail Database

Your messages are now safe because this wonderful Thunderbird Mail Database backup tool has the ability to completely secure your emails no matter what. 579 kata lagi


Technical writing: Digital Proofing

Technical writing: Digital Proofing for print, packaging & graphic arts

I began to develop my technical writing skill in the late 90s when I was involved as a stakeholder in the development and marketing of the… 91 kata lagi

Promotional Design And Advertising

Entrepreneur Spotlight: Brian Leach (Sponsored Post)


I received compensation for my time. I have not been told what to purchase or what to say about any product mentioned in these posts. 882 kata lagi

How #InternetSecurity Software can help Improve Online Security

Internet security acts as a strong gatekeeper between your computer and the internet, preventing hackers from installing malware and accessing your data

#SoftwarePrograms #Antivirus

Young Innovators: Student improves licence plate recognition technology

A University of Saskatchewan graduate student is building better licence plate recognition technology to fight crime and improve security.

Juan Yepez has developed new, faster and more accurate software to improve existing systems that can identify a car’s licence plate by simply analyzing plate images. 508 kata lagi


Great news for RootsMagic users!

Today, RootsMagic launches a free update to RootsMagic 7 with TreeShare™ for Ancestry. From within RootsMagic 7, as an existing Ancestry subscriber, you have access to your Ancestry Hints and the ability to share and synchronize data with your Ancestry online trees.

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