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QUESTION: Is the world ready for a drink that is ostensibly Lilt, but gives the impression of being somewhat healthier (“with real fruit + juice”, “a source of vitamin C” etc.) than Lilt?



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Sensasi Virgin Mojito Strawberry

Mojito adalah minuman beralkohol khas Kuba. Mojito sendiri biasanya dibuat dari lima bahan dasar: rum putih, gula, limun, air soda, dan daun mint. Minuman ini mengkombinasikan rasa manis, segar dan mint. 160 kata lagi

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#5 the soda hoop

Been drinking, been thinking, been fretting …

What if I don’t find her again?

Why do my measures get bigger and the mixers get smaller?


pinkle monade (healthy pink lemonade)

A healthy household does not have soft drink in the fridge. The awesome news is that you can make your own healthy version – all you need is a blender (I use my Thermomix) and a Sodastream . 116 kata lagi

Weight Loss

Coca cola and myself

Caution: some viewers may find the contents politically incorrect and culturally non-neutral.

I don’t drink coke (coca cola) because I don’t need it and if I dare to say the reason, I think it’s way too sweet and sugary although I do not have any hatred or personal grudge towards it and all the things it may represent. 91 kata lagi


Fake Advertisement for Lift

While the fam bam ate dinner eagerly last night down by the water, my little cousin, Sophia, spent her time explaining how she would make an advertisement for the beverage she was consuming, should the opportunity arise. 30 kata lagi

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While I was in Scotland I had to try what is know as “Scotland’s other national drink”. The national drink of Scotland is whiskey.

Irn-Bru is a carbonated beverage, and is the number one seller in Scotland. 260 kata lagi