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Fayrouz, Alternatif Baru Minuman Menyegarkan

Bosan dengan soft drink yang terlalu banyak soda dan rasanya mirip itu-itu saja? Ada kabar baik untuk kalian! Fayrouz, soft drink baru yang bisa jadi alternatif buat kalian yang menginginkan rasa soft drink yang baru dan berbeda. 122 kata lagi


Coca-Cola Test Shoot (2016)

I’m just taking a picture of a Coca-Cola soft drink can and glasses the other day. It gives an effect on many beverages because the light is near above them. 11 kata lagi


Life Soda. Short Story.

So it occurs to me I haven’t done one of these in a while. I’m coming off a week break from writing, it was kind of weird as its been almost a year since I’ve taken a break from the 3 short stories a week thing. 1.528 kata lagi

Creative Writing

How Does Marketing Guru Coca-Cola Do It?

In a world where technology rules, companies have had to change the way they market their products. A world where everything is essentially instantaneous from the purchase of products to the reviews, there’s a lot of information for companies to sort through and keep up with. 403 kata lagi


Team Coca Cola vs. Team Pepsi (Round 1: Diet Coke vs. Diet Pepsi)

My friends and followers, we are about to witness the beginning of a titanic war between the two largest soft drink providers in the world, a series of head to head battles that will pit rival products from each company against each other to determine overall who the superior brewers are… 707 kata lagi


Review: Pepsi Max with Lime

It tastes similar like regular pepsi max, only worse with a lime flavour that neutralises the normal delicious Pepsi max taste

What is it?: Pepsi Max with Lime… 55 kata lagi