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Riva v Pepsico Inc (2015) H&FLR 2015-30

Paul Riva and Danielle Ardagna v Pepsico Inc. (2015) H&FLR 2015-30

United States District Court (Northern District of California)

4 March 2015

Coram: Chen J… 504 more words

What is the Arkansas Soft Drink Tax?

In 1992 the state of Arkansas was going through a deep recession and the state was having troubles funding different programs.  One of those programs was Medicaid.  319 more words

10 reasons to give up diet soda - Article

Okay this article really left me speechless. If these facts are correct I am giving up my diet soda for good.

I had no idea. Simply no idea. 56 more words

Health Tips From A Fat Guy

Polyethylene Glycol 3350...

…can be taken in a carbonated soft-drink without significantly altering its taste.  What is more amazing than this, is that in so doing, one does not alter the “fizziness” of the beverage in the least. 69 more words


Are Diet Drinks Better Than Normal Soft Drinks?

I’m sure it will surprise no-one when I say that the average Australian has far too much added sugar in their diet. Reducing sugar intake in our diets is a hot topic at the moment, with many ‘sugar-free’ diets gaining popularity, and the World Health Organisation even releasing… 581 more words