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Not all that is gold glitters

Having gushed about the Japanese soft drink Marble Soda (actually called Ramune, or ラムネ) in my last post, I thought I should balance the records a bit by mentioning this not so nice soft drink I discovered a while ago at Camden Lock Market in London. 76 more words


A Hellacious Belle's Guide to the New South: Coke Addiction

“Can I get a pop?”

If you’re a Southerner and you hear this statement, two things happen.

Your inside voice says, “Oh, a Northerner. Isn’t that cute! 223 more words

Blogging Challenge

Nostalgic Roe Presents: Spot: The Video Game

Nostalgic Roe jumps and dances his way to victory in Spot: The Video Game for the NES.


Riva v Pepsico Inc (2015) H&FLR 2015-30

Paul Riva and Danielle Ardagna v Pepsico Inc. (2015) H&FLR 2015-30

United States District Court (Northern District of California)

4 March 2015

Coram: Chen J… 504 more words