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Dear Diet Coke

First of all, let’s get this out of the way upfront to set up some context. I completely identify with the following funny, and scarily accurate buzzfeed post: 1.011 more words


{The Nest Health} Stopping the fizz..

If you are still on your New Year’s health bandwagon and looking to give up soft drink then this is for you.

Like everyone knows it is empty calories, but you know, well, tasty. 35 more words

The Nest Health

Sprite Vending Machine - Akihabara

Passing through Akihabara the other day I noticed this vending machine that only sells Sprite, nicely decorated with images from the Aokana TV anime. At first I wondered wether this actually drives sales for either Sprite or Aokana and then I remembered that I had just taken four images of it. 10 more words

Mountain Dew Pitch Black

Mountain Dew Pitch Black (PepsiCo, 2004 and 2011)

Mountain Dew Pitch Black was a dark purple colored grape flavored Mountain Dew that was released for the 2004 Halloween season. 68 more words


Identity Design Project

The brief was to design and brand a soft drink. Initially I decided to look at caffeine addiction and create something the could be a replacement for coffee or the myriad of energy drinks that are available to purchase. 254 more words


Denver chosen as test market for Pepsi True

DENVER —  Denver is one of three cities PepsiCo has chosen to test market its new stevia sweetened soft drink Pepsi True.  The limited rollout will also be made available soon in Minneapolis and Washington.   132 more words


Plastic free Soft drink

This week was an easy swap. Instead of buying soft drink in plastic bottles, I bought cartons of cans instead. We don’t drink a lot of soft drink, mainly as mixers with alcohol, so its not going to have a major effect on our lives but every little bit counts. 219 more words

Plastic Free