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Only In Texas Can You Apply The Bible To Dr. Pepper

Fact. Dr. Pepper is the official soda of Texas. There is no exception. There is no other beverage. No matter how hard other’s try, true Texans can spot an imposter Dr. 90 kata lagi


Vital Vittles

After a hard day at work, subduing rampant rampaging Elves and occasionally writing a bit of copy, there’s nothing TLCB’s editors enjoy more than relaxing with a tin of chilled beverage. 56 kata lagi


January 20, 1940  A People, an Empire, a Drink

In 1865, Confederate Cavalry officer John Stith Pemberton was wounded by a saber slash. Like many wounded veterans, Pemberton became addicted to the morphine given him to help ease the pain. 963 kata lagi

Best Ways To Boost Your #Calcium Levels

You mightn’t realize its significance currently, but your atomic number 20 intake could be a bit like saving your pennies for a worthy investment within the future (an investment in preventing bone fractures once you’re older, that is).

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Health And Fitness

Diet Coke Announces New Flavors, New Can Designs

(RNN) – Diet Coke is getting a makeover.

Alongside a sleek new look, Coca-Cola is launching four new flavors.

Diet Coke lovers will now have the choice of Ginger Lime, Feisty Cherry, Zesty Blood Orange and Twisted Mango. 87 kata lagi

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Less sugar for better health

Coca-Cola to sell smaller bottles at higher prices in response to sugar tax

Coca-Cola is to use smaller bottles and sell at higher prices rather than alter its famous sugar-laden secret recipe, while Irn-Bru faces a growing consumer backlash over fears a new lower sugar version will ruin Scotland’s national soft drink. 51 kata lagi

Behavioral Economics

Chapter 84: Ichiban Sakura Orion Beer & Omusubi

It was a day well spent around Naha! However, I felt the evil jet-lag cursing me again. My eyelids were so heavy I could sleep standing like a tree.  232 kata lagi