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GP Sceptics podcast 1: Big Soda


In the first of the GP Sceptics podcast series, Dr Justin Coleman and Dr Liz Sturgiss team up to dissect, analyse and sometimes trash medical research that is relevant to GPs. 84 kata lagi


Chubby Bounty Hunter 012

The dry mouth gets disinfected by this one.




Deep Spring Orange and Mango

Price: $3.00 (NZ)

Flavour Hits:
Fresh Carbonated New Zealand Springwater
A light mango kick
A touch of orange

The word infused is never a good sign. 38 kata lagi


Keith's Quick Bites Review - Kinnie

To say I couldn’t stand Kinnie when I first tried it as a child would be an understatement! But over time, during family holidays, Malta’s indigenous soft drink began to grow on me. 165 kata lagi

Mains And Pasta

Shark Cool Bite

Price: 35฿

Flavour Hits:
A drunken night out
Hideous energy drink
Sickly sweet

Bio: Unexpected energy drink alert. Slipping through our clearly insignificant ability to read, this was like being smacked upside the head by a taurine taurus. 39 kata lagi

Tra Bi Dao (Khong Do)

Price: 4,000 Dong

Flavour hits:
Butternut pudding (like the one you used to have at school)
So much butternut…definitely too much butternut.
I wish the butternut would go away. 89 kata lagi

While there is tea, there is hope

Sodas can have some serious negative effects on your body when consumed regularly and I really want to take steps to a healthier lifestyle. So far I’m succeeding at weaning soda out of my diet and I’ll tell you why… 301 kata lagi