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Berry Beet Smoothie

Drinking raw beets is the closest thing to a cocktail without the alcohol. It’s powerful, and no wonder. It’s not just an anti-oxidant; it’s a SUPER ANTI-OXIDANT.

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Pepsi Fire is The Worst Soft Drink I have Ever had the Displeasure of Tasting

Pepsi Fire is the worst thing I have ever tasted in My entire life. No that isn’t an exaggeration, It’s actually that bad.

You might be thinking, “well, that’s just your opinion.” You’re right, it is my opinion, It’s my opinion that it’s a goddamn  325 kata lagi


The Karma Cola Collection

It’s a Bank Holiday weekend and the weather is actually amazing for once! Enjoy it while you can as I’m sure it’ll all go downhill from here! 424 kata lagi


Dialing down Caffeine

Nearly a year ago I wrote this:

Growing up, I remember when fast food was a treat we were bought every other week or so and I remember when I wasn’t allowed to drink any soda with caffeine in it, not to mention energy drinks. 363 kata lagi


Vending Machine dispensing Ferraris

Now forget about vending machines dispensing eatables and soft drinks.

Vending machine in Singapore is dispensing world’s largest luxury car Ferrari.

The vending machine is a multi building where luxurious cars including Ferrari, Bentley and Lamborghini among others are on display. 35 kata lagi


Pepsi Introducing a New Cinnamon-Flavored Drink Called "Pepsi Fire!"

When you were young, were you the type of kid who grabbed for an Atomic Fireball instead of a lame, regular gumball? As an adult, do you prefer… 304 kata lagi

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