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Would You Buy A Smartphone from a Soft Drink Company?

There are a lot of companies that make smartphones and there are a lot of companies that don’t make a smartphone. There is a fine line between them… most of the time. 235 kata lagi


Denise Schaefer

And I was just introduced to Denise Schaefer. Holy crap… beautiful.

Thanks to The Hundreds x Pepsi.

Oh and Denise Schaefer.


Diet drinks and artificial sweeteners... what's the catch?

Written by Anne Finch, Accredited Practising Dietitian for LiveLighter

With so much heat in the sugar debate, a lot of people are looking to reduce their sugar intake. 439 kata lagi


Bahaya Soft drinks

Bahaya Soft drinks

Minggu lalu saya melihat 2 kejadian dihari yang sama; pertama di supermarket, ada seorang anak yang merengek-rengek minta dibelikan minuman ringan karena anak ini pas lewat lemari pendingin untuk softdrink ini. 1.041 kata lagi

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River City - Sacramento, California, USA


Sacramento, California, USA

Root, Root, Root (beer) for the home team! Today’s featured root beer is a locally brewed offering, River City Root Beer from Blue Dog Beverages of Sacramento, California. 1.039 kata lagi

Root Beer