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Korean Dr Pepper - Photo Wednesday

This weeks Photo Wednesday was taken at home. It’s of a can of Dr Pepper, which might not seem strange or different. However in South Korea Dr Pepper isn’t the easiest thing to find. 69 kata lagi


Capri Sun Organic

Delicious Fruit Punch

I stopped drinking soft drinks many years ago. The high amount of High Fructose Corn Sirup and all the unhealthy ingredients concerned me a lot. 280 kata lagi


Wednesday, 8th June 2016

It’s a well-known fact that Irn-Bru is the most popular soft drink in Scotland.

What’s less well known is the surprising identity of Scotland’s least popular drink: Diet Irn-Bru.


The 5 best iced teas in Tel-Aviv

Homemade Iced Tea is definitely the drink of the summer! When I say ‘homemade’ I mean ‘non-industrial’ iced teas, drinks made of a tea bag, some ice and whatever you wanna add to make it tastier. 357 kata lagi

Tel Aviv

Segar Saat Berbuka dengan Fayrouz

Menjelang bulan puasa, pasti paling enak minum yang segar-segar. Bukan hanya segar, kita juga pastinya perlu minuman yang halal. Bosan dengan minuman buka puasa yang itu-itu aja? 147 kata lagi


Sugar. Is it really that bad?

In short … Yes it is!

We hear a lot about sugar in the news lately.  Some say it is bad for us while others say it is ok … in moderation. 554 kata lagi

General Health

Rocks Squash - Fizzy Drinks with Less Guilt...

I have always avoided fizzy drinks…deeming them extremely detrimental for a whole range of health issues. I managed to abstain so well for years, only indulging in them now and again for a special occasion. 356 kata lagi