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And then they came for the sugar...

Following a recent Grattan institute report indicating doctors have no political philosophy, the Australian Greens have pushed to implement a tax on sugary drinks. Typically, right minded folk have no interest in using the government to control other people’s diets but not our nosy neighbor Di Natale. 1.187 kata lagi


Coca-Cola Invented a Bottle That Takes Selfies

If a millennial takes a drink in the woods without wifi, did it ever really happen?

Social media allows us to connect through shared experiences, and what better way to share something sweet with followers than a selfie while sipping on an ice cold Coke? 299 kata lagi

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Szin tries... Irn Bru Xtra

Irn Bru, Scotland’s favourite drink, has welcomed a new product to its lineup.

Irn Bru Xtra advertises itself on the can as “extra taste, no sugar”, putting it firmly in the Pepsi Max/Coke Zero mould of diet drinks. 85 kata lagi


A sweet lecture...

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Listen to Dr. Alderton talk about Dr. Pepper in the old corner drug store.

Show me where it is!

Geotagging soda pop…
Be a part of the QScouts and contribute to the Museum. 36 kata lagi


My 5 not-so-hectic diet modifications

(L-R) Feliss Sanchez, Prof. Efrelyn Iellamo and Me

I have been complimented on my slightly reduced figure for quite some time now. I don’t know if it is because of my new habits or if it is just because of stress but it made me look thinner as told by couple of people I met after quite a long time. 901 kata lagi


Happens to the most of us.

Also, apologies for not posting last week!
Kinda caught some infection which only got worse for quite a while.


GP Sceptics podcast 1: Big Soda



In the first of the GP Sceptics podcast series, Dr Justin Coleman and Dr Liz Sturgiss team up to dissect, analyse and sometimes trash medical research that is relevant to GPs. 84 kata lagi