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Shark Cool Bite

Price: 35฿

Flavour Hits:
A drunken night out
Hideous energy drink
Sickly sweet

Bio: Unexpected energy drink alert. Slipping through our clearly insignificant ability to read, this was like being smacked upside the head by a taurine taurus. 39 kata lagi

Tra Bi Dao (Khong Do)

Price: 4,000 Dong

Flavour hits:
Butternut pudding (like the one you used to have at school)
So much butternut…definitely too much butternut.
I wish the butternut would go away. 89 kata lagi

While there is tea, there is hope

Sodas can have some serious negative effects on your body when consumed regularly and I really want to take steps to a healthier lifestyle. So far I’m succeeding at weaning soda out of my diet and I’ll tell you why… 301 kata lagi


Anula Xoai Ep (Mango)

Price: $0.40

Flavour Hits:
Fresh Mango
Blended Mango
Squeezed Mango
Squashed Mango

Relatively viscous, but after a second or two it becomes significantly less so. 50 kata lagi

Thuc Uong Thao Moc (Mhvang)

Price: $0.40

Flavour Hits:
Gingery beginnings
Relatively watery
Warm tingly ending

If you are regularly caught out on the high seas, and suffering from sea sickness; grab yourself a can and consume. 35 kata lagi

Thuc Uong Thao Moc (Mhxanh)

Price: $0.40

Flavour Hits:
Swimming pool algae

Made with so much water, we can’t believe it tastes so horrendous. Imagine wringing out your dads underwear that has been caught in a swimming pool filter for a week, and then drinking the fluid…Proceed with extreme caution. 11 kata lagi

Saxi Chuong Duong

Price: $0.40

Flavour Hits:
First smells of anniseed
Dr Pepper elements (watery but not in the bad sense)
Carbonation but not super fizzy

You think it’s going to taste like a Dr Pepper remix, and it comes a close second. 44 kata lagi