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The wrong kind of eye contact

At my last post I wrote this in a comment:

” … there was a prominent woman blogger not long ago, who once posted a list of things for wives to do to “keep the flame alive”. 95 kata lagi

This is our world we survive in.

So I haven’t posted in a while, but I’ve decided poetry will be posted for the next month, it has all been written by me. 113 kata lagi



Creatively questioned it may appear,

I sit here wondering how to adhere,

norms and values run society today,

creativity stripped,

I sit here.


mental health - a global challenge

Mental health remains one of the biggest health challenges across the globe. Today is World Mental Health Day and the statistics from the World Health Organisation (WHO) are stark, even in Europe. 380 kata lagi


Does Religion Have An Answer for Everything?

There are usually three approaches to the question and many socio-political differences pertinent to religion stem from them:
1. Religion is socially irrelevant because it has nothing to offer but unfounded myths that do no good and, rather, cause much devastation thanks to its mysterious nature. 906 kata lagi

Daily Quip

Luck is something we make ourselves, good or bad.


Podcast episode 4 - Accounts of Progressive Living with Raya Abugulal

This episode introduces our new mini-project ‘Accounts of Progressive living’, which aims to explore the processes and ideas of participants from various professional backgrounds for achieving consistent progress and success in their personal and professional lives. 73 kata lagi