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It's My Birthday & I'll Cry If I Want To

My birthday is coming up. This has become somewhat problematic over the last few years (but, I swear, this has nothing to do with my age). 1.557 kata lagi


International Workshop on the Development of People with Hearing Disabilities

Havana, Oct 20 –  The main experiences of Cuba and other countries associated with the results of a research project on people with hearing disabilities will be discussed in Havana. 253 kata lagi


The World Raised its Voice for Peace and against Imperialism

Sochi, Russia, Oct 20 –  Many voices were raised at the Anti-Imperialist Tribunal in Sochi, Russia as part of the 19th World Festival of Youth and Students demonstrating the pain of the victims affected by capitalism. 318 kata lagi


Tips for World Building in Fiction

I was surprised during our weekly Writers in the Grove free Monday workshop meeting that some of my fellow members didn’t know about the concept of… 1.465 kata lagi

Writing Tips

When writing a book review, I am always very conscious of simply rewriting or repeating the synopsis. I find this unnecessary and unhelpful to other readers. 297 kata lagi


The Woman - Part 2

Silent sobs, untold stories
Sealed lips, forgotten glories
Eyes wandering, mouth dry
No desires, a muted sigh!

The dilemma of a woman
Should she love or not? 81 kata lagi


Shady Quip

Some women give womanhood a bad name.