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body images - our obsession with "perfection"

Why does the media seem to hand itself the right to deem what is in and what is out this week? Why do we, as educated people, allow ourselves to fall prey to the cycle of trends? 418 kata lagi


Free Speech and Political Conventions

These days the blogs are full of someone claiming that the freedom of speech is somehow either being infringed upon or will be if certain people are elected….I have even read articles about how some of the rights of protesters at these conventions have been stomped on by the security people…. 197 kata lagi


Who the HELL does this woman think she is?

Clinton’s delivery tonight was more in the moment than I’ve ever seen her and she showed a wider range of emotion.  She’d sympathize with someone’s plight, then describe the action she took to help them, ending in a steely look right through the camera. 173 kata lagi


The Working Mother

In an era when women are equal to men, where we study, we work, we travel and live as equals; its funny how our priorities change with the arrival of our little bundles. 333 kata lagi


Troublesome Sex Addiction

Remember that the individuals who are there to help you through your own recuperation are not frequently marriage specialists and some of their good natured marriage guidance may sting more than help. 257 kata lagi


Different and Better - Week 8 Final Reflection

Much of the last eight weeks are a blur. I remember three different airports but could only tell you what the one in my home city looks like. 748 kata lagi

'Sikh religion' and Indian Constitution

A fallacy propagated by Khalistani proponents is that Indian Constitution includes Sikhs in the definition of Hindus. Let us examine their claim dispassionately:

The Khalistanis oppose Article 25 of the Indian constitution. 476 kata lagi