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Human Sacrifice in the Bible and Today

Throughout various times and across numerous cultures, people have shared the idea that one or a few within their numbers must be sacrificed for the appeasement of God or the “gods,” and for the betterment of society. 1.085 kata lagi


Destination, Someone

Personality is like a road map.

Some are very easy to read, easy to understand, easy to follow. Some are a little more complex, not so surface level, and make you a bit frustrated when you think you’re supposed to take a right turn but instead make a left and infuriate someone even more because you’ve now said the wrong thing in reaction to the conversation. 507 kata lagi

Self Love

One day you will realize that you are enough. You won’t have to internalize every thing that goes wrong, thinking there is something wrong with you. 181 kata lagi


What’s a Canadian value?

Given that more than two-thirds of residents of the Atlantic Provinces support screening potential immigrants for ‘Canadian values’, we’d do well to unpack that enormously loaded phrase in search of a little more meaning, a wee bit more specificity. 573 kata lagi


Terrorism never changes

Another terrorist attack occurred in London the other day and all of the same patterns repeat. The media says the attacker was connected with ISIS. Right-wingers say we have to stop Islamic immigration. 763 kata lagi