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Luck is Numbered

Numbers, much as I hate them, are an integral part of society. From the simple, mathematical need to count the people and things around us, to more complicated interactions with the world. 477 kata lagi


Railroads in North Omaha

There have been several railroads in North Omaha throughout the years. Here’s a lowdown for anyone who’s interested.


I have been most hyped about the Belt Line Railway owned by the Missouri Pacific Railroad. 588 kata lagi

20th Century

The Point of Pointlessness; and Sorrow...

**** you, *****!

Sometimes I don’t really understand. I feel like an alien, like all of us do at some point of our lives. Times when we do not have a grasp of things going on around us. 811 kata lagi


The gleeful tragedy. 

The only sin I committed was to be truthful.

Nobody is completely pure.

But the rule that only the man in spotlight gets hanged, is a fundamental principle of ours. 8 kata lagi


Equality, Solidarity & Tenderness - A Unique TEDtalk

I am quite a fan of TEDtalks – there have been many fabulous talks and enlightening speakers presenting on a wide-range of subjects from surviving a suicide attempt to becoming an activist, with almost every conceivable topic in-between. 433 kata lagi


Do not be conformed to this world...

Society, society, society, I am haunted by its darkness imbued. Society, society, society, I am forced into it, I need a way out. My soul churns in the face of its vicious ways, its hatred, its jealously, and all its lies. 74 kata lagi

Over Two Cups And Another

We’ve made small talk

And bits about ourselves

Over two cups of tea

And one coffee

Along with three trays

Of dishes

That took the whole… 237 kata lagi