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Open source // open society conference 2015

The OS//OS conference was a huge 2 days of inspiring brain food, practical workshops and chances to connect over coffee with a passionate community of people interested in what the world looks like when it is a more open place. 643 more words

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Mom and Dad Just Don't Understand: How Marshall McLuhan Explained the Generational Gap

Canada has given the world so many gifts: The voice of Shrek (formerly known as Mike Myers), Avril Lavigne’s sick early 2000’s fashion sense, and some pretty dope maple syrup, among other things. 749 more words

The Medium is the Message

The concept of The Medium is the Message is a complicated one. Many people don’t fully comprehend the extent of the statement. I will be trying to explain this and what effects it has on society. 554 more words

What RFRA Hath Wrought-Part 2

By Mike Appleton, Weekend Contributor

“Those situations in which the Court may require special treatment on account of religion are, in my view, few and far between, and this view is amply supported by the course of constitutional litigation in this area.” 1.246 more words



I think learning how to appreciate something is one of the most powerful things that some people have forgotten in today’s society. Whether it’s as small as getting your coffee for free or enjoying something as magnificent as a sunrise at the beach, humans need this ability to be able to keep things in mind and not take them for granted. 153 more words

Spring's fairytale days

Today the ice rink is deserted in favour of that other court,
where rubber grips and squeals, as nimble feet lunge and lift,
and rowdy boys cheer a swish. 184 more words


Charles Eisenstein on the noggin

Eisenstein, another insightful being, has definitely encouraged my adventuring into societal issues.  Understanding where anxiety rises from in our current society, how technology affects our destruction of planet Earth, and knowing where we can continue.   214 more words

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