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Google Doodle Honors Teacher Appreciation Day

The latest Google Doodle marks National Teacher Appreciation Day 2016 with an animation of a large pencil reading to a group of smaller pencils designed by artist Nate Swinehart. 122 kata lagi

What beer do you drink while driving?

Not too long ago while on my local country bike ride I began to notice lots of beer bottles and cans scattered alongside the road. It wasn’t just one bottle or two, but more like every one hundred yards or so I saw another discarded container. 977 kata lagi

Cheltenham Chinese Student Fellowship (中华学坊)

Today I would like to introduce the Cheltenham Chinese Student Fellowship (中华学坊) which runs by St. Phillip and St. James Church (White House). The Christian volunteers here aim to help Chinese students to learn about English language and culture, meet more local residents and integrate into the community in… 365 kata lagi

University Of Gloucestershire

International Café

It took me a while to come up with the right introduction to this post, but it came down to this one-lined zinger:

This is not an advert. 358 kata lagi


Episode of the day: "Being Malcolm Gladwell"

Listen to “Being Malcom Gladwell”

Podcast: Freakonomics

A great informal interview with this ever interesting man – Malcolm Gladwell. It takes a great writer and thinker to convey scientific notions to the wider audience. 27 kata lagi

Episode Of The Day

In defence of millennials: A reply to Alexis Bloomer

Many of you would recently have read of Alexis Bloomer who recorded a Facebook video entitled, “Dear Elders, I’m sorry”. The video can be broken down into six main points listed below, 517 kata lagi


Why do we give so much respect to rituals?

A black man was on his way to the church. he was thinking about the priest. because he had tried to go church many times before also but he never succeeded. 896 kata lagi