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Alfie Evans could be flown to Rome if latest appeal succeeds

Parents will seek to remove toddler from hospital, saying he has been breathing unassisted

Alfie Evans, the seriously ill toddler whose life supporting machine was switched off on Monday, could instantly be flown to a children’s hospital in Rome for therapy if a last-ditch appeal succeeds, a solicitor involved in the case has said. 627 kata lagi



A black palisade of trees silently slides by, city lights flickering between its thin branches. It’s January and I’m very far from home. I left my country some 12 hours ago, a bit worried what direction my condition will take in the three-week absence. 4.075 kata lagi

I’d say I’m doing just fine

A large scale mural by Vasilis Markosian in Metaxourgeio in 2013 entitled: “I’d say I’m doing just fine”. A rather ironic title – comment on the modern lifestyle in large urban centers. 31 kata lagi

Street Art

The Dalai Lama on society

„Menschen sind dafür bestimmt geliebt zu werden.

Dinge sind dafür bestimmt benutzt zu werden.

Der Grund dafür das die Welt im Chaos ist, ist weil Dinge gliebt und Menschen benutzt werden.”

~ Dalai Lama


Shocked and saddened, but not afraid

A friend posted this on Twitter: “When will all this crazy stuff stop?”

He was referring to the 10 deaths and 15 injuries that resulted when a man drove over pedestrians in Toronto. 290 kata lagi

The Up Devo

In the Mood of Russian Spirits: the First Russian Melbourne Festival

There is always been a gnawing confusion towards Russians when people google “the impression of Russians”. Washing up the feed is the stereotypical images that one can think of: shirtless appearances along the Siberian frozen lake, shared rides with wild bears on a communist street; and of course, the pride of drinking the national beverage – … 496 kata lagi


What the Frakta? Unpacking the recent obsession over Ikea. And more...

How the fashion world, Ikea, our changing society and McDonalds are all interrelated…
if you are interested in this, check out this related podcast and this… 2.287 kata lagi