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This shouldn't happen on our watch

Here is some news you may not have heard about
yet. The first is local the other national. We feel
both are important enough to share. 195 kata lagi



You know when someone does something stupid (lack of a better word) or they just do something that will make you say something along the lines of “you fucked up, bro” why do they feel the need to justify what they’ve done. 72 kata lagi


U.K. Magistrate Resigns over New Court Fee that Forces Innocent to Plead Guilty’*

U.K. Magistrate Resigns over New Court Fee that Forces Innocent to Plead Guilty’*

A North East magistrate has resigned over new court fees that “force the innocent to plead guilty” and means “ 567 kata lagi


Be Not Conformed: Be Transformed

The New American Standard Bible version of Romans 12:2 says “And do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind, so that you may prove what the will of God is, that which is good and acceptable and perfect.” These words, written under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit by the Apostle Paul to the church, clearly call for those who claim Christ as Lord and Savior to “not be” something as well as “to be” something else. 308 kata lagi

Christian Life

The Conspiracy of Cells of Fire threatens threatens with new armed attacks

A new letter was published online by members of the organization Conspiracy of Cells of Fire, threatening with armed attacks, bombs, and sabotage.

“We want, with our activity, armed attacks, executions, bombs, fires, sabotage to spread disorder and short-circuit the system” mentions the letter, suggesting, in fact, the formation of “small, flexible cells of direct action, that will map the metropolis, devise plans, choose goals and attack”. 89 kata lagi

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Sometimes I look back on life and get myself into these little ruts.

Could I have done better? Should I have taken that opportunity? Would I be a different person if ‘xyz’ hadn’t happened? 267 kata lagi

Just Life

Vegertables are becoming LESS healthy! Cross breeding in the US is making them less bitter.

In today’s tabloid (yes a mainstream paper – BAMS Germany) hidden in a small article on page 31 was shocking article.

Through the cross breeding of vegertables in the US (and I’ll bet not just there) the levels of bitterness are being purposely reduced – so that kids will eat them. 80 kata lagi