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PROSpective And CONSequences Of Social Media 

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This is what we, including me, do on social media: I make you see what I want you to see. You make me believe what you want me to believe. 311 kata lagi

"Not in my name"

With a sad heart, I bring to you some news today. Recently, my country witnessed a spate of public lynching taking place in various cities. 440 kata lagi


One Month Till Launch!

You are a reader, a follower, a member of KavaraStories, and I sincerely thank you for following my work; but aren’t you curious as to what… 152 kata lagi


New Infrastructure in Sub-Saharan Africa

This post will be continuously updated as we learn about new projects.

On the three main vectors of wealth creation, African countries have lagged other developing nations for several decades. 972 kata lagi


Belly Full! Book on Caribbean Cooking in the UK Now Published

Foodies, at home and abroad! Here’s some good news for you…

Do you remember my post last year about the planned book Belly Full: Caribbean Food in the UK? 63 kata lagi


Tough Love..........? 

Equanimity can be hard for most people in life but especially more so for individuals with strongly empathic traits. The reason being is that we are so sensitive to the energies of other living and none living entities that even the smallest energetic ripple from another source can on some days be enough to unbalance us. 381 kata lagi


#QOTD #43

They say that the greatest emotional need of man kind is to feel appreciated. I came accross this quote and I can see why! I believe in it’s truth! 578 kata lagi