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Virent, Tesoro, Toray, Johnson Matthey and The Coca-Cola Company join forces in the bioeconomy

Virent established a strategic Consortium with Tesoro, Toray, Johnson Matthey and The Coca-Cola Company focused on completing the development and scale up of Virent’s BioForming® technology to produce low carbon bio-based fuels and bio-paraxylene (a key raw material for the production of 100% bio-polyester). 546 kata lagi



There was a post stating that there are two types of friends. One of a cheerful and optimistic personality and another of independent and mature personality. 168 kata lagi


A Reverent Endeavor

We perform like locusts, as they soar through a autumn breeze. To consume whatever may be in their pathway, figures have a watchful eye on the ball. 122 kata lagi

Is Mispronouncing A Name A "Microaggression"?

I have been a long critic of the erosion of free speech on college campuses and the use of the ill-defined concept of “micro aggressions” to sanction students and faculty alike. 807 kata lagi


How to Hide It: Inside the Secret World of Wealth Managers

Wealth managers are estimated to direct the flows of up to $21tn in private wealth, resulting in about $200bn in lost tax revenues globally each year. 82 kata lagi


Who are we really?

I’m 21 years old. I was born in India, specifically in Kannur district in the state of Kerala. I was born in the evening around 6:30pm; hence my name which stands for the sunset time in our local language. 533 kata lagi

Societal Rules

Ebola: How a People's Science Helped End an Epidemic

Ebola: How a People’s Science Helped End an Epidemic by Paul Richards

Synopsis: In 2013, the largest Ebola outbreak in history swept across West Africa, claiming thousands of lives in Liberia, Sierra Leone, and Guinea and sending the international community into panic. 284 kata lagi