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to watch or not to watch

that a good question & monkey ask Man if he watch huge ascension of donald the victorious to throne of new billionaire buddy club principality. Man make snort noise in nose and say… 157 kata lagi


Ban sports if you want to ban Jallikattu

I’m not mincing any words in the title. That’s that and let me explain if it intrigues you.

Sports are for everyone but only the best play at the highest level: 321 kata lagi

Wilderness Voices: Repent

A crucial message of the Biblical prophets was for the people to repent.  But is this a message we still need to hear today?

I know I’ve been to plenty of services, prayer meetings, and small groups where the subject was repentance.   755 kata lagi


17 goals for 2017

For those of you playing along at home, here’s what I’ll be doing this year – 17 goals for 2017. It’s going to be an incredible year. 1.183 kata lagi



Kashmir has been a long dispute between India and Pakistan. Given both these countries are nuclear powers and considering Donald Trump effect on international affairs, any escalation in conflict might be hazardous. 99 kata lagi


The Impact of ICT: Time to Embrace Change

This blog will thrash out the negative and positive impact and aspects of ICT on how the way it affects society, individual, work and governance. In addition, this blog will show the differences in society today compared to society without technology. 792 kata lagi

Blog Assignment

My Husband Shot His Abductors Before He Was Killed, Okebata's Wife Says In Her Story Of Innocence

The wife of US Army veteran, Chuks Okebata, who was murdered by unknown gunmen as he holidayed in his native Nigeria, has spoken out amid accusations in social media that she is the brain behind his murder. 634 kata lagi