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Body image

Lately I’ve had some conversations about this topic. I know that a lot of people are unhappy with how they look. So many want to be thinner or think they have to look a certain way, they have to do this and that to… fit in? 995 kata lagi



First woman nominated to Supreme Court in Afghanistan
  • President Ashraf Ghani put forth Anisa Rasooli for parliamentary approval to join the nine-member court.
  • Rasooli has had a distinguished career in the juvenile court system and as director of the Afghan Women Judges Association, but clerical opposition has been swift to protest the nomination.
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Law & Politics

Anonymous - has a negative image in the Matrix but argue with this, if you can!

My analysis of Anonymous material is still just at the early stage. None the less I find this recent video interesting. Think of “them” what you will, I couldn’t fault the key messages. 13 kata lagi

A Misconception

You think that what you are is what people say you do
You drop your high walls and leave your heart askew
While others enter and exit you start to feel the burn… 383 kata lagi


How about we would finally dedicate a whole day in each and every country to The Forgotten? The ones nobody talks about it anymore. The orphans, the ones without family,┬ádon’t they deserve a special day as well?

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Stop Smoking

What I Learned By Living On My Own

So I find myself living on my own this summer, working 8 hours a day and making my own food, and I continue to learn new things about myself. 329 kata lagi


rainbow raindrops

Rainbow Drops

As the flowing

rhythmic words

lost to those unknowing

paid a silent cost.

Them of society

storm the rough darken sea

write capped waves… 66 kata lagi