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Mark Twain Did Not Say: Reports Of My Death Are Greatly Exaggerated - Or Did He?

The first mention of Snopes on this blog goes back to the year 2000, and I’m happy to announce that there is a good overview of what Snopes is (and how it came about) on the Webb Awards website. 293 kata lagi


Finger swiping lip biting

She’s biting her lip,
she pours smiles upon
smiles in to her little
computer box.

And her friend receives
no attention.
And that is okay for this… 30 kata lagi


My socialism in the 21st century

Today I’m going to try and outline my views on how the economy should be run. I think I’m a socialist. I certainly believe that some sectors – such as the health sector – should be entirely government provided, or at least government funded. 2.140 kata lagi


Just a Volunteer Here Myself

One can not, or one ought not, nickname oneself. This is not a hard-and-fast social rule, but it is similar to the unspoken rule about not declaring oneself humble. 745 kata lagi

Daily Prompt

The Network Social Thing- Unbalanced Poetry for Social Media

If you like this, then you like this

If you don’t, then disagree

What’s with all the liking

On these social thingy things

Voicing your opinions with a switch… 123 kata lagi


Daily Prompt: Volunteer

via Daily Prompt: Volunteer

I always wanted to volunteer at a soup kitchen or shelter or some such. Unfortunately my lazy ass has never actually put in the effort because I lack motivation and some such. 183 kata lagi

The Language of AI

In this article from the Harvard Business Review it is recommended to not swear at any form of AI; as they are learning from us it may cost our career. 380 kata lagi