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7.39 billion times you

Imagine you are every human being.
You are every human being, everywhere in the world.
You are every human being, simultaneously.
Your faces, your stories, your lives and your moments are different, yes! 295 kata lagi


What is it about a piece of paper?

Good evening and welcome to “Eloise Questions Systems”!  Today: why is the legal process of marriage considered so necessary?

Disclaimer: I am aware that marriage is a privilege, only recently extended to our gay friends.   455 kata lagi


"Drunk men screaming Trump’s name try to rip off Muslim student’s hijab as straphangers stand idly by on East Side subway, cops say"

This is from today’s New York Daily News.

I have mixed feelings about repeating such a negative story. But I am repeating it because Google News shows that at this point it has been covered by only 26 news outlets in America and the world. 738 kata lagi


Taking up More Space

Chances are, if you have ever struggled with your weight, you have experienced what I’m about to launch into a full-blown rant about.


This. 442 kata lagi

December - The Official Month of Ungratefulness - Meditation #3

There are a ton of meaningful descriptions for the entitled, let me count them for you: ‘whiners’, ‘special snowflakes’, ‘whiners’, ‘privileged’, whiners’, ‘narcissistic arseholes’, ‘whiners’, ‘spoiled brats’, ‘whiners’ with ‘first world problems’, ‘totally self unaware’ and the list goes on and on ad nauseam. 849 kata lagi


How to "dissolve the fog of lies" Try truth?

There’s a piece by ABC journalist Julia Baird in The Age yesterday lamenting the demise of “objective facts” in public discourse.

While politicians, lobbyists and supporters initiate fact-less commentary, the media is largely responsible for propagating a narrative based unquestioningly on emotion and personal belief, rather than fact. 424 kata lagi


One year later...

This time next year, maybe this won’t matter. Maybe I’ll be happier, or maybe not. This time next year, you won’t be the one that preoccupies my thoughts. 68 kata lagi