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The Next Bloodline [Chapter 10]

The Next Bloodline

Author : Mahogany4 (@ItsMahogany4)

Translater : Maria2509

Original Version klik here!

Length : Sequel

Genre : Fantasy, Romance

Rate : PG-15 2.501 more words

Choi Sulli

Heart Attack - Chap 1

Cinta itu segalanya. Cinta itu manis. Selamat datang di dunia cinta.


This Story inserted a mature contents. But it’s purely for entertaining purpose only. If you don’t like, just don’t read it :p All the commentaries and opinions may be innacurate. 1.675 more words

Jessica: Knowing What I Really Want

Recently Jessica had done her first photoshoot for Marie Claire after her exit from the biggest Korean girlgroup, SNSD. Yes it was a major shock for everyone, including fans. 485 more words


Queen of Gengster 15

Title: Queen of Gengster
Cast: SNSD and other
Genre: Yuri (girl x girl), romance, action
Author: AkbGG

Perkelahian tidak dapat dihindari, pertumpahan darah kembali terjadi. Julukan… 3.369 more words

😶 Tippachan

I got Tippachan first for my birthday than I did HeeShin.

At first I didn’t really know what to name it. I called it Woodman first but that sounded lame. 53 more words


press conference


By cherryoong

PG 17

Comedy, romance

 Im yoona ,Oh sehun and other

Disclaimer :This story is mine . Cast are belong god. I just borrowed the names of characters and places. 3.493 more words