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Lee & Amanda Relationship Progression Notes (Pt9)

A Secret Rendezvous

And so for Amanda it seems that her little escapade into the world of spies and intrigue is at an end.  Dean returns from his trip away and brings a little present home  – bookends!   738 kata lagi

Bruce Boxleitner

New SMK Icon Set

Here’s another batch of icons from various episodes of SMK.





And one of Billy which I couldn’t resist :)  

Please do not alter, copy or claim as your own… 8 kata lagi

Bruce Boxleitner

Kegiatan di Bulan Suci Ramadhan


Di Awal Bulan Suci Ramadhan tahun ini Program Keahlian Multimedia SMK PASUNDAN 2 GARUT akan mengadakan Kegiatan Pembekalan Untuk seluruh Siswa/Siswi Yang akan Melaksanakan Kegiatan Praktek Kerja Lapangan dan Teaching Factory. 32 kata lagi


Lee & Amanda Relationship Progression Notes (Pt8)


The following day Lee, having found himself both suspended by Billy and busted with Amanda for breaking into the Post Office in an attempt to recover the package, takes Amanda for a walk with only one thought in mind – to ditch her. 932 kata lagi

Bruce Boxleitner

5/5 The Third “Annual” Golden Teacup Awards TM–Laser Shark Award by CindyDee

 The Laser SharkTM Award

By CindyDee.

I was worried that the inaugural Laser Shark Award would be its last.   Gordon Redding set the bar pretty high and I wasn’t sure any of our Season Three baddies were up to the challenge. 1.474 kata lagi

Scarecrow And Mrs King

4/5 The Third “Annual” Golden Teacup Awards TM–Golden Teacups (part 2) by CindyDee

(Doing my best Majel Barrett impression) Last time on the Golden Teacup Awards….

The Francine Fashion Faux Pas meme was alive and well in Season Three. 852 kata lagi

Scarecrow And Mrs King