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Migration Politics: Three CAMP exhibitions at the SMK, Copenhagen

A three-part exhibition focusing on refugees, borders and asylum seeking seen through works by a range of artists from Denmark and abroad – most of them hailing from migrant or refugee backgrounds. 147 kata lagi


Fleeting Moments by Rodin at SMK

This is an exhibition of Rodin’s sketches rather than his sculptures. It is the first time I have ever seen Rodin’s sketches. The exhibition was divided into themes. 161 kata lagi


The National Gallery of Denmark SMK

The National Gallery of Denmark is enormous. The amount of art on exhibition would be impossible to view in one day. Hence I decided to restrict myself to the French Impressionists. 173 kata lagi


Lee & Amanda: Relationship Progression Notes (Pt7)


Having found herself soaked to the skin after the unfortunate incident with the burst water main, Amanda goes home, only to find herself having to come up fast with what will sound like a plausible explanation for the state of her appearance to Dotty – after all, she can’t tell her mother what she was really doing, much less that hidden in the bushes outside listening to everything that is being said is Lee! 583 kata lagi

Bruce Boxleitner



Bidang Tali Temali
Dalam tali temali kita sering mencampuradukkan antara tali, simpul dan ikatan. Hal ini sebenarnya berbeda sama sekali. Tali adalah bendanya. Simpul adalah hubungan antara tali dengan tali. 284 kata lagi

On Location With SMK: The Mitre Pub from To Catch a Mongoose

From our London SMK location day out this last summer I am posting the pics of The Mitre pub first.  To get to this, we walked from Knightsbridge through Hyde Park to Lancaster Mews. 421 kata lagi

Bruce Boxleitner