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ROBO-NAVI maker SMK (POKAYOKE for Bolt and Nut Spot Welding)

All-purpose manual type!! Simple & compact.

■ Handy-navi Controller

  • Palm-sized, user-friendly.
  • Detects overlapped nuts.
  • Prevents manufacturing defectively welded products.
  • Errors are indicated.

■ Handy-navi Slide Unit… 49 kata lagi


Lee’s Apartments Season 2 Part 3 by SilverCorvette

Welcome back to the third and final part of Lee’s apartments. SilverCorvette is back….!
Burn Out – Episode 21

Establishing Shot – the same building as always… 148 kata lagi

Scarecrow And Mrs King

SMK food part three: Food in the Family

Welcome back to our journey through Season 1 and 2 SMK food moments. We continue our exploration of SMK food with some “character-specific” food moments. 908 kata lagi

Scarecrow And Mrs King

A Big Shout out to Transcribers on JWWM!!

Ta Da!!!!!

Okay.. now that I’ve got your attention  

It looks like Petralit has been busy revamping her site SMK-Land, and Operation Sandstorm is being reviewed & revitalised.. 319 kata lagi

Scarecrow And Mrs King

“Saya Pede Dari Mana?”

Oleh: Dini Amelia, karyawan swasta.

“…kamu akan pede ketika kamu senang atau tertarik dalam suatu hal”.

Ketika diajak oleh Pak Tosi untuk memberi tips ke website…

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Food in SMK part two: Let Them Eat Cake

IMHO, drinks are a necessary evil. Why drink when you can eat more?? Following on from the first post on SMK drinks in Season 1 and 2, we’ll get to the good stuff:  with an exploration of SMK food… 840 kata lagi

Scarecrow And Mrs King

2/2 Just Walk with me - Through Lee's Season 2 Apartments! By Silver Corvette

Welcome to Part two of SilverCorvette’s posts on Lee’s season 2 apartment. What will we find out about  Lee’s secret home life? Over to SilverCorvette! 575 kata lagi

Scarecrow And Mrs King