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Weekly Smile - Last #weeklysmile

There have been 88 weeks of the Weekly Smile.  That’s quite a run!  In those weeks I posted almost 200 Smiles.  We had weeks with around 20 participants and others with just one other besides me.  176 kata lagi


Weekly Smile 88 Recap

This will be a pretty short recap since only one person participated this week.  Thank you Lady Lee :)

Lady Lee Manila

And here is the original Week 88 Post… 19 kata lagi


Weekly Smile 88 #weeklysmile

Look at that number: 88!  Isn’t that a great number?  It reminds me of my very favorite Schoolhouse Rock video, Figure 8.  Yeah, I said Schoolhouse Rock ;)  The song is simple, as they all are, but the arrangement is great, with some good counter melodies.  356 kata lagi


Weekly Smile 87 Recap!

It was the end of summer, the beginning of school.  Although I am sure there has been a lot to smile about, people were too busy to leave smiles.  56 kata lagi


I Want Your Smiles! #weeklysmile 87 Reminder

I just got home from spending over a week down on Cape Cod.  It was a wet drive – what is left of Harvey is hitting the east coats and making its way out to sea.  298 kata lagi


Weekly Smile 87 #weeklysmile

I’ve made it no secret that I’m on vacation.  I am down on Cape Cod, as usual, but I have time off of work, so have been enjoying it.  255 kata lagi


#weeklysmile 86 Recap

I’m a littl late on this, but I’m not at home right now.  It’s been very hard for me to post, so…  I know, no excuses.  92 kata lagi