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Weekly Smile 55 #weeklysmile

I haven’t made it a secret that a few things have gone wrong this last week (these are all in the last week).  I’ve talked about the computer and all of the photos, I may have mentioned some car issues.  681 kata lagi


I Want Your Smiles! #weeklysmile Reminder 54

This weeks smile reminder is pretty sad because I don’t have a linkup!  I will have to have you go back to the original Weekly Smile Week 54 post… 359 kata lagi


Weekly Smile 54 #weeklysmile

(I got the image fixed!)

Life is full of many smiles
But occasionally we must frown
For how can you tell if you are really up… 430 kata lagi


I Want Your Smiles! Weekly Smile 53 Reminder

We had a little light snow last night.  Not a lot and it is very pretty!  First thing this morning, well, right after breakfast, I went out and shoveled snow.  372 kata lagi


Weekly Smile 53 #weeklysmile

This is the beginning of the second year of The Weekly Smile!  Notice the new graphic?  Well,it is slightly cleaned up.  Last week I posted a new smile every day to celebrate and to remember the origins in A Smile a Day.  343 kata lagi


Weekly Smile 52 (Part 7!!) #weeklysmile

A year ago I started working on a logo for my new blogging project, The Weekly Smile.  My first idea was, well, I didn’t like it.  569 kata lagi