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It has to be yellow

What can I tell you of yellow
that’s not already been said?
Something of the pleasure it brings me
over orange or purple or red… 104 kata lagi


Weekly Smile Week 17 #weeklysmile

I’ve posted smiles that have run a large rang. There have been simple things and complex, old and new, and.. wait… that sounds like something for this weeks smile :) 416 kata lagi


Reminder - Check Out the Smiles! #weeklysmile

It’s a gorgeous day in New Hampshire, plenty to smile about!  I saw a snake, which proves it’s spring.  Isn’t that something to smile about?  Over the last year most of the restaurants have left our small town, yet yesterday I saw a sign saying a new cafe is opening.  178 kata lagi



Catches a wonderful smile, you can see it in her whole face. Great dress bonus too.

Dresses And Skirts

Weekly Smile Week 16 #weeklysmile

16 weeks already!  i wish I could say the idea has really taken off, but, well, a handful of people post regular smiles but it rarely goes beyond that.  540 kata lagi


Reminder - @WeeklySmile Week 15!

Hi!  I just wanted to remind everyone that you can still post for the Weekly Smile!  It can be a one sentence smile – “Yesterday morning i was the only one on the beautiful beach.”  Or it can be the size of War and Peace.  105 kata lagi