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What is Toothpaste?

Toothpaste, a concoction, chemicals-based
Or through herbal extracts
Makes our teeth whiter
Enamel stronger and dentine less
Prone to caries

It is like a shield, a protectant… 112 kata lagi


I Want Your Smiles #weeklysmile

Today is a travel day, when i return back to New Hampshire.  I have a million and one things on my agenda.  But you know what?  205 kata lagi


Weekly Smile 59 #weeklysmile

I’m ultra-busy, which is actually a good thing which I’ve written smiles about in the past, but today it means that this is going to be very short.  467 kata lagi


I Want Your Smiles #weeklysmile 58 Reminder

(I want to reassure you before you read this that nothing bad has happened in my life, it is just that I have been thinking.  708 kata lagi

General Thoughts

The Sun

The sun had its hat on today
as it woke with a smile on its face
and made the decision that today was the day… 146 kata lagi


Weekly Smile 58 #weeklysmile

It’s been a weird week so far and I haven’t gotten half as much done as I wanted to.  There are some large stones that I put into the jar first so at least I got a few things done (I don’t have room to talk about that time management paradigm).  409 kata lagi


I Want Your Smile #weeklysmile Reminder 57

I was able to get out of work early on Friday to make up for the days I worked late.  Not real early, but in winter having more daylight to play in is always a plus.  285 kata lagi