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Weekly Smile Week 43 #weeklysmile

This has been a weird week.  I have a ton of things to smile about, which is great!  But nothing is earth shattering, so I’m having a hard time choosing.  493 kata lagi


Week 42 Part 2 #weeklysmile

Earlier in the week I mentioned how beautiful it is right now but how hard it is to get out with a camera.  Well, I remedied that by taking a couple of phone pictures out of my upstairs kitchen window.  239 kata lagi


Weekly Smile 42 #weeklysmile

I belong to my town’s Lions Club.  If you’ve heard anything about the Lions Club you most likely know that the focus is on vision.  We do a lot with vision care.  640 kata lagi



Finally I have got back on track, I set myself a goal of 500 words a day, for the last few weeks I’ve been lucky to manage 25… really, it’s felt like I’ve been running through treacle. 89 kata lagi


Weekly Smile 41 #weeklysmile

Last Wednesday evening I drove down to Cape Cod.  It takes about three hours to get there, but I’ve done so many times recently I barely think about it.  374 kata lagi


Weekly Smile 40 #weeklysmile

Blogging this year has been odd for me.  Near the beginning of July I missed a day, which isn’t unusual, but then I didn’t miss any more for the rest of that month.  644 kata lagi


October dawned

With rain today October dawned
Autumn’s finally here
but I’m grateful for the summer
which has brought us lots of cheer

Colder now the sun has gone… 44 kata lagi