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Reminder - I want Your Smiles 33 #weeklysmile

They have graced our living rooms for the last two weeks.  Some of their names ring out up there with the all time greats: Bolt, Ledecky, Phelps, two great Simones (Biles and Manuel), etc., etc., etc.  260 kata lagi


Three weeks

I’ve turned the Blackberry off
and my bag is stowed away
as I’ll not be thinking ‘work’
for a three-week holiday
Part of it will be abroad… 64 kata lagi


Upbeat Living: Freshen Your Brain— and Smile— With Paraprosdokians!

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This form of humor was my favorite, before I knew it had a name: the… 582 kata lagi


Weekly Smile 33 #weeklysmile

Do you get into routines?  I do.  One routine I have is I like to take an afternoon walk at a small bit of protected land about a mile from my cottage on Cape Cod.  353 kata lagi


Reminder - I want your Smiles! #weeklysmile 32

For my Weekly Smile this week I talked about using my phone’s camera.  I often carry my good camera with me, particularly when I visit Cape Cod.  251 kata lagi


Life is a wayside flower

Saw a little wayside flower
growing right there in the street
Finding just enough moisture
to prosper down there at my feet
It seemed like a really fine testament… 43 kata lagi


Weekly Smile 32 #weeklysmile

I have to admit that i don’t really like the camera on my phone.  OK, it takes pretty good panoramas.  Well, occasionally it comes up with some great panoramas (picture at the top).  570 kata lagi