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Weekly Smile 49 #weeklysmile

Every year a group in our town does a gift tree.  These days it is much more gift than tree, but originally the names (pseudonyms) and ideas were hung on a Christmas tree and people could grab “ornaments” of the names off of the tree.  406 kata lagi


Reminder! I Want Your Smiles! Week 48 #weeklysmile

Week 48 so far has been a very low week for smiles.  Is it the geopolitical situation?  The post-Thanksgiving hangover?  Just too much going on?  Perhaps it is the beginning of the holiday season. 254 kata lagi


Weekly Smile 48 #weeklysmile

Yesterday I was talking to a colleague.  It’s hard to say what her professional relationship is to mine without another very long post.  OK, real quick: I’m in the organization that handles all IT except for things that are related to The Operations.  379 kata lagi


I Want Your Smiles! #weeklysmile 47 Reminder

The Sunday after Thanksgiving is usually the busiest travel day in the US.  I decided to leave early, but not too early, to miss the big part of the rush home.  199 kata lagi


What has made me smile in November!!??!

November feels like a real month full of highs and lows – worldwide and closer to home. When I have a month like this I can sometimes feel a little strange writing about some of the trivial things that make me smiles but then I stop and remember actually in the face of difficult times we need to draw close to the important people in our lives and hold onto the things that make us smile. 601 kata lagi


Thanksgiving here in the US means a lot of different things to different people.  I think that all of us need to sit back and take in one of the meanings: a time to reflect and be thankful.  505 kata lagi