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The Weekend In Esports: Top Counter-Strike Teams Battle It Out In Vegas

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Image via DreamHack

After the ELEAGUE Major 2017 broke Twitch records, the some of the best teams in CS:GO will try to upset European giants Astralis at the DreamHack Masters event in Las Vegas this weekend. 801 kata lagi


How Smashing!

Near Yaquina Head Lighthouse, Newport, Oregon.

Nikon D80 – handheld

Nikkor 70.0-300.0 mm f/4.5-5.6 lens

F/14.0, 1/25o, ISO 200

Against the Odds

Cee Neuner

My Time With Melee

February 14, 2017

Casey Moore, Host

Esports (competitive video gaming) has evolved long past being simply a hot topic – it’s a tried and true phenomenon.  1.768 kata lagi


Color smash.

We have logos! Logos have been sighted! Logo-age, if you will! (Lorelai Gilmore ;-) )

You’ll notice the colorful burst up top and the awesome jagged “S” icon to your right (or if you’re reading this on your phone, way, way at the bottom). 9 kata lagi


The Best Smash Players: TSM Leffen

Before I start talking about Willam “Leffen” Hjetle, I have to start with a little bit of history of Super Smash Brothers Melee. For quite a long time There were only 5 players to win major tournaments. 270 kata lagi


The Best Smash Players: [A]rmada

There are a lot of people who consider Adam “Armada” Lindgren from Sweden the greatest Smash Brothers Melee Player to ever touch a controller. There is no doubt, that is true. 287 kata lagi


The Best Smash Players: PG Plup

There are many reasons why Justin “Plup” McGrath is my favorite smash player of all time. He has many amazing characters including his main Sheik and his Secondaries Samus and Fox, he is a funny person, he is a professional Melee Player and he also plays Minesweeper professionally, but the main reason Plup is my favorite Smasher is because once while I was watching his stream on twitch he responded to something I said. 203 kata lagi