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Three Indie Games Are Vying To Out-Smash Smash Bros.

(Source: kotaku.com)

Rivals of Aether

18 years after Super Smash Bros’ initial release, a slew of indie games are challenging its dominance of the platform fighting genre. 1.130 kata lagi


Approach Shot Drill

Players: 2-6

Level: Intermediate-Advanced

Aim: Recognise and transition from baseline to volley position.

Description: Have players line up behind the baseline with the first player on the centre mark. 326 kata lagi

Tennis Drills

Jordon Nardino

Jordon Nardino – Writer: Desperate Housewives/ GCB/ Smash/ Quantico

When did you realize, you wanted to work in television?

For me, it was a complete accident.  575 kata lagi



Detective Daniel Simmons hung up the phone and stood up.  His partner, Raymond Mercer, followed suit.  Ray didn’t need to be told; the look on Dan’s face was all he needed.  614 kata lagi

Flash Fiction

8 Musical Moments...

I am very excited for the upcoming Supergirl/The Flash musical crossover, and am especially hoping for a Jeremy Jordan/Jesse L. Martin duet of some kind. In preparation for this episode, I started thinking about some of my other favorite musical television moments. 531 kata lagi

8 Things