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OnePlus 5T Hadir dengan Dual-Camera

Meneruskan suksesor sebelumnya, OnePlus memperkenalkan smartphone terbaru dengan OLED 6 inci, memory 6GB/64GB dan dual-camera.

Sukses memperkenalkan OnePlus 5 enam bulan lalu, OnePlus merilis smartphone terbarunya dengan tren desain layar bingkai tipis (bezel-less) dan ukuran layar 18:9 dan dilengkapi kamera yang lebih canggih lagi dari varian sebelumnya. 201 kata lagi


Best Travel Smart phones for 2018

For some the travel season is coming to a close for snow-birds  to snowboarders and Skiers its just revving up. When its cold and we mean bone chilling, frost bitten dreaming you are on a sugar sandy beach cold, some do just that. 406 kata lagi


Texas Rangers serve Apple a warrant for Texas mass murderer’s iPhone SE

”Texas Rangers investigating the mass shooting in Sutherland Springs have served a search warrant on Silicon Valley giant Apple Inc. and are seeking digital photos, messages, documents and other types of data that might have been stored by gunman Devin Patrick Kelley, who was found with an iPhone after he killed himself,” The San Antonio Express-News reports. 530 kata lagi


An Inclinometer Is Surely An Instrument, Specifically Useful For Measuring Angular Tilt

In our way of life, we increase the risk for utilization of these instruments oftenly. Have you ever attemptedto understand how tilt sensors work? An inclinometer is surely an instrument, specifically useful for measuring angular tilt. 367 kata lagi

Use Internal Accelerometers To Measure Movements.

Unique styling and impressive specifications, the Motorola Backflip is amongst the most appealing handsets up to now from your manufacturer. Its key features will include a five mega-pixel digital camera, a mixture of touchscreen technology as well as a flip out QWERTY keyboard (hence the name) and Wi-Fi Internet access. 410 kata lagi

Tips to Get Teens to Put Down Smartphones

Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! I know it’s still three days away, but I will not be posting a blog message again until next Monday. Please have safe travels and enjoy your time with family and friends. 277 kata lagi