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Siri’s podcast-promoting ‘Give me the News’ feature is now out of beta

(Source: techcrunch.com)

A few weeks back, Apple added “Give me the news” to Siri’s repertoire of tricks in the latest beta version of iOS. 308 kata lagi


High School? No.

Today, we had people come from all the different high schools, to basically make their school seem great, even though chances are, the kids they brought had been bribed with extra credit. 958 kata lagi

Out of My Mind

As a child you are you are surrounded by objects, sayings, people. Sometimes a child will remember them and be able to speak to them, some just stare and when they get older, can’t quite remember who was there at 4 months old. 214 kata lagi

Colgate Releases A "Smart" Toothbrush Exclusively Sold In Apple Stores

The Colgate E1 is the first smart toothbrush from the dental hygiene company, and it’s teaming up with Apple to exclusively sell it in Apple Stores and on Apple’s website,  178 kata lagi


Being smarter

Always look for bigger and better chunks in everything.

Career and earning- If you are earning 12 usd per hour. Don’t put your effort getting 13 usd per hour. 142 kata lagi

Random Observations

Everything is connected, and there’s no going back

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My mother likes to tell me that I went to my first tech trade show in a stroller, and that she and my father were inspired to get a VCR that day. 935 kata lagi