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Skinhead legacy in fashion

Celebrating 10 years of This is England we take a look at a style that shocked a nation and resurrected as one of Britain’s most iconic subcultural styles…

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The Life of a Skin: Aidan Sterling

Introducing long-time Skinhead and lead singer of The Fecking Ejits, Aidan Sterling. Captured by videographer Gonçalo Alexandre, we speak to Sterling about everything Skinhead, from fashion to music – encompassing his involvement in Britain’s most recognisable subculture.


Sub Culture

Sub Culture was a 1979 art pamphlet, 1,000 copies were printed, of photos of skinheads and mods that were taken that summer. The photos were by Iain McKell and the words by Klaus Fabricius.


What 'Ave We Got?

Sham 69 centrespread from the NME, 11 March, 1978.



Skinhead identity, from a female perspective

Over its forty-year development, Skinhead has hit the mainstream and become one of Britain’s most recognisable subcultures. Photographers and film makers such as Shane Meadows, Derek Ridges, Don Letts and Nick Knight have documented Skinhead culture in its entirety. 546 kata lagi


Borne again: From Skinhead to peacemaker

Born in Fort Campbell, Ky., to an abusive father and a bipolar mother, Jason Borne — whose name has been changed to remain anonymous — moved with his older sister and the rest of his family to Cleveland, Ohio, when he was a young child after his father was injured in an auto accident. 2.702 kata lagi


Skinhead Attitude Spreading Across Italy: The Rage of Awakening Italian Fascist Youth

“It’s inside you,” says Fulvio, head of the SPQR skinheads.

“You can feel it grow and you realise you can’t sit by and watch while things are happening that you don’t like. 696 kata lagi

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