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Skinhead Culture

From Sounds, November 10th, 1984

The recent Desmond Dekker show at Dingwalls was something of a revelation. Down the front were a score or more skanking skinheads, not yer usual clods in combats with a tube of Airfix stuck in their back pockets and ‘cut here’ temptingly tattooed across their Adam’s Apple. 1.728 kata lagi


The Murder of Liddle Towers

The killing of members of the public by the police is nothing new. On 16th January 1976, Chester-le-Street man Liddle Towers was arrested by PC Goodner for being drunk and disorderly outside the key Club. 390 kata lagi


Suedehead Syndicate

From the letters page in Sounds, November 10th, 1984.
London’s suedeheads have a scene building.


Slaughter and the Dogs

The punk I preferred had more than a touch of glam rock to it: football terrace rather than art school. Cock Sparrer had it, as did Slaughter and the Dogs. 16 kata lagi


Coming A Cropper - Oi and Skinhead

A passionate defence of skinhead culture by GARRY BUSHELL.
Sounds, 6 November 1982

‘ANOTHER BOOK ON SKINHEADS hits the streets with all the impact of a punctured dunkie hurled at a sleeping rhino by a crippled pensioner. 1.017 kata lagi


Blending In And Rising Above

After watching the outcome of the ‘White Man March’ that occurred in Liverpool, England 3 days ago, one may feel dismay and frustration towards National Alliance and similar organizations. 320 kata lagi