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Paul Lisnek's - "Behind the Curtain": Former neo-Nazi Christian Picciolini comes out of darkness

You will likely find this week’s “Behind the Curtain” truly riveting, as Former neo-Nazi and Skinhead Christian Picciolini joins Paul to talk about how his early years as a bright and well-loved child from a good family got lost in extremist ideologies. 75 kata lagi


Take no heroes - only inspiration: the Redskins and me

Colin Revolting recalls how he became a revolutionary and the role in the process played by the music of the Redskins, a band who gained a notable amount of popularity in the 1980s for their blistering, punked-up version of unabashedly radical soul music. 3.958 kata lagi

If you know what's good for you...

Do you remember those brilliant nostalgic adverts where they reminded you to eat cornflakes like you did when you were a child – and you got a box and it made you feel about seven? 53 kata lagi



All joking aside, I don’t really appreciate being likened to a skinhead.  

As I’ve already written, I recently shaved my head. And, as we know from high school physics class: every action has a reaction. 341 kata lagi


Hands Off Close Shave!

Close Shave is the name of a burly, rough-edged rock and roll band composed of four old school skinheads from Birmingham, playing punk and Oi! with a vaguely right-wing and anti-PC attitude. 1.468 kata lagi


Byrd Trouble

– Byrd Trouble –

How many women reading this know the difference between a Skinbyrd and a Proud White Nationalist Woman? One has had a fringe in addition to what ever other commitments she’s made. 433 kata lagi

Warriors Pride- BACK WITH A BANG! 


Warriors Pride is back with limited inventory (for now) Everything on the site is donated towards raising funds for legal fees for our dear brothers that were arrested due to last year’s Sacramento Spartan rally. 46 kata lagi