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Accident/Last Rough Cause

Two of the better bands from the tail end of Oi get a live review in Sounds, 26 January, 1985.

Accident/Last Rough Cause
Northallerton… 187 kata lagi


Review: Green Room [2016]


a (quick) review by the Crow.


I watched Green Room on a whim. nu-Chekov (Anton Yelchin; RIP) and Picard (Patrick Stewart)? Together? 918 kata lagi

Movie Reviews

Neville Hinds - London Bridge (1970)

Neville Hinds – London Bridge (Matador, 1970)


Winston Shan & The Sheiks - Darling Remember (1969)

Winston Shan & The Sheiks – Darling Remember (Bullet, BU-399, 1969)


Eddie Floyd - Knock On Wood (1966)

Eddie Floyd – Knock On Wood (Atlantic, 584041, 1966)


Green Room (2015)

From the writer-director of Murder Party & Blue Ruin, Green Room is a neatly envisioned, extremely effective & unabashedly violent horror thriller that’s absolutely remorseless with its content, brims with charged tension & makes excellent use of its foreboding ambience to finish as a bone-chilling, machete-sharp cinema that offers no respite from the slaughter that ensues once things go south, and will effortlessly manage to keep its viewers on the edge of their seats throughout its runtime. 503 kata lagi

Film Review

Skin head staples in Dr Martins

Probably the most sought after shoe for any skin head now come in more toned down varieties but still haven’t lost there heart and sole in the more modern designs. 87 kata lagi