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Skinheads In Sta-Prest

Herne Bay’s very own The Last Resort in Sounds, 11 April, 1981.


Resensi Interpretasi EP Terbaru The Barroom Heroes (TBH)

  1. Dalam EP terbaru The Barroom Heroes (TBH) memuatkan lima buah lagu dengan harga RM20 seunit. Dari segi visual (kaver) amat menarik, menggunakan tema gelap yang memang sinonim dengan Ug Scene.
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Sound System - Operation Ivy

December is all about parties. There’s works Christmas parties, there’s family gatherings, there’s friends over parties because you’re off for a few days and there’s the big one on the 31st. 206 kata lagi

Rough Trade

Rough Trade lists vinyl and fanzines in the NME, 23 May, 1981. Great to see both Skins, and Pigs For Slaughter therein.


Daniel Garber talks with Andrew Gregg about Skinhead, his new documentary on CBC Docs POV


Hi, this is Daniel Garber at the Movies for culturalmining.com and CIUT 89.5 FM.

Neo-nazis, white supremacists and the alt right have captured headlines for more than a year now. 125 kata lagi

Cultural Mining

Dance Craze Skinheads

Sounds put out a magazine alongside the 2 Tone film, Dance Craze, in 1981. The articles were all penned by Garry Bushell.


Style Wars

Style as fashion and indicator of class, an amusing piece from the NME, 18 February, 1984.