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The unheard voice within the Skinheads

What do you initially think of when you hear the ‘subculture of Skinheads’? Do you associate it with racism,disdainful, riots, violence and patriotism? Or a culture based on a mix marriage of Jamaican and white working class London culture, which brought together an electric mergence of liberty for non-racist youths.  853 kata lagi


Oi The Garry Johnson

Garry Johnson’s poems find their way to Sounds, 7 February, 1981. Soon after he’d be a regular turn on the Oi albums.
Phaze One… 17 kata lagi


En pie de guerra

Todo comenzó con una lesión de tobillo.

Era una fría tarde de ski en los Alpes Bávaros cuando el Dr. Klaus Maertens se lesionó un tobillo. 391 kata lagi


The Harley Flanagan Institute for kids that want to write good and do other stuff good. A short history of my dealings with Skinheads.

Apparently, if you are lucky enough to attain a certain age, things that existed in your youth come to appear absurd in the cold light of the present. 1.572 kata lagi

I spy... Identitarians!

In The Economist, 12 Nov. 2016

Scary uprising of the “identitarian movement”.

The Economist says: “The movement has a deft way of making xenophobic causes seem more palatable to moderates.

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I Spy

Festival oi! sostituisce esibizioni dei gruppi con risse tra i partecipanti

Aria di novità nel panorama dei concerti italiani: un promoter cremonese ha annunciato oggi la nascita del primo festival oi e street punk in cui al posto delle canoniche esibizioni dei gruppi sul palco saranno previste risse tra i partecipanti. 192 kata lagi


Imperium (2016)

For the most part, Imperium was going amazingly well. Palpably tense & provocative, it really is a shame that when it was time to detonate the bomb which had been on the verge of explosion for a while, it decides to cop-out and take a detour instead to reach its destination, thus ruining the entire journey its audience invested in. 324 kata lagi

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