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Skinheads In ID

ID used to run a column ‘Straight Up’ where people in the street were photographed. This couple of skinhead girls are from the first issue in 1980.


Making Sense of Skinhead Reggae, part 1

Breaking a two weeks or more-long silence in which this zine unwritten is actually being written again, today’s post will thoroughly discuss the phenomenon of skinhead reggae, how it developed, and what it developed into . 1.715 kata lagi


Strength Thru Oi!

The second of the Oi compilations gets an interesting review in Sounds, 23 May, 1981. Alongside some decent punk from the likes of Cock Sparrer, The Strike and 4 Skins, and some grimmer gumby bands, there’s poetry from Barney Rubble and Garry Johnson.


United Bottles - The Spirit And The Legacy interview

Redstar73 Blog: Please can you introduce your band. When was it started? What about your name?
United Bottles: We are United Bottles. A four piece punk Rock band from Belfast. 681 kata lagi


SWells X Moore

Seething Wells interviewed by X Moore in the NME, 6 February, 1982. This was the first bit of mainstream press for the Ranters. SWells talks about skinheads, politics, music, poetry, Oi, and kicking over the statues.


Film Analysis: The Believer (2001)

1285 Words

by Axl Atman


The Believer

(2001) is a crucially important film to watch in the current decade as racialist movements are steadily becoming more and more mainstream with the Alternative Right. 1.272 kata lagi

National Socialism

Weekend Coffee Share: Is There Life After Hate?

If we were having coffee I’d want to discuss how the world got another big dose of hate this past week with Charlottesville on August 11/12 and again in Barcelona on August 17.  662 kata lagi