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The power of hatred

There really is power in hatred.

Hatred isn’t just a mindset, it’s an emotional response as well. Hatred leads to resentment and anger, both of which have been linked to physical and psychological health problems and even to early death. 130 kata lagi

Britain First

Not Nazis

From Melody Maker, 29th September, 1979.
Previously they weren’t skinheads but in this letter over a year later Skrewdriver are not reforming and ‘don’t intend doing gigs for RAR, NF or any other political organisations.’


4 Skins - Rising Free

From Rising Free fanzine no 4, 1981

The new breed of working class bands has thrown up many new contenders and currently holding pole position are the 4-Skins. 743 kata lagi


Chapter 2: Foresaken Identity

In the early 1990’s, I wanted a pair of Dr. Marten’s patented “Airwair” boots more than practically anything my small life could afford at the time. 1.820 kata lagi

Fanzine Reviews

From Sign of the Times ‘zine, Liverpool, 1982


Trial or nor to trial (embracing your inner skinhead)

Being the first person in my country to opt for the clinical trial is both quite cool and strange. I like that I felt brave enough to go full steam ahead trusting the scientists, Cancer Research UK, my medical team, NHS and the phase 2 findings of the trial but I was also intrigued into why no one else had jumped at the chance to do the trials either, yes they did in England, Scotland and Wales, but not in Northern Ireland until me. 318 kata lagi