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Skunk Rock '81

Sounds, 11 July, 1981, reports the New Punk Conference.

Skunk Rock ’81

Fifty-seven assorted herberts packed into the ill-publicised New Punk conference in the Conway Hall, Holborn, last Sunday. 607 kata lagi


Max Pezzali torna all'oi con i Civico 883

Grandi novità in casa Max Pezzali, che ha annunciato oggi la nascita di un nuovo progetto che dovrebbe, secondo l’artista, riportare il suo sound indietro fino alla sua prima passione musicale, la musica Rac. 73 kata lagi


Secret Affair

“… what’s happening isn’t just a mod revival, the kids are starting to dress smart and get into music that isn’t disco but is danceable…” Sounds, June 9, 1979.


RIP Prince Buster

This is a Lambretta blog, not a music one. But I’m going to take a moment to acknowledge the sad passing of musical legend Prince Buster. 264 kata lagi

Not A Lambretta

Sussed Skinheads Keep On Keeping On

Ali, a sussed skinhead from Redcar, has this poem in New Youth, number 6, 1985.

(They’re the) Jokers In The Pack

Seig Heil! Heil Hitler! 149 kata lagi


Skinheads In Sta-Press

The Times Literary Supplement of 1 May, 2015, hilariously sticks the boot into the most lamentable book on skinhead ever. It’s so dire that a picture of Slade is described as an unknown group of skinheads.

Tinga Stewart - Elsaida (1974)

Tinga Stewart – Elsaida (Wild Flower, 377, 1974)