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The Dream Center in Los Angeles' Skid Row

Capstone Financial Group CEO Darin Pastor has served in management roles for over 25 years. In addition to his work, Darin Pastor supports several charities, including the Dream Center Los Angeles. 151 kata lagi

Darin Pastor

Synthetic Drug Spice Banned in California Following Rash of Overdoses on Skid Row

Gov. Jerry Brown on Sunday signed legislation that outlaws the possession of the synthetic drug “spice” after law enforcement officials and paramedics tended to dozens of overdoses on Skid Row in Los Angeles. 139 kata lagi

Local News

Love/Hate - Backout In The Red Room

Back in the late eighties hard rock was fast disappearing up its own rectum; the proliferation of hair metal bands had reached epidemic proportions and each and every one of them was following the same formula of massive choruses, massive heels and at least one massive power ballad. 491 kata lagi

Guns N Roses

Seattle's Skid Row

Seattle, like many of the rough and ready settlements that sprang up on the west coast in the wake of the timber industry has a Skid Row. 71 kata lagi

Rock Ballad of The Week: Skid Row "I Remember You"

Woke up to the sound of pouring rain
The wind would whisper and I’d think of you
And all the tears you cried, that called my name… 426 kata lagi

Slime City

Men’s-Rights-activist, young-Republican, Travis-Bickle-wannabe, motherfucker moves to skid row.  Drinks ghost sludge.  Continues to be whiny,self-righteous asshole.  Murders the downtrodden.  Tries to cheat on his girlfriend.  Morphs into pulsating goop monster.   111 kata lagi