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Sebastian's coming Bach to Australia

Rock Royalty Sebastian Bach is making his return to Australia this year following a hugely successful tour back in 2015. The original voice of Skid Row… 84 kata lagi

Australian Tour

kempwood stinky news

Yes stink last night the bozo king went behind the great door and took a log on the ground . That’s right. Now there telling the world they are going to take a super ice cold shower to get all germs off. 37 kata lagi

Unexpected Kindness

When I first moved to Sydney I was only working two nights a week at the market, so of a day I would sit up a bit from this homeless man at Central Station and sketch with my hat in front of me to make a few extra bucks, after the third day he came over to me and asked if I was alright and offered me $1 for a coffee at the 7 11. 30 kata lagi


"God charts the road you take. The road the wicked take is Skid Row." ~King David

There is a distinction between those that God has redeemed and those he hasn’t. Those in right standing with Him are like the tree of life replanted in Eden. 118 kata lagi

God Thoughts

Skid Row: Hammersmith Odeon - November 13th, 1989


So, it was Skid Row’s first London show.

Three of us had seen them play their first UK gig with Bon Jovi a couple of months beforehand. 375 kata lagi


LAPD: Hit-and-Run Driver Returned to Scene Before Fleeing Second Time, Leaving Man Critically Injured

Police are searching for a hit-and-run driver Thursday morning who, according to witnesses, returned to the scene of a crash in downtown Los Angeles that left a pedestrian critically injured before fleeing a second time. 271 kata lagi

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