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"Skid Row" -- History of the Terminology

Have you ever wondered where the term “skid row” comes from?  Or, have you ever wondered if you are using the term in a grammatically salient manner?   329 more words


LA City Council Eases Rules For Dismantling Homeless Encampments

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com/AP) — The Los Angeles City Council has made it easier to dismantle homeless encampments that supporters say are popping up around the city. 217 more words


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Skid Row

He ducked into the nearest alleyway, sure that the homeless man from a block back was following him. He was ashamed of his fear, but not so ashamed that he dared to get back up. 131 more words


Retirement Tours are why I have trust issues.

Brett Farve. Michael Jordan. Ozzy Osbourne. KISS.

They all lied about retiring.

I imagine it must be difficult to let go of the limelight. Money. Fame. 922 more words

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