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Dropping In

In skate and surf culture, there is something called the “drop in.”  It is when you go directly up to the edge of a half-pipe (or wave), stand on your board, lean your entire body out over the abyss, and then just drop, letting gravity pull you into the slope with full momentum.  183 kata lagi

Anthony Satori

Thai-American model born without legs smashes beauty standards: "I don't need legs to feel sexy."

Different cultures may have different beauty standards, but one beauty requirement that was thought to be universal in the world of modelling is having a set of long, shapely legs. 448 kata lagi


Hernando skate park opening comes after years of dedication

HERNANDO, Miss. — “We spent a lot of time and effort getting this done,” Edward Pidgeon with Hernando Skates said.

Right off of Highway 51 sits a dream come true in Hernando. 314 kata lagi


35mm Memories: Bordeaux


Above are some photos from my first trip to Bordeaux, France, and hopefully, not my last.  Bordeaux is a lovely city with some impressive streets and architecture.   11 kata lagi

Van Wastell & The Greatest Body Varial Ever Done

“Does it get much better than this?”, a warm, content, and caffeinated Mark Gonzales asks Van Wastell during a mid-session pit stop amid the madness that was 2006’s Krooked Kronichles. 697 kata lagi



Hilow Films’ latest work takes us around the well-known Trellick Tower in North Kensington. Designed in the Brutalist style by architect Ernő Goldfinger, the building’s architectural landscape is explored by Isle Skateboards’ owner and skater Nick Jensen. 30 kata lagi