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Made in Venice the "Documentary"

When is a documentary film not a documentary film? Check it home boy. I hear from reliable sources the Made in Venice “documentary” is finished. Yeah I never thought the film would be made much less released. 121 kata lagi

Baseball, softball, 4 more sports to learn Olympic fate next week

TOKYO (AP) — Five sports, including surfing and skateboarding, moved a step closer to being included in the Tokyo 2020 Games after being described as “a dynamic and exciting” package by the IOC. 180 kata lagi


Skateboarding in Hutong

This is my favorite picture of all the ones I took in Beijing. Because it captures the feel of Beijing. How international it is, how hip it is, how modern it is and how traditional it is. 62 kata lagi


Something interesting: Life

You know that feeling that you get when you have inspiration running through your veins? The feeling that you have to do something towards this new found idea right away because nothing else matter as much as this? 541 kata lagi