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Diptych and Triptych Photos

For this assignment, we were asked to create photo stories in means of Diptych and Triptych styled formats. After losing my original photos to being stolen at a night shoot with old school cars on Cruising Grand Street Fair, I decided to take photos with my brother at a forest. 136 kata lagi

Frame of Perspective...Meet Us Where We Are

It seems like the last few weeks that my social media page has been inundated with memories of Aaron. It’s like I wake up every day with a new memory blindsiding my heart and my mind with emotional turmoil….And when I say blindsiding….I truly mean that it feels like an assault on my heart and mind. 1.545 kata lagi

Riley Stevens - The Homie (interview)

The nomad Riley Stevens sits down to discuss Channel Street, early beginnings, life and much more.


Sunday on the streets of Paris

Last night, Saturday night, the weather was delicious.  At 9pm, the warm breeze caressed sleeveless arms and everyone, Parisian and tourist alike, was smiling.  The streets were full of walkers, the bistros and restaurants spilled out onto the sidewalks and streets.   290 kata lagi

Back on the Skateboard: Getting the Gear

(the third in a series about getting back on the board after a 15 year hiatus. for part two in the series, please click here… 739 kata lagi


I landed it because...

I landed it because 1. I was lucky.  2. I tried it a thousand other times.  And 3. I’m bad as shit.