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Almost done with this run. Once they are gone they are gone!


TWS 29 - Riddles In Mathematics trailer

Premiere in Los Angeles February 8
Double DVD with The Cinematographer Project, Worldview available February 16
On iTunes March 7

Featuring – Yaje Popson, Ben Gore, Leo Vallis, Bobby Dekeyzer with Bobby Worrest and Stevie Perez and many more.


A Skater's Paradise

Skating has evolved from a wooden box on all four’s to a highly dynamic board that can reach up to 20 mph, and even has its own sport today. 451 kata lagi


Don't let them control you

Had a lot of fun developing this t shirt design. Thinking about the current situations and what is worrying everybody I guess. Which is a problem that has existed for so long anyway. 54 kata lagi