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Independent Watchmaker De Bethune Revives Production with New Financing

“I must have blue blood,” quips Pierre Jacques, CEO of avant-garde independent watch manufacturer De Bethune. Jacques is not referring to his ancestry but to the corporate livery of De Bethune—the company he ran under its two founders from 2011 to 2014. 270 kata lagi


Punky! 12/12/17 - Best Buddhists, Honnhist

Goopa! Goopa!


Well, I’m running on karma alone at present, so here’s Tony with the icy incisiveness…


“As the snow chaos enters it’s second day, we tunnel through the sludge”, wrap a blanket around the internet, pour a little extra whiskey into our tea and prepare to bring you nine great songs from Random Hand, Crumbs, Stage Door Guy, Lightyear, Fire Exit, In Evil Hour, Gutara Kyo, Death Party UK and Uniforms. 173 kata lagi

Punky Radio

JOHNNY KOWALSKI AND THE SEXY WEIRDOS - Album Review: "European English"

Being the EclecticMusicLover, I enjoy a wide variety of music genres, and have a special appreciation for artists and bands that meld lots of different influences in the creation of their music. 775 kata lagi


This Turtle Automaton from MB&F Holds a Singing Secret

MB&F may not be giving us two turtledoves for Christmas this year, but the Swiss watchmaker has unveiled a limited-edition turtle automaton that hides a singing mechanical bird. 311 kata lagi


Sound System - Operation Ivy

December is all about parties. There’s works Christmas parties, there’s family gatherings, there’s friends over parties because you’re off for a few days and there’s the big one on the 31st. 206 kata lagi

Ethical E-Commerce Site Fashionkind Introduces Fine Jewelry

Nina Farran, founder of Fashionkind—an e-commerce site that offers a chic array of ethically and sustainably made clothing and accessories—has debuted a expanded collection of fine jewelry. 372 kata lagi


Cult-Favorite Brand Rowing Blazers Pops Up in Its Hometown

Since launching earlier this year, Rowing Blazers has quickly garnered a cult following thanks to its cheeky twist on preppy collegiate classics like double-breasted blazers, skinny ties, and Oxford shirts. 289 kata lagi