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Pai, Thailand (5th to 7th of November)

From Chiang Mai, I traveled to Pai by mini van. It was cool drive though. Drove through mountains and hills. After two or three hours, I could see a town, not a village. 242 kata lagi

Generoso and Lily's Bovine Ska and Rocksteady: Charlie Moo And His Moo's Label 2-2-16

Welcome Bovine Ska and Rocksteady Listeners,

The February 2nd, 2016 edition of Generoso and Lily’s Bovine Ska and Rocksteady that contained a twenty-years-in-the-making spotlight on Charlie Moo’s MOO’S LABEL began with the smooth sounds of the rocksteady duo and Ewan and Denver’s cut on Jolly in 1967, “I Want You So Bad” and ended that first set with another rocksteady duet featuring a young Phil Pratt teaming up with Ken Boothe on Caltone in 1968 with “Sweet Song For My Baby.”  We followed that first set up with another set of rare rocksteady before going into our weekly mento set that began with the voice of Alerth Bedasse and his cut for Chin’s in 1956, “Calypso Pepperpot.”  To get you ready for the Moo’s Label spotlight we ended the first hour with a rollicking set of Jamaican rhythm and blues beginning with The Mellowlarks cut that came out on Coxsone All Stars label in 1960, “No More Wedding.”  When that set ended, we started our long overdue spotlight of the Moo’s label. 377 kata lagi


The Beat Goes Bang

Another “6 degrees of separation” chain of coincidences and connections. Sean Williams is an old friend of mine from the days when we played in a couple of bands together. 135 kata lagi

Photography, 8.2.2016: Es lebe der Ska!

Scheiben vor Gericht spezial: Vor 40 Jahren gründete sich die Band Madness

Thomas Claer

Wohl jeder kennt „Our House“, den berühmten Song der englischen Band Madness  aus den frühen Achtzigern, aber keineswegs allgemein bekannt ist, dass diese Band schon vor ihrer ganz großen Popularität eine Vorgeschichte als heißer Londoner Szene-Act hatte. 953 kata lagi

Über Musik

Francis Vace - Discord | Ska-Punk

To celebrate 1k subscribers, our very own Francis Vace has done his own cover of Eurobeat Brony’s 2011 hit song “Discord”…in which the name Discord is never mentioned. 19 kata lagi

Solo Post

The Monday travel song: Our House by Madness

I propose to start every new week with a song that takes us somewhere in the world.

I am currently in the process of moving house, from North London to West London. 174 kata lagi


Episode CLXXXV…Glen Pine

I’m joined by the trombonist and co-lead vocalist for The Slackers, Glen Pine. We discuss the band’s 25th anniversary, tours, storied career adventures, ska and their new self titled album ( which is BLOODY amazing)  dropping on Feb 19th. 17 kata lagi