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[เนื้อเพลง] YESUNG (Super Junior) - Hibernation (겨울잠)

이불 속에서 나갈 엄두가 나질 않아
Everything is cold outside
네 품속에서 나갈 엄두가 나질 않아
You’re so cozy inside

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[เนื้อเพลง] YESUNG (Super Junior) - Paper Umbrella (봄날의 소나기)

네가 떠난 그 순간
온 세상이 내게서 등을 돌리더라
미친 사람같이 보고 싶어 헤매는데
너는 지금 어디니

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New Catholic LGBT Book Is Praised by High Church Leaders

A new Catholic book on LGBT issues, whose main text is based on a talk given at a New Ways Ministry event, has been praised by the Vatican official in charge of family life, a U.S. 702 kata lagi


Birthday boy [860404]

This meme-faced grown man-baby is my #1, my baby, my standard for men (that’s why I’m still alone) and my inspiration. For those who don’t know, he’s Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, he’s my (okay, our) Lee Hyukjae. 340 kata lagi

Macro Friendly "Pho"

I’m a lover of Working Against Gravity and Macros!  Like, macro-nutrients– proteins, carbs, and fats.  I also am a new lover of Pho.  So I mixed my steady love with my new love.   105 kata lagi


'Pope' Francis joked about Christ's crucifixion

On March 13, 2013, Argentinian Cardinal Jorge Bergoglio was elected pope. The next month, in April 2013, G. P. Putnam’s Sons published the book Pope Francis: His Life in His Own Words… 950 kata lagi


[Multichapter] #5 Seiryu High School: Challange [4]


“Ever tried, ever failed. No matter what, try again, fail again. Then, fail better—The best way out is always trough….”

A fanfic by…

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