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Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Performer, Musician, Dancer, Poet and Designer.

Pop, Folk, Jazz, Rap, Experimentation.
Youtube: SJ : Milky Way Carton Studios

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1. Rajzverseny

Régebben rendeztünk egy rajzversenyt, amire egy-két ember nevezett. A verseny akkor végződik, ha legalább 15 nevezőnk van! Várunk még 13 embert, aki jelentkezne erre a versenyre. 89 more words


Marxist economic determinism is the guiding principle of the White House Fool

Economic determinism is based on secular materialism, a theory that humans are just a bag of chemicals, pushed around by economic and environmental circumstances. 324 more words


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The damage has been done and can not be undone now since the congress is mostly full of fools as well. Its sad to see the end of a country but the people that voted wanted a different country and they now have it --- They just didn't understand what they were buying in to!