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Song of the Week: Julian Jordan - "Say Love"

Dutch DJ, Julian Jordan, along with the help of vocalist, Sj, has easily smashed the rest of this weeks pop releases to claim our Song of the Week with “Say Love.” 138 kata lagi


The Corporate Boss - a profile.

I can imagine her at home, in front of the mirror, practicing her ‘corporate strut’ and ‘power pose’.

Her shelves are lined with self-development books. 10 kata lagi


Sarah Arnett: Collaborating, Modeling and Creating Visual Art

A young and very outspoken fashion student at the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandise, Sarah Arnett, shares with us her experience when it comes to collaborating, modeling, and creating visual art in and around the San Francisco Bay Area. 89 kata lagi

SJCA Style & Culture

Matt Marchand: Working within a Design

When do you need to be mindful of design, people, and the organization? Matt Marchand, a current student from San José State University studying Industrial Design, offers his point of view on these topics and accomplishments in the field. 140 kata lagi

SJCA Style & Culture

Crying in Public

My dream where I cried in public made me ponder when exactly the last time I cried in front of others was. My initial thought was that it was probably a long time ago when I was a child, but upon rummaging through my memories more, I recall three instances. 696 kata lagi


Back to School and the Stresses of the World

This past week I started my Sophomore year of college! It’s so sad but I’m already feeling tired. But school isn’t really the only reason for that. 246 kata lagi