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A Story about a Novel

The author sits down, her jaw set in determination, and writes a book. Then she wraps it in brown paper and mails it to publisher. 954 more words


An Evening Out with Z and Gabrielle

Fiction and reality usually don’t match up. I wrote this sketch after musing how ideal people are great in stories, but in real life might not be as much fun. 842 more words


아들과 레고

이제 제법이란 말이 나온다. 하나의 인격체가 되어가는중. 억압하지 않고 존중해주기.


A Look Inside the Net Neutrality Rules: It's Worse Than You Think!

Written by C. Mitchell Shaw for the New American Magazine

After the FCC made its “Net Neutrality” rules public late last week, The New American… 2.589 more words


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What ever the government gets into gets screwed up no exceptions and its directly proportional to how much they get involved.