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Bongsoon, A Cyborg in Love


                                                                             Episode 1

                                                                                Episode 2

                                                                                   Episode 3

                                                                          Episode 4

                                                                                   Episode 5

     Episode 6

Episode 7

    Episode 8

Episode 9

  Episode 10

Episode 11

Episode 12

                              Jheeselyn Kim… 9 kata lagi


Self-Image of a Guardian

Keirsey’s Guardians, like the rest of us, maintain a positive self-image by building their self-esteem, self-respect and self-confidence. But again, where these things come from couldn’t be more different. 367 kata lagi


[K-DRAMA] She Was Pretty (2015)

warning: may contain spoilers

Set in a fashion magazine’s publishing office, two childhood friends meet again after 15 years. Will they be able to recognise each other? 1.915 kata lagi

Korean Drama

Being Naughty

I’m Naughty. I’ve not always been Naughty. My real name is Alan but I was so naughty as a foal that my nickname stuck.

I was happily relaxing on my summer holiday in the Somerset sun after my second season racing when I was brought in and given my usual set of new alloys. 558 kata lagi


SJ's Math Minutes

Here’s what SJ has to say about his math work this month:

This month I’ve reviewed the basics of arithmetic, fractions, and negative numbers, and started to graph coordinate pairs. 54 kata lagi


A Latin Lesson

This month, SJ learned the first and masculine second declension of Latin nouns in addition to several other Latin words. To decline a noun, put a specific ending on a stem word, like… 184 kata lagi


Speedy Sails: A Science Experiment

With our month being loosely nautical-themed, SJ decided to carry that through his science experiment with some origami ships. While that didn’t go off exactly as planned (I’m pretty sure the design we used wouldn’t have floated no matter how perfectly folded the boats were), we still had fun testing out how long the paper floated in the pool. 539 kata lagi