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New Book FAQ

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I thought I ought to offer an FAQ about this new release coming up. It’s really more like a FAQIAPWAM (Frequently Asked Questions I Assume People Would Ask Me). 524 kata lagi


New eBook Release

Over on my author blog, I explained that:

“I’m just puzzled that dromedaries can’t behave.”

Actually, I didn’t explain it, I just stated it. What could it possibly mean? 106 kata lagi


Trapped! (Ch. 9-12)

Halfway through my read-through of a story I wrote when I was 13! It just gets more and more… whatever it was to start with. For previous installments, click on the “Trapped!” category above the post title. 2.266 kata lagi


Trapped! (Ch. 4-8)

I’m doing a read-through a story I wrote when I was 13. Follow along for drama and angst, plus lots of humor–some of it even on purpose. 1.563 kata lagi