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Glimpses of Purwakarta: Part 1

This weekend, my boy friend, Rival, invited me to his hometown, Purwakarta. With “Istimewa Jaya Buana” as its slogan, the small but serene district shines the first time our car landed on its very ground. 951 kata lagi

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Chilling at Rawa Besar Lake

In Indonesia, probably Depok is the one city with largest number of lakes (It’s just a guess though). One of those lakes is Setu Rawa Besar (Word by word translation would be: The Big Swamp Lake). 1.137 kata lagi


For a Left with No Future (T.J. Clark, 2012)

T.J. Clark / pdf

How deceiving are the contradictions of language! In this land without time the dialect was richer in words with which to measure time than any other language; beyond the motionless and everlasting crai every day in the future had a name of its own .

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Keep Commercial Vessels In Service with In Situ Ship Repair Services

Business operations that use ships and other commercial vessels know that they are handling a huge liability: the potential need for maintenance and repairs and the downtime this can cause. 117 kata lagi


Hello everyone, how are you today? Aku harap kalian semua selalu dalam kondisi yang baik ya. Tetap semangat dan selalu have fun bagaimanapun kondisi kalian. 516 kata lagi

Jim's Tour Pt. 2/3

Finally, I was able to look inside the Guan and Situ libraries!

This is the front garden of the Situ library. The tree in the center was imported from Southeast Asia. 504 kata lagi

Today's Architectural Adventures Pt. 2

After we left the Canadian Village, we visited an old church in a village named Longkouli (龙口里). It was fascinating! It seems like I find every moment in China fascinating. 1.418 kata lagi