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With SBCs, Little Things Matter

I try to do the right thing at the right time. They may just be little things, but usually they make the difference between winning and losing. 124 kata lagi

Unified Communications

#BackseatPoetry May 2016 [Part 1] | Sip Poetry

It’s the first of May, so that means a new installment of #BackseatPoetry. 1.338 kata lagi


SIP and 'rootless': El Cap going beyond permissions

OS X, like any other variety of Unix and most other operating systems, limits access to files and folders by means of permissions, which set out what each user can do. 847 kata lagi


Balanced approach to Mutual Fund investing

Historically mutual funds have been classified either into Equity Funds or into Debt Funds. Any fund with an equity orientation is called an Equity Fund and any fund which aims at a stable return but with little or no exposure into equity is called a Debt Fund. 1.347 kata lagi

Investor Education

Dr Celso magic formula for wealth creation

“Financial success is simply the law of ‘Cause & Effect’ in motion; it is neither a miracle, nor good fortune.”

The road to riches is not a selfish one. 332 kata lagi


How Apple's Superdrive enforces obsolescence

Most Macs are engineered to last, and many of our Macs last much longer than is perhaps good for us. The three sub-units most likely to fail first and twist your arm to buy new are the hard and optical drives, which both have moving components that wear out, and the graphics card, which has been something of an Achilles heel due to the use of… 461 kata lagi