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Hiring UC/SIP Sr Level Consultants - Manhattan - Fulltime big bucks

We have multiple full time opportunities for UC/SIP SME’s.  These positions will be within the most elite technical professional services team in the United States.  You will be challenged and have the opportunity lead, architect and deliver the most advanced solutions in the United States.   176 kata lagi

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Start a SIP this Diwali

India is a diverse country with a lot of festivities. Diwali being so auspicious and India’s favorite festival, we all celebrate it in a grand scale. 434 kata lagi

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Sipping October

This article was originally published in the Chicago Tribune.

One of my best friends was in town for the first time, so I was showing her my sleepy little corner of Ravenswood Manor. 256 kata lagi


A Hot Cup of Tea

The warmth of the mug 
pulses through my hands,
as I lift it to let another sip
of that aromatic golden liquid
touch my dry lips..!

My MF buying method -what is the impact?

We live in a day and age today where everything needs to be looked at through the prism of some data and numbers. My view on this has always been that if you fundamentally understand a concept then it does not really need the crutch of the numbers. 397 kata lagi


One More Drink

Somewhere in a den as we like to call it, starts with that sound of the cork squeaking out of the bottle, making my heart skip with anticipation.  487 kata lagi