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A Sip to Discover Viognier

Last week I wrote that Viognier was an overlooked Thanksgiving dinner wine.  Let’s expand on that.  I believe Viognier is an overlooked wine, period.  Many of you may not be very familiar with it, but it has been the premier white wine of the Rhone in France for ages, there is some terrific Viognier now being grown in the US, and the Australians have discovered its versatility as a tasty addition to some other varietals.  722 kata lagi



My mom and I decided to make some mimosas to kick Thanksgiving day off the right way.  All the cooking and festivities get us excited.  As I was popping the bottle of champagne, she was “cleaning” out the fridge for the future Thanksgiving dishes that would need to call that spot their home for the next few days.   167 kata lagi

Your MF buying plan to replace SIP

I am happy to note both the readership and the reactions to my last post on how I planned to buy my large cap oriented MF now. 691 kata lagi


Q&A: Can't install a kernel extension

Q I tried manually re-installing some software from my backup, which included a kernel extension needing to go in /System/Library/Extensions, but OS X 10.11 refused to allow that. 189 kata lagi


Mutual funds: The best means to save for your retirement

Mutual funds offer diversification, low costs and liquidity among other benefits. One can save each month for his retirement in a mutual fund portfolio.

With the increase in longevity, the concern of living too long after retirement has become even more daunting. 796 kata lagi


Lime Ginger Refresher

This right here is what you need when looking for a thirst quencher.  I put lime in almost every drink I sip on (even water!).  This may remind you of a Moscow Mule type of cocktail.   142 kata lagi

Five things to know about debt funds

Debt funds offer several advantages but small investors know little about them. Here’s how you can benefit from them.

1. Tax rules have changed

In this year’s Budget, the tax rules for debt funds were changed. 649 kata lagi