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6 reasons for Investing Systematically in less than 2 Minutes

Can we study an important investment lesson in less than 2 Minutes? YES

  1. Light on the wallet: It is easier to put together a long term innings with singles than hitting 4s and 6s every time.
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Mutual Fund

Book Two

Living with her best friend and finding the love of her life had truly made Ana’s freshman year at Harvard the best of her life until one life defining moment left her shattered. 36 kata lagi


Migrating registrations to OpenSIPS 2.2

Starting with OpenSIPS 2.2 the registered SIP contacts (stored the location table) have a new unique ID named contact ID. This new ID is contact specific (computed based on various contact elements) and it replaces the old opaque ID which was a simple DB auto-increment key. 678 kata lagi


S'ip by S'Well

This my friends is the water bottle of all water bottles.  The S’Well Water Bottle has to be the best thing that I have ever spent more than $10 in my entire adult life. 425 kata lagi


From Juvenile to Millionaire in a decade

You cannot grow rich overnight, isn’t that what everyone always told you. You must slog your entire life to live decently, isn’t that what the popular notion is? 526 kata lagi


Mutual funds AuM reach record highs for the first time in the last seven years.

Mutual fund assets in India have recorded the highest growth since December 2009, thanks to the furor created by demonetization, RBI’s decision to maintain status quo on key rates in its policy review and hike in Fed rate. 435 kata lagi

Mutual Fund