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8th Edition of the Societal Impact of Pain Newsletter

8th Edition of the Societal Impact of Pain Newsletter.

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The Society’s Official Website is available on https://www.sip-platform.eu


Understanding SIP Transaction and Dialog.

This is one of the most popular theory I encountered when working with SIP.

What is SIP Transaction?

Before go any further, we need to understand that SIP is a transactional protocol, that means, interactions between components take place in series of messages exchanges. 1.265 kata lagi


SIP Based IP PBX Market Outlook and Growth Predictions forecasted for the period 2017-2023

Next generation SIP Based IP PBX is able to leverage cloud computing software technology to support next-generation communications systems. Some automation of the smartphone app and communication process includes the use of analytics to achieve higher quality connectivity in a variety of circumstances and IoT configurations, leveraging social media. 988 kata lagi


Second Call for Survey for Pain Patients

Message from Gertrude Buttigieg – Secretary Malta Health Network

Dear Members

May I draw your attention that you are highly encouraged to register to attend the SIP Symposium which will be an event being hosted by MHN and No Pain Foundation during the Maltese Presidency. 170 kata lagi


PocketBone designed in KiCad

The PocketBone is an Open Source Hardware design by Michael Welling in KiCad for the Octavo OSD3358 SiP (System-in-Package).  Brian Benchoff wrote about it recently on Hackaday: 167 kata lagi

Complete Guide on How to Start SIP Investment Online

Are you planning to start online investment, but don’t know how to get this done? Then Capitalworx Advisers will guide you about how to start SIP investment… 21 kata lagi

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