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Your MF investments - strategic options

Several people have asked me over the last few months as to how I am so confident about the Nifty levels suffering major cuts. To be honest, it was really not that difficult to predict as almost all contributing factors were in the negative. 541 kata lagi


Your MF investments - understand the impact

I had wanted to follow up the post of yesterday by outlining some practical strategies that investors might follow in order to mitigate the risks associated with MF investments through SIP in a highly volatile market over years. 649 kata lagi


A Missed Call is a Missed Opportunity, In Today’s World, How do you tell Customers that you are Better than the Competition?

How you respond to customer calls speaks a lot about how they perceive your business. Is it quick, efficient and highly professional?

In the age where technology is on its rising peak, businesses have adopted a fast pace to keep up to date on new trends and opportunities. 518 kata lagi


Blessing an El Capitan Device for NetBooting

In OS X 10.11 El Capitan, Apple has introduced their new System Integrity Protection feature which affects how you are able to NetBoot devices. If you think you’ll have the need to NetBoot a device anytime in the future, after it leaves your hands, you’re going to need to “bless” it with your sanctioned NetBoot servers prior to it going out the door. 216 kata lagi


Enterprise Connect 2016 Speaking Gigs

Living here in Minnesota, I look for every reason to head south for a break from winter’s ice, snow, and cold. Thankfully, this year one of those breaks is coming in the form of the… 952 kata lagi

Unified Communications

Value Plus - February, 2016

Arihant’s Value Plus February 2016 is now available.

Indian equity markets will remain volatile in February ahead of the most eventful month. The outcome of RBI’s policy review, macroeconomic data, next batch of Q3FY16 corporate earnings, Union Budget, global markets movement, FII’s and DII’s investment, the movement of rupee against the dollar and crude oil price movement will decide the stock market’s direction during the month. 56 kata lagi

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Monkey year, like stars in the zodiac
what you make of it or be the first to name it
screech into an intelligent ear, one inclined to curiosity… 22 kata lagi