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Homemade Limoncello

For Christmas I like to make homemade gifts in the true spirit of the season.  Homemade gifts take a little work but I think family and friends like to receive them. 270 kata lagi


New Technique of using Rupee Cost Averaging (SEP)

Today, most of the Indians are busy depositing their money in bank account(s), after the Prime Minister Narendra Modi has abolished the transaction in denomination of Rs. 835 kata lagi

Personal Finance

A winning case for SIPs

Systematic Investment Plan (SIP) is an investment avenue where the investor builds a portfolio through specific sums invested at regular intervals that may be monthly, quarterly or annually.  425 kata lagi

Mutual Fund

Protecting Sierra: SIP and its vulnerability

System Integrity Protection (SIP) was thrust at us in El Capitan, and has been tightened up in Sierra. Its aim is to prevent anything – trusted software, malware, or users – from modifying those files and folders which are integral to macOS, including all its standard bundled apps. 737 kata lagi


#526 — A Sip Of Love;

as hemlock, or
sweet as honey – who cares!
All I ask is only a sip,
of love.



Thank You, Hot Chocolate

Thank you, hot chocolate
For keeping my hands warm
Singing my tongue
Warming me slowly
As unthawing me
On a frozen day
Watch as the snow collects… 27 kata lagi


A lethal story.

How I wish with each drag of this cigar I could remove the pain of your treachery.

How I hope with each sip of this liquor I am able to forget the addiction to your voice. 219 kata lagi