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SIP Protocol -----Cisco Uinfied Communication

SIP can use either UDP or TCP transport (UDP is the default) and is assigned port 5060.

Pros and Cons



Maxify Pharma - Why most investors don't come close to earning average returns?

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Tejas Shah, went for a jungle safari recently and realized that given the similarities between the jungle and financial markets, investors can learn a trick or two.

A jungle safari is a great adventure for those who come from cities. Earlier this last year, we also went for one. This sanctuary in the Satpura foothills is known to be home to a few endangered and rare species of animals and birds. 632 more words


Upgraded SIP

We have great news for our SIP customers.

We have just launched our upgraded SIP technology, sip1.hoiio.com!

Here are the benefits of this upgrade:

It allows you to select TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) instead of UDP (User Datagram Protocol) for SIP Signaling, which gives you better call setup performance. 186 more words


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Thanks to higher life expectancy and higher health costs, the world of retirement planning has undergone a significant change. In the old days, retirement planning was a relatively simple proposition. 676 more words


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