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SIP Components

  • User Agents: End system acting on behalf of user e.g. client & server. Initiates SIP request & server receives requests and returns responses on behalf of user.
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01 - VOIP Standards

SIP Functions

SIP has following functions:

  • User Location: determination of end system to use for communications
  • Call Setup: ringing & establishing call parameters by both called and calling parties…
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01 - VOIP Standards

Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)

Distributed architecture for creating, modifying and terminating sessions with one or more participants.

Controls communications sessions.

Standardised under IETF.

Covers video conferencing, audio conferencing and one-to-one telephone calls. 79 kata lagi

01 - VOIP Standards

Mistaken Identity

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Kamailio Adding GW into Dispatcher DB

kamctl dispatcher addgw 1 sip: 0 0 “OutboundGW1”


A GOAL without a PLAN, is Just a Wish!

Before you start putting money into the market, you have to ask yourself one simple question: What exactly are you saving/investing for?

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