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  • Function of time.
  • Generalised sinusoid defined by:

  • where:

  • – amplitude (maximum value of sinusoid).
  • – radian frequency (angular frequency).
  • – phase angle (radians)

Frequency… 90 kata lagi


Atoms Get Excited Only For a While

My Organic Chemistry professor once said, “Atoms get into excited state. But eventually, they will go back to their ground state. Have you ever been excited for 30 days straight?” 209 kata lagi

Journey To Spiritual Wholeness

Daydreams, Lectures, and Helices

What do daydreams, lectures, and helices have to do with each other? Quite a bit.

One of my favorite parts of Dante’s Purgatorio is at the end of Canto XVIII, when Dante starts dozing off. 821 kata lagi


Rock-and-roll Google celebrates analog computing - and Bob Moog

Today’s Google Doodle features a simulator for a toy version of the Minimoog synthesiser.

In Google’s eclectic fashion, it’s meant to celebrate what would have been… 547 kata lagi


Roda Nasib = Sinyal Sinusoid

Tahu konsep roda nasib atau roda kehidupan? Katanya hidup manusia itu seperti roda. Roda itu selalu berputar sehingga suatu titik di roda itu kadang-kadang berada di atas, kadang-kadang di bawah. 367 kata lagi

Sekedar Cerita


“How’s life?”

The quintessential conversation starter.

My old answer: some variation on “Fine”, “Not bad”, “Pretty good”, etc.

My new answer: the function that most closely resembles a graph of my mood on a variable time scale.  588 kata lagi

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