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Rain Puddle (II)

Using a different approach to create a rain puddle generative texture. This time I used the sum of different sine waves.

Usando un enfoque diferente para crear la textura generativa de un charco de lluvia. 35 kata lagi

Generative Art

Tonsils and Sinus Surgery

2016 is one of memorable years of my life.

This year i finally started my graduate program i.e. MBA program at UGM Jakarta, praise the Lord because i met new friends and they were all wonderful, i don’t want our study be end :(. 410 kata lagi

Daily Updates

Awaiting Cancer Diagnosis - longest day of my life

Well, here I sit in the doctor’s waiting room, awaiting a cancer diagnosis.  I came an hour early because I was having panic attacks at home and was scared I would drop dead (as that’s what my panic attacks feel like…). 295 kata lagi

Awaiting Diagnosis

Rain Puddle (I)

Creating a rain puddle generative texture using sinus function.

Creando una textura generativa de un charco lloviendo con la función seno.

Creant una textura generativa d’un bassiot de pluja amb la funció de sinus.


What Annoys Jeff this Week?

1. Mandatory attendance. If you want me as seat filler, just say so. Don’t pitch it as a great opportunity to hear some very important words if you’re just looking for asses in chairs. 202 kata lagi

The Plague Continues

Yeah, I’m still sick. Still coughing, sniffling, blowing-my-nose-every-five-minutes miserable.

I think today I’ll bite the bullet and go to a doctor. Taking constant decongestant medicine plus cough syrup plus whatever else I can get hold of just isn’t working. 115 kata lagi


Advil Cold & Sinus Coupon + Deal

Time to prepare for cold and flu season!

Advil Cold & Sinus (50pk) is on sale at Walmart this week for $10.97. Use the $5 printable coupon from entering Pfizer’s… 75 kata lagi