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The Real Sinus Headache

The Genuine Sinus Headache Source: Flickr Sinusitis is the condition of having one s sinuses inflamed. Sinus inflammation may be an outcome of however not restricted to bacterial or viral infections or allergic reactions. 37 kata lagi

Performing safe Nasal Polyps through Endoscopic Sinus Surgery


Associated with asthma, allergy, persistent infections, and genetic disorder like cystic fibrosis – nasal polyps generally do not have transparent causes and affects men more than women, above the age group of 40 years. 663 kata lagi

Nose and sinus issues....

Over the last several weeks we’ve been having issues with air quality because of the large amount of smoke going into the Truckee Meadows area. Because of this, many patients are calling in with issues regarding head congestion and sinus congestion. 542 kata lagi

My Husband the Liar

I have had this entry qued up to write for two days now.  Vince took two days of work and didn’t even have the decency to tell me until I was asking him about Destiny. 178 kata lagi

Sickly Fate in Ukraine

I never once thought that an illness could get so bad, but thats exactly what happened to me… I spent a month and a half acting careless around Europe. 275 kata lagi

Day 195: Pound

Something is wrong with my head and I don’t mean the regular stuff.

I’ve been having this throbbing in my ear. I think I can hear my pulse because of the built up fluid in my head. 54 kata lagi


Sinus problems: How Serious is it?

The cool whether will undoubtedly bring various kinds of wellness issues such as colds, high temperature and also sinus problems amongst others. You could have something even more compared to colds that might lead to sinus problems. 35 kata lagi