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Sinus Challenges?

We have been using a great little recipe that has given us some great results with “sinus challenges.” All you need is a Neti Pot and sinus wash (available at most grocery stores, or online,) 1 drop each of Young Living Frankincense, Young Living Rosemary, and Young Living Rosemary. 43 kata lagi

Young Living Essential Oils

Outlasting the Weather

The weather people keep telling us the humidity will go away next week. That was the story two weeks ago. Last week was just as bad as ever after a couple of nice days. 302 kata lagi


Your Prescription For Sinus Headache Reflief

There are specific kinds of migraines, which are component as well as parcel of you; talented to you by birth! Sinus migraine is one of them. 46 kata lagi

Humidity, Sinus Fixing

It’s 3:45 p.m. (15:45 for those in other places) as I begin writing, and the weather numbers below are the best I could do with copying that section of  Accuweather’s page  for Columbus, Ohio. 415 kata lagi

Lung Cleanse at Home in 3 Days

There are simple ways in which you can do lung cleanse at home. You can go for lungs cleanse that helps to detox the lungs easily from home. 7 kata lagi


Take a deep breath

I did mention my tendency towards the skeptic, right? Well, I heard from a friend that the Breathe Right blend was helpful for clearing up stuffiness. 135 kata lagi

Vegan Confession: I am Addicted to Overeating

This is my secret…

Being a vegan keeps my addiction of overeating in check. I can’t trust myself with eating animal products. And I shouldn’t. 472 kata lagi