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Cause and Healing of Sinusitis Naturally

Best Natural Healing For Sinus Infections It’s not flu season, but for those who suffer from sinusitis it’s always time to look for relief no matter the time of year. 21 kata lagi

How to take care of your sinusitis?

Are you suffering from sinusitis?

Sinusitis is a condition wherein you may be experiencing swelling or inflammation in the tissues lining of the sinus cavity. The only thing that can help you to overcome this condition is to know the cause of it, there are four paired spaces that are a connection between the head and nose, the cavity is responsible to produce a thin mucous that drains out of the nasal opening. 10 kata lagi


Halotherapy (Salt Therapy) - What? How? Where? When? Who?

By now, most people have heard of Halotherapy (Salt Therapy) and have noticed Salt Therapy Rooms popping up in most cities around the country.

WHAT exactly is Halotherapy? 1.201 kata lagi

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Cleanse your Sinus

Do you have issue with your rainy nose? and in certain people it tends to happen like almost all the time that you have the all of those liquid being trapped in your nose in your normal days? 322 kata lagi


Why Do I Need to See a Doctor for My Sinus Infection?

When the mucus coming out of your nose is thick and yellow or green, chances are you’ve developed a sinus infection. It is usually triggered by a cold: when you are constantly wiping and blowing your nose bacteria has ample opportunity to get in. 213 kata lagi


SInus Congestion

Mix  two teaspoon of organic apple cider vinegar and a pinch of cayenne pepper powder in a quarter cup of hot water.Drink it warm at least 2 times a day to relieve yourself  from chronic sinus congestion.


Always stuffed up? Lingering head cold could signal serious problem

CALGARY – For more than 20 years, Chris Dyson has felt like he had a cold.

“It was like really severe allergies,” he said.

“My sense of smell and taste was going down, and I felt like I was sick all the time.”

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