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15 Underlying Causes of Tachycardia

It’s Valentine’s day, and cupid’s arrow has likely found its way to many a young heart, causing it to race with love.  Here’s a quick Valentine’s day review of the other causes of tachycardia. 839 kata lagi


61. Ten Benefits Of Using Himalayan Pink Salt(HPS)

When processed, most foods not only lose their nutritional values, but may also become unhealthy. Pink salt is a natural substance that is harvested from the Himalayan Mountains and is a great alternative to your refined table-salt – the white substance that hides in the shaker next to your ingredients in the pantry. 1.112 kata lagi


How to Deal

It’s kind of funny.  My body deals with chronic neck and back pain for the last three months and while it makes some things go in to overdrive on how it handles it, it’s still livable. 112 kata lagi


What makes a chicken butt squeak?

Another illness hits the Chx. B.

What the hell?

On Monday night, not sure what time it was , who I was or where I was, but I picked up the phone, called my boss and told her that my throat was on fire. 434 kata lagi


So you caught the plague, now what?

Natural Relief for the Common Cold

Stuffy head, cough, mucus, yep, you’ve got it, the plague. Common cold to the less dramatic. Before you run out to the doctor or pharmacy demanding antibiotics and medications that dry up the mucus but leave you feeling foggy headed, try these easy natural remedies to help you feel better fast. 631 kata lagi

Natural Healing

What's up doc?

There are two kinds of people in society:  1) Hypochondriacs and 2) FODs (Fear of Doctors).  I am of the European reasoning that doctors will only give you bad news.   1.008 kata lagi

Feeling Good