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Ah Choo!

Get well soon to me.

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For the FIRST time after so long,I havent had any ailments when it comes to having a period.This month,it has taken a toll on me.Not only my sinus is making a comeback,I have a massive headache as soon as Miss Red pops.Its so massive that I had to pop 2 panadol extra as soon as I reached home everyday!I felt better the next day.I am not sure if I was exhausted cos the very next day after work,it happened again.I had to take panadol extra again and again and again.I have been sneezing a lot too although I had already changed my bedsheet and did a spring cleaning to my room…..The sinus,this… 164 kata lagi

What Happened When I Tried Oil-pulling

I learned about the ancient #ayurvedic method of pulling #toxins out of the body by swishing a tablespoon of #organic #vegetable oil around your mouth for 20 minutes. 102 kata lagi


Under & Over The Weather

Happy Monday Y’all,

I don’t know where you might happen to be if you’re reading this post, but if you’re in or around the Atlanta area, you just  158 kata lagi

My Choice Monday

Seasonal Tips

Raise your hand if you get sick every time the seasons change from winter to spring and from summer to fall!  Okay, we’re in the same boat.   437 kata lagi


This is the picture my husband looked at for the first time just before my surgery.  The Doctor,young and confident ,was showing him my main artery, my optical nerve only millimeters form where he was going to be operating.   141 kata lagi


SUTRA Sinus Away.

Orang kata, alah…kecik je botolnya..tapi mahal. Kecik-kecik cili padi tu. Sebenarnya tak mahal kalau bandingkan dengan apa yang dia boleh bagi kat orang yang mengalami masalah SINUS. 272 kata lagi