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rovik. reads: Neither Civil nor Servant

This is my first book review and part of a series of reviews I plan to post as I consume interesting and stimulating content over the next few years. 854 kata lagi


3 healthy and easy to prepare herbal porridge recipes for the summer

That feeling you get when you just want to hide in the shade. The sun is so strong that it is “biting” into your skin. You know that summer is coming. 870 kata lagi


Obviously Singapore!

Hello there, tourists, travelers and the like! (And no, I’m not saying hello to backpackers because I know this is not the first thing they’ll want to visit) 338 kata lagi

Miss Clara Quote

Men's grooming in Singapore

(Source: www.timeout.com)

This shophouse barbershop borrows its name from the historic Jermyn Street in London, which is known for its gentlemen shops dedicated to British artistry and craftsmanship. 169 kata lagi


BMW creates 10 cars just for Singapore

(Source: www.businesstimes.com.sg)


REMEMBER that time you showed up at the racetrack driving the exact same car as someone else? Well, maybe not, but BMW’s high-performance M division has a way to ensure that you’ll never suffer that embarrassment anyway. 284 kata lagi

Money Matters

TripAdvisor review: High Tea at the Raffles Hotel, Singapore

High Tea at the Raffles is a quintessential experience that is a must-do for travelers through Singapore. It’s the epitome of High Tea and a history of being the best. 161 kata lagi


Best halal restaurants and cafés in Singapore

(Source: www.timeout.com)


As if Jalan Besar isn’t already swamped with cafés, VXX Cooperative – a combination of the Roman numerals for five and 20 – is the latest to join the ’hood. 185 kata lagi