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Taxi driver, Terrible traffic jam, Happiest man

I don’t drive in Singapore. Driving is not my favorite past time. I view it as a chore and have little pleasure in sitting behind the wheel. 537 kata lagi


Rhubarb Le Restaurant, Singapore

Food: Dainty portions of stylishly plated, contemporary French and Asian fusion cuisine where quality ingredients are the star of the show. The menu, which changes regularly features inventive items such as prawn tartare with pomelo, seaweed, ikura and cucumber. 127 kata lagi


2. Turn Up the Sun

Morning all! We are just emerging from the black hole of space and time that is long haul flying and it was a weird 27 hours. 471 kata lagi


Tiger Beer- Woks of Art

Tiger Beer have launched their newest campaign; a fusion of art and culture that celebrates the vibrant energy and spirit of Singapore. ‘Woks of Art’ is an exhibition curated and directed by the Glue Society’s James Dive. 422 kata lagi


The Importance Of Exfoliating

From my posts on 4 Main Steps To Skincare – Skincare For Beginners, this blogpost will explain more on exfoliating.

I think exfoliating is a little underrated in terms of skincare, especially here in Singapore. 318 kata lagi


Singapore : HDB Flats

Staying in a HDB Flats for more than 23 years, I don’t really fancy higher estate or whatsoever. As long as I’ve got a shelter over my head and a great meal, I’m more than thankful. 107 kata lagi


Condominium resale prices edge up in January

Prices of condominiums on the resale market inched up 0.6 per cent last month, while the number of units resold fell 20 per cent, says SRX Property. 214 kata lagi

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