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Thai Coconut Ice Cream , Wimi @ 321 Clementi

Stumbled across this tiny ice-cream parlor offering Thai Coconut Ice Cream at 321 Clementi called Wimi Ice Cream . They offer Thai traditional coconut ice cream similar to those found in Chatuchak market in Bangkok . 316 kata lagi


Unknown strangers of an untold story 

For 3 evenings, I spotted this couple sitting at the exact spot, feeding each other with a pack of food. Yet today there seem to be an extra serving apart from the usual giggles and happiness filled expressions as they continued their time together at ease. 13 kata lagi

One Breath One Movement

Sundown 'Marathon' 2015 10k (04/07/15) : Race Review [15th place 41:58]

Mini Race Report on Sundown 10k

Billed as Asia’s biggest night marathon (which is a bit like saying ‘China’s biggest rodeo’ – not exactly a lot of competition for the title!) it’s a decent road race. 498 kata lagi

Does your camera have this feature? - Sembawang

Today in Singapore I tried to make sense of this sign. Is the device a film camera? If the elevator is armed with said device it sounds as if something really serious might happen to the… Does it take pictures if it detects the presence of urine? 6 kata lagi


Uniqlo x Muslim Fashion Blogger Show Us Conservative Is Stylish



UNIQLO’s LifeWear just got a lot more multicultural than ever before.

In a collaboration with blogger Hana Tajima, Uniqlo is launching a collection for Muslims now available in… 248 kata lagi


Animals | Orang-utan family

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Orang-utan family

By scsutton

Source: 500px.com