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Chapter 81: Ganache

He feared what would happen that April. Amy came back looking as shaken…as if she snorted coke and fell down a flight of stairs. Sure, Annette must have noticed, but she was hard to change the mind of. 3.052 kata lagi


Gen 2 Ch 15: Home Sweet Home

Our return home couldn’t have come sooner. The motel was nice enough, but sleeping in your own bed? Priceless.

Ever since that night at Blue Moon Lodge, things between David and I have changed. 3.033 kata lagi


The Bachman Dairies Ch 1 pg 7

Dear dairy,

Oh, my, god! It happened!! It might seem lame since I am so old, but I finally had my first kiss with Scot Macklamoor!! 105 kata lagi

Legacy Challenge

Chapter 12: Why Do Fools Fall in Love?

“Hi there.” Donna’s smile is really pretty. “Come on in.”

I feel like Tony is beating on his drums inside my chest. I’m in Donna Wagner’s house! 871 kata lagi


Chapter 32: Twisted Firestarter

Oh right! I’m supposed to post once a month! I hope I’m not too rusty.

Week 22 – Day 148:

Serefina & Niobe have 2 days left before they’re Elders, Hyperion & Deo have 9 days until they’re YAs, and Belladonna has 2 days until she’s a teen. 672 kata lagi

Legacy Challenge

The Bachman Dairies Ch 1 Pg 6

Dear dairy,

Today I completed my degree in science & medicine. I am pretty proud of myself, but honestly, I have no idea what to do now, which is why I have decided to pursue a degree in technology. 106 kata lagi

Legacy Challenge

Bachman Dairies Ch 1 Pg 5

Dear dairy,

I was invited to my first party by that guy I met online! We really kicked it off and our relationship has grown! He’s a great guy. 103 kata lagi

Legacy Challenge