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Chapter 12: Emily

WARNING: Contains a slightly macabre death scene and offhand depictions of severe injuries (though no violence). It’s pretty tame but if you’re creeped out/sickened by pixel-blood, then read at your own discretion. 5.422 kata lagi


2.9 Fall ~ Neuf Bijou

Last chapter the Cultric family was enjoying the summer weather when Betta suddenly needed to stop and give birth to her baby girl, Constance Cultric, who was born Excitable and Absent Minded, Betta decided that was the perfect excuse for a super shopping spree, everyone was super excited for the new baby, Claudia’s baby Jesse became a toddler so we got to see her genetics at work, we had a few antsim glitches, but so far we have identified them all and have been able to fix them, Jacques spent the rest of the money on a green house but at least he is finally working on his skill job to bring in money, but his Nectar skill is not high enough to make up for all the money spent yet, he registered as self employed, Saphire aged up into an adult kitty before her siblings, we barely managed pay the bill so the repo-man didn’t pay the family a visit, then Betta spent more money she didn’t really have to spare on updating her cat park. 5.168 kata lagi

McColor ISBI 2.4: Snow Cone Enthusiasts

Another chapter from the family that’s not even part of the mail legacy?!  When will I ever actually write for A Royal Prettacy?  When?!

Daffodil: “Hello, mother!   1.504 kata lagi

Sims 3

Islington Bean. 2. And baby makes eight

Pretty trees. Welcome back to the Bean madness.
Previously Islington flirted around with the three Young girls Maura, Evie and Jenna. One thing led to another and Evie ended up pregnant. 1.045 kata lagi

Sims 3

Update: Been a Long Time

I’ve been absentee for, what? Almost three months? … Yikes!

I want to say that I’m not going away. I’ve had chronic pain and fatigue for the past two years. 459 kata lagi


Chapter 1.19

I reached out into the night, drawing the cool air deep into my lungs. Above, a soft wind brushed a few stray flakes of snow from the rooftops. 1.736 kata lagi

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