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Mister Bean. 11. Preparing for a Young Adult

Didn’t he grow up cute? He seems to have skipped most of his dad’s looks and takes more after Cassidy. Of course it could all change on his next birthday but that is 15 Sim days away. 845 kata lagi


Blood Moon: Chapter 1

“BOOM! Get rekt!” Andy shouted at the TV screen, his thumbs tapping furiously on the videogame controller.

“Yes! another win for me!” He cheered. “Hey James, stop sulking around. 727 kata lagi



The History of Twin Bayous – Affair with a Vampire – Part Two

Donna’s eldest child, Jacqueline Clemens was now a teenager.

Like her mother, Jacqueline loved to skate on the ponds at Central Park. 543 kata lagi

Sims 3

1.3 - Sing, Dance, Kiss, Repeat!

Kate has been climbing her career ladder really fast this week. She’s now performing at the coffeehouse! I’ve finally managed to get all the props and lights I wanted for her set! 539 kata lagi

Generation One

Special Edition - The Honeymoon Part One


I’m married!  Every morning, I’ve woken up to that singular, fantastic thought!  I’m married!  No longer did I face life alone and miserable!  No longer would I look at happy couples with envy, fearing I’d never know their joy.  1.143 kata lagi

The Sims 4

1.2 - Matthew Hamming and the Park Gig

Kate had gained a promotion in her career and was now able to audition for a gig at Starport’s Festival Park. Sadly the first time she auditioned she wasn’t successful. 407 kata lagi

Generation One

Worrying About The Future

Winter was coming in Castle Keep, and the peasants were gathering the last few bits of food to store for the winter. Tobias and Cara March were more worried than most. 839 kata lagi