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Jasper Bean. 10. Life finally begins

Welcome to a gnome party! Jasper really has gathered surprisingly few of them this generation. 1.420 kata lagi

Sims 3

Chapter XVII: Billy

Dilly was due any day now. She was getting more nervous and restless by the day and Harwood really didn’t know how to help her. His own nerves often left him awake till the wee hours of the morning, thinking about how his life was going to be from now on, will the baby be healthy, how he and Dilly would manage as parents, worrying if he was to old for all this… 1.266 kata lagi

Uh-Oh, Baby

“Sinbad, can I come and see you at the Bistro right now?”

Shark, thankfully, was taking the advice that Sinbad gave to him last winter, back at the hospital.  1.204 kata lagi


Chapter 3.05

appaloosa recreation center; three months later

“Bahumbug,” Anakin complained loudly. My twin crossed his arms, his mouth set in a deep scowl.

“What’s the matter, pumpkin?” Aunt Lane asked. 735 kata lagi

Sims 3

Chapter 1.6- Adorable Toddlers

Jammie loves it when I play aeroplanes with her giggling and screeching and screaming for more.

She is also becoming quite musical and loves to bang on the xylophone, well mostly. 189 kata lagi

Sims 3