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Herb Legacy: Chapter One

So! My first legacy family. Each generation will be named after something related to a plant or herb. It’s strange, but I wanted to try something unique :) 1.492 more words

Generation 0

Chapter 3.8

I have painted so much that I achieved a painting milestone.

Abra got a raise

I had to repair the computer

and the dishwasher

and the shower… 20 more words

Random Town Jump

Ahio's Secret Project

Ahio felt uneasy. Lately, whenever he and Puaura were together, he would catch her sneaking curious glances at him.

“What is it?” he would ask, checking to make sure he hadn’t spilled coffee down his shirt or something. 586 more words

Sims 3

Chapter 9.3

Chapter 9.3 It’s a bit Chilli

Sometime in December, Tia and Basil became parents to a typically tanned Bailey baby.The story behind his birth was one rather amusing tale.   518 more words


Marzipan: The Family Man

What a dork!  I guess he knows something fun is about to happen.

Marzipan Tart is the oldest child of Jade and Sapphire Tart, from my ISBI.  204 more words

Sims 3

Ultimate Rainbowcy: Aquamarine 1.2

Madison: I can’t believe I have to get my own food.

Madison: I can’t believe I have to wash my own dishes.

Me: Shut up and make yourself useful, I’ll buy you an easel. 265 more words


Ultimate Rainbowcy: Aquamarine 1.1

Asher: Oh my sim god! I’m a sexy young beast again!

Asher: Thank you, sim god!

Asher: I look so good!

Me: You know, everyone else is young too, want to go find Erin and relive your lives again. 239 more words