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so im playing sims. I make a sim with the following traits:

heavy sleeper, bookworm, clumsy, hates the outdoors, and, absent minded

Suggested life goal: professional author… 16 kata lagi


Chapter 9

Previously:  The routing of a new house was annoying for everyone, so they moved yet again.  Apple and Oleander got into a huge fight in front of City Hall.  2.329 kata lagi


Chapter 6.23- Summer Days

Ben went swimming

I mastered Fishing

I swam in the ocean

I watched a movie

I achieved my lifetime wish and now Mina will be leading the legacy.

Sims 3 Wishancy

Strange and Schloud 2 - Mephistopheles - Chapter 3 & 4

Afternoon wonderful readers! Hope you’re all doing well! :D

I’m currently on chapter 34 of this story (blimey!) and I’m telling you, it’s starting to scare me :O most stories tend to keep me up at night, but this one! 2.619 kata lagi


The Hartfields | 024. The Art of Teleportation

The burnt down house and old barn on the other side of the road wasn’t owned by anyone, and Charlotte found herself furiously trampling over there nearly every day. 2.799 kata lagi

Sims 3

The Logan Legacy 2.4 - Bridezilla Justified

Welcome back!  Max and Valentine have a cameo in Starletsims awesome story The Other Woman. If you’re not already reading it, go check it out. It’s a great story and now one of your (hopefully) favorite Sims 3 mobsters and his best bud are in one of the chapters! 1.352 kata lagi


Remington Coven 1.2: Birth and Rebirth

My darling baby…

Without much hassle, Meena had a safe delivery of the heir of the Remington Coven:

Introducing Amethyst Eliza Remington

It wasn’t easy on the young couple, but Meena felt much like her own mother these days. 428 kata lagi

Sims 3