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Chapter 2.8: Dear J, Admissions & Regrets

Dear J, I wish you were here now more than ever. Out of the two of us, you were the smart one. Even if I didn’t always follow it, you gave the best advice. 3.052 kata lagi

Noble Doubt


(So in case you haven’t noticed I really like Nightwish-)

The next room was decorated in a similar way as the first, but in silver instead of gold. 530 kata lagi

Annette Waverly

9.25 - Undeserved righteousness

It’s Autumn and a new school year has begun! And that means wardrobe change…(Arc 4!)

Warning: Decided to try out a height mod, so lots of sims are going to look shorter or taller than what they’re supposed to. 2.159 kata lagi

Curse of the red thread - Casting Call

Hey y’all!

Curse of the red thread called for a casting call! And as excited and totally up for this type of stuff as I am – I couldn’t resist making sims. 179 kata lagi

Finding Nora Grace: Strange Times

I’m back… with more!

This chapter fought me all the way, and I still don’t like it.  I really don’t.  It’s been really hard for me to write lately, for whatever reason.   2.114 kata lagi

Delirium And Daisies


The History Twin Bayous – The Case of Confounded Boulder – Pt.5

After they escape from the Temple of Heaven, our adventurers are given instructions to go to a secret place and smash a boulder. 8 kata lagi


Hoves(Jesse)-Round 6.2: Escape

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The days that change one’s life often come when you least expect them too. For Irene Hoves one such day came in the middle of spring. 709 kata lagi