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Episode 9 - And then there were five...

“Pfiou! How’s everyone doing? How many of you got all your 8 hours of sleep? *raises hand*”

Maxwell: *yawns*

“Yes well, I’m sure you’re all quite tired from staying up so late dancing. 887 kata lagi


CHAPTER TEN | The Lover's Talent

Aaron led Milena to Isabella Grava’s house, and his ex-girlfriend was gracious enough about it. She made tea and didn’t even really mention Milena’s bleeding on her expensive furniture – she merely found a bandage in the bathroom and helped apply it. 1.699 kata lagi

Part One

Chapter 18

Previously, there was a lot of skilling.  Watermelon went on a free vacation, Lime ruined our plans and there were a lot of birthdays.  We did say goodbye to Joseph. 1.636 kata lagi

Sims 3

Chapter 1.14: Wedding Bells Ring

Wow… It’s Riley’s wedding? This is going to be weird… Hope you enjoy my bad writing ;P

Miyuki applies a thin layer of foundation, curling her eyelashes and combing her hair. 1.164 kata lagi

Sims 3

In Which Senna Forgot To Tell Her Readers As A Whole The Other Day

(I love using this image)

Anyway, a big thank you to all who managed to slog through this dreck.

Check back here later on (could be a couple of days, could be not for weeks) to see what else I might be cooking up. 31 kata lagi

Sinbad Rotter

Chapter 69: The Blockade

Franco was not a real prodigy. He spent four years in college like any regular youth. But when I asked him for the most relevant tales, almost nothing took place at school. 2.962 kata lagi


ebb and flow

hellllooooooooooooo everybody!

it is i, your usually-slacking simmer, being uncharacteristically productive and bringing you yet another update post!

are you ready? do you have a snack, or a cup of tea? 2.350 kata lagi