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The Amazing Hollander | 2.6. Bobby Share

Louise: Welcome, welcome back to this stinking pile of legacy known as the Amazing Hollander. Today, our honourable heir is standing outside the library looking like she’d rather be anywhere else in the world. 797 more words

Leslie Hollander

Gen.10-Alma. Chapter Nine

The first week at school consisted of welcoming activities and additional tours of the campus. Classes weren’t officially going to start until the following week, so this was our time to explore the area. 4.145 more words

Wells Legacy

Chapter One: Happy Birthday Becky!

“Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday to you! Happy Birthday Dear Becky! Happy Birthday to you!”

Leaning down, I stared at the sixteen candles that were strategically placed on my birthday cake. 484 more words


Chapter 1.1- Hello Aurora Skies

Hello and welcome to the Starling’s ISBI, This is the Families Founder Anabella. She’s Insane of course as well as being a Green Thumb, Ambitious, Handy and Natural Cook. 204 more words


4.11 - The Missing Piece

I wish I could say that time flew by while I lived alone, focusing on my job, but it really didn’t. If I wasn’t on the phone with my parents (or Finn…) during my down time after work, I often just laid on my bed reading whatever random books occupied the bookshelves. 379 more words

Sims 3

Chapter 6.17- Fishing in the Rain

Sally called with news from boarding school

I potty trained Mina

Ben had his birthday

I Found out I was pregnant

Ben is shy

I repaired the toilet… 14 more words

Sims 3 Wishancy