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The History of Twin Bayous – A Play by House Rules

The following day I borrowed a car from Rochelle’s eldest daughter and I drove to the Dutranoit Plantation out on the northwestern side of the island. 383 kata lagi


Chapter 1.16: New Members

This took so long to post! Siiiiiiiiiiiigh 😞 Hope you enjoy!

Miyuki’s POV: 

The doorbell rings and I frown to myself, who would come this early? 1.718 kata lagi

Sims 3

Scarlett & Joker: "Welcome to our house.."

“You live here?”
“Yeah. Isn’t it cool?”
Mikaela glanced around with suspicion. When she agreed to drop by and see Scarlett’s ‘family lair’ she expected many things from an old house in the woods to over the top luxurious mansion, but surely not a mix of warehouse, circus and post-apocalyptic bunker stuffed with all kinds of odds and ends. 981 kata lagi

Athena Mortem Chapter 10: Lost or Found

Hillary, James and I got our own place shortly after Zeus and I broke up. It was a small two-bedroom rental near the school, which would be nice in a few years when Jj was old enough. 1.086 kata lagi


1.2: Let's Celebrate

We’re back finally.  Last time, Passion Fruit aged up to toddler and then on to a child.  Young played guitar.  Orchid worked on her handiness so that nothing would ever break again and work promotions happened.  1.290 kata lagi

Midnight Hollow

1.1 Beastie and the Moving Crew

The men who dropped off her brand new, state of the art, second hand cheap as chips furniture were confused.

“Where dya want the desk and computer?” they asked. 351 kata lagi

second goodbye

howwwwdyyy y’all! how’s it goin’? all good, all good i hope.

it’s currently very early morning (or perhaps very late evening) in my neck of the woods, but i thought i’d get a post up because i’m feeling like it’s gonna be a good one.. 3.012 kata lagi