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Update: Honeymoon

Chapter 1.7┬áin the Kingston Legacy has been updated with Fern and Xander’s wedding! Check it out now :)

They will be going on a 3 night honeymoon to the trendy city of Bridgeport, where Xander has rented a high-rise apartment from one of his friends there. 90 more words


Hello world!

I decided to make ANOTHER legacy.

I know, I know. I’m not even halfway with my first legacy. But don’t fear. This will be random. This will be…a bit different. 233 more words


Still Loving Sims 3

I still love Sims 3! Sims 4 is like 10 steps backwards in simulation gaming. I’ll stick with my Sims 3. Stories coming soon

Sim Games

Chapter Eight: Too Close

I checked my makeup in the mirror and looked at my figure. I had lost all the baby weight I was carrying around after giving birth to Laiken and was back to my old size. 1.150 more words

Day 4 - Kitchen, Landscaping, and Free Vacation!

We started today with plans for the kitchen/dining room, the public bathroom, and most of the landscaping, including pool.

While they were building, Trinity and I decided to go explore our new home and got some lunch at a local bistro. 108 more words


Chapter 43- Winter Days

It was soon birthday time for all my kids, Alexia has become quite perceptive as a teen.

Darius as a child, He’s a Kleptomaniac

Dimitri is quite an Excitable teen… 34 more words

100 Baby Challenge

Chapter 1.7: Wedding Bells

Previously, we saw the Kingston family expand with two sweet baby twins, Ash and Briar. With maternity leave over, Fern must get back into shape. The birth of her twins had been announced in the morning edition of Sunset Valley Herald, and she doesn’t want paparazzi commenting on her weight gain as well as her having children out of wedlock. 1.514 more words