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Oh No, Not Again

Yes, so I left these idiots alone for four months because I’m lazy and forgetful and whatever the fuck else I can’t think of because dammit when are the books I ordered from the site gonna get here and- 241 kata lagi

Gen 1: Irina

Chapter 2.4

A/N: Chapters 2.3 and 2.4 were released in the wrong order. This chapter had to be taken down to resolve the issue. 

The Fairwood Legacy will update again on December 23rd, due to the double post this week.  1.944 kata lagi


Chapter 2.3

A/N: ….I’m an idiot. It appears I accidentally posted Chapter 2.4 on Saturday instead of Chapter 2.3. Good going, Amelia.

I’ve taken Chapter 2.4 down for the moment to make sure the posts are in the proper order. 2.036 kata lagi