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How "The Sims 3" Eased My Anxiety

Dear London,

If I told you my anxiety levels control my every day life to the hour, would you believe me? Well, it’s true, and Sims 3 has helped ease my anxiety by making my realise I cannot work for the entire day, 8am till 6pm, only stopping for food, every day, until I eventually burn out for a day every fortnight. 585 kata lagi

Dear London

Gen 1 Ch 15: The Cure

I looked everywhere for whatever it was that could cure my wife. Some mythical cure that could counter react with the dark energy that made her sick in the first place. 2.233 kata lagi

Generation 1

Chapter 53: Durian Ice Cream

Content Warning for: nudity.

Many weird people passed through our house. Only two of them were weird enough to split a pint of durian ice cream together. 3.013 kata lagi


Chapter 52: Distractions, Part Two

Franco might have had his apprehensions about his mother getting re-married. Though he had to admit that the setup just weirded him out. But in the end, he was happy for her. 4.168 kata lagi


Chapter 12: Mail-Order Bride

Dear Leon,

Something disturbing has shaken up Rainbow Acres. One night, Belinda came to find me in the barn, where I was playing my guitar instead of cleaning out the wine-making equipment as Spring had ordered me to do. 759 kata lagi

Sims 3

8.02 - We're a Patriarchy?!

A/N: Welcome back! I just wanted to say that the first three chapters of this generation won’t seem very connected to one another, but I promise it’s all leading up to a big event later! 1.188 kata lagi

Sims 3