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Chapter XXI: Danger

Not long after his first official performance at the Red Rendezvous Harwood was offered a steady gig. Once he protested performing alone Betty, the bartender put him in touch with a friend of hers, a drummer named Shannon Elm. 1.182 kata lagi

Browns - 7.2: Piggy

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Getting up before his wife on a Sunday morning, or any morning, was a rare occurrence for Harry Prentiss. 1.370 kata lagi


Year 2: Post 29: A New Normal

Hey Queendalers! If you guessed “sleeping bag”, you got it! So this week was a slow one. With all the seniors worrying about graduation and getting all their credits, there is no trouble for drama. 1.136 kata lagi

Ultimate Rainbowcy: Green 7.4

AHHH I STILL EXIST DON’T WORRY! Eh, It hasn’t been THAT long, though. just a little more than two weeks. What happened was I tried to make my game run faster because I had a problem with lagging so I deleted all of the pose packs that I rarely use hoping that would do the trick. 1.568 kata lagi


Year 2: Chapter 48: The Greek Olympics!: Part 1 (Abby’s POV)

It’s extremely hard for me to concentrate the weeks leading up to the Greek Olympics. Seriously, June couldn’t come fast enough! I feel overwhelmed trying to focus on my course homework and practice for the competition at the same time. 4.165 kata lagi

Could it Be....?

Sick mornings, aching joints, a bloated belly…

Oswald Legacy

The Road to a Family

Back from China, Remi immediately ran to the stables to greet Crusade. He had been tended by a hired stablehand for the duration of their vacation, and Remi had been worried about him acting up. 147 kata lagi

Oswald Legacy