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Chapter 1.3–Temperatures Rising

Lillian: “Grumble grumble… why is it my job to keep everything alive? Plants? My baby? Life sux.”

Yes, good ol’ Lillian, enjoying her life. And reminding us that she did, in fact, have a child named Adelaide! 829 kata lagi

Chapter 2.5 Just in Time

Note: Though, I’m a great fan of Noble Doubt story, my Rachel isn’t in any way connected to that Rachel. I created her about year ago and just slightly edited. 1.184 kata lagi

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Chapter 2.25

home base; 8:32 am

“Are you trying to recreate Dad’s pancakes?” Hawke asked.

“Yup!” I said brightly. I hummed to myself as I stirred the thick batter. 1.173 kata lagi

Sims 3

Chapter 2.1- Dating Fun

Indigo got a job at the local police station.

Bleu started dating one of her co-workers

Indigo headed down to the local library to study logic… 94 kata lagi

The Starfish Family

Chapter 3.2- Fun Times

Lucille decided to go on a date with Reynoldo at the graveyard of all places.

She also decided to try her hand at cooking and attempted to make Mac N cheese. 63 kata lagi

Sims 3

Heir Poll

After the last poll, Daisy and Declan were tied to lead Gen 4 so this poll will end on the 10th of December and hopefully, I will get a heir.

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Sims 3

Rub-A-Dub-Dub, Some Love For The Tub

(So this chapter has spoilers for the game Lisa: The Painful. But if you don’t ever intend to play this game, then don’t worry too much) 709 kata lagi

Shark Racket