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Prologue: All I Wanted Was You

Why did it have to be this way? Why’d you have to break my heart? You made me like this…

It was all your fault. 149 kata lagi

Heart Breaker's Tale

Alice #19: Teenage Life

My life revolves around Autumn now. I don’t even notice the monotony of my own life is. It’s the same with me and my schedule, it’s either I’m catching fish, painting something to sell, or writing a book and Autumn’s life is a little less predictable. 634 kata lagi

1st Gen: Alice Kerrigan

Year 2: Post 32: And Life Goes On

Hey Queendalers! So if you guessed “Hawks” you guessed right! I couldn’t resist using our loveable mascot as a code word! Next week’s code will be a pretty easy one as well, in honor of it being my final post. 1.618 kata lagi


The History of Twin Bayous: Stranger at My Door

When I found out that my little Jimmy had a girlfriend, I just had to get involved and I insisted that she come over for dinner that evening. 1.429 kata lagi


Alice #18: Autumn's Childhood

That doll is starting to freak me out. Autumn won’t let it go. She brings it everywhere with her, plays with it all the time, talks to it as if they’re having a real conversation except it isn’t really answering back. 404 kata lagi

1st Gen: Alice Kerrigan

Chapter 9: Summer Love

So, last chapter we met new baby Summer! He is an athletic dare-devil that likes French music, aloo masala curry, and the color white. I’m planning on him earning the gym so that means the athletic skill which can’t be started until he’s a teen (soooo bizarre that a kid cannot have the athletic skill, but ooookay EA) 281 kata lagi

Build A World

Chapter 8: Suns Out Buns Out (of the oven!)

Yes, I’m aware of how cheesy the title is! Anywho…

Very little happened during Nika’s third pregnancy. It flew by since everyone was busy working on skills and when Ray wasn’t sculpting he was doing whatever he wanted really. 167 kata lagi

Build A World