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Behind the scenes - 9.90

Made a really short video on an astral edit for the last chapter. Still getting the hang of youtube and well what a video length should be XD… 321 kata lagi

4.8 Birthday Insanity

Welcome back to the Olympia Legacy! Two posts in one day, I’m just trying to get to the heir poll, and this is the last post before the heir poll!!! 2.285 kata lagi


4.7 Becoming Human

Welcome back to the Olympia legacy! I have played through my game, so all that’s left is for me to write the remaining chapters, and then the first ever Olympia heir poll shall take place!!! 1.628 kata lagi


Chapter 1 - Meet Alabaster Bright

Hello, there! I’m Alabaster Bright, but of course you already knew that didn’t you.

Wait, you didn’t? How can you possibly never have heard of me?! 1.741 kata lagi

Alabaster Bright

4.6 Pranks and Tragic Clowns

Welcome back once more to the Olympia Legacy. Last time stuff happened, if you don’t remember go back and read the previous chapter.

I have no idea why I took this picture, probably to show that Apollo still looks human. 1.436 kata lagi


1.1 How To Make Friends

Welcome back my lovely readers! Last time my life was rudely interrupted, by a rather odd woman called Faith Holt, but in the end I decided to let her stay on my land. 1.637 kata lagi


Chapter 4.13


The future smelled like burning metal. The air, which was a horrid, sick-looking off-yellow, was thick with smog, and my first few breaths were labored as I struggled to get used to the new environment. 1.216 kata lagi

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