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Sansa: 9.12 "Snow Day Daze"

I unposted and reposted this chapter, as it didn’t seem to be showing up in the reader. Apologies if you saw it twice.

Last time with the Diffys, Alex had his first vaccination session, Princess Carolyn finished her toddler skills and aged up, and there was a double death at the library. 989 kata lagi


Chapter 2.4

I can’t believe there has only been three updates this whole year (2016).

I am so sorry about that.  It started off with a buttload of crashing and I just sort of gave up.  840 kata lagi

Dreamsicle BISBI

WordPress hates me - again

Hi, guys, it’s just a quick update because I wanted to tell you that WordPress apparently treats me as a spammer once again, so if you see I liked your post and didn’t comment – then please check your spam (go to your site’s address with added /wp-admin at the end, for example… 42 kata lagi


Gen 3 Ch 11: Expensive Mistakes

Warning: Lots of swearing, alcohol, discussion of bullying, drugs, and other problematic matters. Read at your own discretion. Also, the nightclub is made by the wonderful Caterpillarsims and you can download it… 5.051 kata lagi

Our Different Paths

BMAM: Chapter One

Chapter 01

Sunset Valley was as picturesque as a postcard. Beautiful, rolling green hills nestled in the shadow of mountains to the north and east with pristine white-sand beaches to the west and south. 1.849 kata lagi

Build Me A Mansion

BMAM: Prologue

Prologue: Who is Claire Ursine?

Every family has that story that gets passed down. You know the one: Aunt Tilly got drunk at Cousin Mel’s wedding and flashed everyone, or Great-grandpa Willy just might have murdered his son and buried him under the shed. 144 kata lagi

Build Me A Mansion

Chapter 5.5 A Solution Staring in the Face

Once the initial shock has worn off, I head to the back of the sofa, a crazy thought forming in my head.

“Boo!” I shout, to which the boys jump up scared, clutching at each other closely. 1.420 kata lagi