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Simple Present Tense

Choose The Correct Answer Below!
  1. I ___ English every day.
    a. Study
    b. Studies
    c. Studied
    d. Am studying
  2. Nina ___ to the bookstore.
    a. Gone
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Basic English Grammar: Simple Present Tense

This posting is another part of Basic English Grammar Series that I’m currently working hard to accomplish. It is about Simple Present Tense, the most used tense in English, I think. 41 kata lagi

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Simple Present Vs. Present Progressive

Ready for more grammar? Good.

This time we’re going to look at simple present tense and present progressive (also called present continuous) tense.

We use simple present tense when we talk about something we…

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Rules of Suffixes

In simple present tense main verb is suffixed with ‘s’ or ‘es’ when the subject is third person and singular number. This is governed by Rules of Suffixes. 98 kata lagi

English Grammar Through Marathi

Present Tense-वर्तमान काळ

Present Tense (वर्तमान काळ)
The tense in which action of the verb occurs is called as present tense.
ज्या काळात क्रिया घडत असते अशा काळास वर्तमानकाळ असे म्हणतात. 246 kata lagi

English Grammar Through Marathi

EF#27 Simple Habit That Changes Your Life

Halo semuanya, apa kabar? Setelah sekian lama, akhirnya English Friday Challenge hadir lagi :) Semoga teman-teman masih semangat ikutan ya.

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