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Mark Twain

176. Kuna siku mbili tu za muhimu zaidi katika maisha yako kama alivyosema Mark Twain: Siku uliyozaliwa na siku uliyojua kwa nini ulizaliwa. Siku utakapojua kwa nini ulizaliwa utakuwa tajiri, wa mali na hekima.

Falsafa Za Enock Maregesi

Review: Ghost Wolf TPB

This is the story told one thousand times. A story of revenge. A story of survival. The legend of the avatar of the Wolf Clan. The Ghost Wolf. 166 kata lagi


Hunting Grounds

In Tbilisi, there are a number of outlets for diecast models. Kinsmart are the easiest to find as they are sold in so many places: grocery stores, markets etc… When I was first in Tbilisi I bought many… 693 kata lagi

Hot Wheels

200mph +

When I was a kid, production cars didn’t reach 200mph. The fastest production car was the Lamborghini Countach, with a top speed of 193 mph. The… 446 kata lagi

Hot Wheels