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Hunting Grounds

In Tbilisi, there are a number of outlets for diecast models. Kinsmart are the easiest to find as they are sold in so many places: grocery stores, markets etc… When I was first in Tbilisi I bought many… 684 kata lagi

Hot Wheels

200mph +

When I was a kid, production cars didn’t reach 200mph. The fastest production car was the Lamborghini Countach, with a top speed of 193 mph. The… 446 kata lagi

Hot Wheels

Rennwagen chassis

Rennwagen chassis

SIKU is a German company and they have released a Formula 1 car model chassis called Rennwagen, which simply means a racing car. The scale is 1/55 so its slighlty bigger than Majorette or Hot Wheels and, as one can expect from a German manufacturer, is very solid and looks really nice. 111 kata lagi


Brand Comaprison : Audi R8

I don’t have nearly as many Audi R8s as I do Porsche 911s, but it is a car that many diecast manufacturers have put out. 259 kata lagi


The Moving Siku

My first experience with tidal sea ice has been here in Pangnirtung. Growing up in southern Ontario I have ice fished on frozen lakes and I am familiar with freshwater ice. 598 kata lagi


Polistil: Brand Comparison - Crane Trucks (Matchbox v Polistil), Mercedes Police Cars (Siku v Polistil)

Polistil was an Italian diecast company from 1960 to 1993, when they went out of business. They were pioneers of larger scale models offering cars in 1:24 and even 1:16 in the early eighties. 566 kata lagi


WATCH: 2 adorable new caribou babies born at Montreal's Ecomuseum

WATCH: Adorable footage of two wobbly-legged new caribou babies at Montreal’s Ecomuseum

MONTREAL — Montreal’s Ecomuseum welcomed not one, but two, of its very first baby caribou this week. 419 kata lagi