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Siku - quality die cast toys from Germany

Siku’s origins began in the German town of Ludenscheid in 1921. It was founded by Richard Sieper, a toolmaker working in metals and plastics. Early production items included aluminium cutlery, tools, belt buckles, buttons, military badges and decorations. 65 kata lagi

1980s Toys

French Cars: Citroën

Citroën  was the first mass-production car company outside the USA and pioneered the modern concept of creating a sales and services network that complements the motor car.   309 kata lagi



Kati ya kitu ambacho kila mjasiriamali mwenye nia ya kufanikiwa anacho ni kule kutaka kuona anakifikia mafanikio makubwa ya kibiashara. Lakini pamoja na kuwa na nia hiyo ya kufikia mafanikio hayo, mjasiriamali huyu hawezi kufanikiwa mpaka ajue mambo ya msingi yanayoweza kumsaidia kufanikiwa na kuyafanya kila siku. 665 kata lagi


Wants' List

I have more cars than I can display but still I want more, I watch YouTube channels like RaceGrooves, where each new case of Hot Wheels is unboxed and commented upon, the most recent posted is the… 1.191 kata lagi


Siku Mercedes-Benz Zetros feuerwehr 1:50

This off road, 6×6 fire truck, thanks to a handful of its features can give you hours of play, and it makes a great part of any emergency diorama. 124 kata lagi


Siku 0870 Tank

Good Evening fellow collectors!

In view to my current military die-cast models, I have added Siku as another member to the team by purchasing a 0870 Panzer Tank with a smaller scale lesser than 1:64 at Toys R Us Robinson Galleria.  38 kata lagi


Peg Warmer

A peg warmer is a model diecast left on the pegs, when the rest have gone. In Hot Wheels, here, a few undesired models seem to invariably get left on the pegs as the more popular models go: the… 112 kata lagi