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The Moving Siku

My first experience with tidal sea ice has been here in Pangnirtung. Growing up in southern Ontario I have ice fished on frozen lakes and I am familiar with freshwater ice. 598 more words


Polistil: Brand Comparison - Crane Trucks (Matchbox v Polistil), Mercedes Police Cars (Siku v Polistil)

Polistil was an Italian diecast company from 1960 to 1993, when they went out of business. They were pioneers of larger scale models offering cars in 1:24 and even 1:16 in the early eighties. 566 more words


WATCH: 2 adorable new caribou babies born at Montreal's Ecomuseum

WATCH: Adorable footage of two wobbly-legged new caribou babies at Montreal’s Ecomuseum

MONTREAL — Montreal’s Ecomuseum welcomed not one, but two, of its very first baby caribou this week. 419 more words


Price Hikes

The Georgian lari has been struggling; a couple of months ago $100 was 175 lari today $100 buys 224 lari…this is the excuse retailers give for their sharp price hikes. 183 more words

Hot Wheels

Brand Comparisons

Sometimes two or more diecast manufacturers will make a model of the same vehicle, which allows a chance for the collector to compare the merits of both brands. 81 more words

Hot Wheels

Mercedes SLK: Brand Comparison Siku v Welly

Two Mercedes SLKs the white model is by Siku, the silver model is by Welly. They both have diecast bodies and plastic bases. The Welly is supposedly 1/60 and the Siku 1/55 but they are the same length, the Siku is slightly higher because it has bigger wheels. 124 more words


Porsche 911 Track Day

I have several models of the Porsche 911, a veritable motoring icon. These are the ones around 1:64 – 1:55 scale. This is not my first post about the… 259 more words

Hot Wheels