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The Magic Library

Kisah Unik Perpusatakaan Ajaib

Judul               : The Magic Library (Perpustakaan Ajaib Bibbi Bokken)

Penulis             : Jostein Gaarder & Klaus Hagerup

Penerbit           : Mizan, Bandung

Cetakan           : V, 2016 (Edisi Ketiga) 503 kata lagi

Delineating the Future

Science fiction is probably the mostly used genre in today’s blockbuster movies, but is it led by true science? Does it really influence our future? 574 kata lagi

Anas Albounni

Can The Quiet Be Scary?

Can the quiet be scary?

What I wasn’t woken by the screaming ban-chi kids who are new to school summer vacation?

Its oddly quiet this morning. 491 kata lagi

Manhattan and Brooklyn - 04/22/2017

This is just a brief post, more of a journal I guess.

Morning presentation – I presented in a phone meeting with my collaboration, which went well. 333 kata lagi


Does Science Argue for or Against God?

I am very impressed with this video, it shows that just by using common sense you can see, that the odds of this universe to just happen to meet the standards needed for life to exist, is pretty much 1 to infinity.

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