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Does Science Argue for or Against God?

I am very impressed with this video, it shows that just by using common sense you can see, that the odds of this universe to just happen to meet the standards needed for life to exist, is pretty much 1 to infinity.

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Sources for the study of programming languages

I found not bad sites about programming.

http://softcreate.narod.ru/index.html   there is a manual, soft & brief discription;

http://asmforfun.blogspot.ru   very interesting and informative blog about assembler;

http://natalia.appmat.ru/c%26c%2B%2B/assembler.html… 84 kata lagi


Host, hosting & hosts.

As I have said, I began to actively explore the Internet technology. So today I learned a lot about hosting.

Hosting –  service for the provision of resources and network addresses; 54 kata lagi


It's elementary, my dear Watson!

Sir  Arthur Igneyshus Conan Doyle – british writer, author of numerous adventure, history, nonfiction, fiction, and humorous pieces. The creator of classic characters detective, science fiction, historical and adventure literature – the brilliant detective Sherlock Holmes, the eccentric Professor Challenger, dashing cavalry officer Gerard. 22 kata lagi


Two interesting books on the philosophy that I have read in the past year

In 2016, I read a number of philosophical works. Among them: “The nature of the gods” (De Natura Deorum), Marcus Tullius Cicero, “State”, is the story of Plato about the ideal state (policy). 131 kata lagi


Brain: Mirror Neurons

Why do we laugh when we see others laughing? Why do we start crying when we watch an emotional movie scene? In the 1980s, Giacomo Rizzolatti discovered that certain neurons fired in the brain of macaque monkeys when they grabbed a nut or put it into the mouth. 280 kata lagi



Have you ever been told that you need to eat vegetables in order to be healthy? You most likely have. But, have you really known why to eat vegetables other than your parents told you to do it? 538 kata lagi

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