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Soulgrammar 1

Let`s start with this sentence:

“I know that I know nothing, but I know that I know what I know.”

To explain this:

“I know that I know what I know” 260 kata lagi


While you were sleeping

This is an article from the magazine NEW SCIENTIST:

“Last-gasp thinking

An artificial mountain to make rain in the desert? The idea alone may reflect a new thirst for risky geoengineering, says Jamais Cascio… 453 kata lagi

The impact of hunting on target species in the Holocene

In ecological studies it is important to know the dynamics of the composition and condition of wild species of animals and birds. This will allow to determine General regularities of their development and allows to predict their numbers in modern ecosystems. <…>


A systematic approach for the classification of environmental activities

The main idea of this article is to analyze the methodological features of accounting of environmental measures with the system approach. The author addresses this problem, because it is very interesting and relevant. 190 kata lagi



Do you ever think about how small we are? If not look at this picture:

This is a picture from Voyager 1. On August 25, 2012, Voyager 1 crossed the heliopause to become the first spacecraft to enter interstellar space and study the interstellar medium. 202 kata lagi

No More Worries about Forgery with Micro-sized Fingerprints

Your fingerprints may have been used for identity verification in the library. This technology prevents unidentified students from taking seats in the library study room. As it is impossible for people to have identical fingerprints with others, it is considered the most reliable and efficient security technology. 787 kata lagi

Global Campus

Moon and Memories

As most of you know we had the amazing privilege of a lunar Eclipse on 28 September.  After much umming and ahhing I decided I will only wake our eldest(5) to see the eclipse.   80 kata lagi