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Nuclear Power Plants

Nowadays there are many people who argue that nuclear power is dangerous and unreliable. After the Chernobyl disaster, after many years, in Italy, there was a referendum to know the opinion of the population about: the result was negative, so it was decided to abolish nuclear power in Italy. 208 kata lagi


Taking christianity out of Christ.

You’ve heard it a million times before. “they’re trying to take Christ out of Christmass”; “we need the Christ back into Christianity” and many likewise political campaign like sounding qoutes that get too much use from your average evangelical christian. 982 kata lagi


Internetni piškotki

Piškotek (cookie) poznan tudi kot http piškotek, mrežni piškotek ali brskalniški piškotek je majhna tekstovna datoteka, ki jo uporabniku pošlje spletna stran in se shrani v njegov brskalnik v času njegovega brskanja po spletni strani. 614 kata lagi


If You Hear the Silence, I Hope You Find It Charming

Long gone are the nights in which I could effortlessly go out until four in the morning and sleep in until ungodly hours the next day. 294 kata lagi


Italian scientists 'recreate DNA' of fascist warrior-poet from semen stains

Forensic experts in Italy claim to have reconstructed the DNA of a national war hero and poet by analysing semen he left on a handkerchief, given to a lover 100 years ago. 35 kata lagi


Return of the woolly mammoth: Scientists take giant step towards recreating extinct beast after inserting 14 genes into elephants

  • Scientists study structure of DNA from mammoths preserved in Arctic
  • Exact copies of 14 of animal’s genes integrated into elephant genome
  • New method ‘Crispr’ helps researchers make accurate changes to DNA

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