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What I Love About Being Sick

I have always been a sickly kid and even until now. And no, it has nothing to do with my sedentary lifestyle because I eat properly, I take multivitamins, I make sure I get at least 8 hours of sleep, and I have an occassional physical activity. 851 kata lagi


The Royal Adelaide Show

The royal show has been a tradition for me ever since I was little I went almost every year. I aways went with my mum and grandma when I was little and as I grew up it became and day/night out with friends. 461 kata lagi




Here I wish to examine briefly some of the biblical concepts, precepts, analogies, types, patterns, shadows, metaphors, symbols etc. in one specific way. 1.055 kata lagi


24 weeks and feeling like arse.

So I’m 24 weeks preggo and have the cold of all sodding colds.

Normally, I don’t get them. I have rather a cracking immune system and just don’t get colds. 466 kata lagi

“God proved His faithfulness not only by healing me physically, but also by allowing my circumstances to confront my pride and granting me freedom from it.”

The strain of having twin boys & a girl within a 2.5 year time frame caused my lower back to seize up on me Thanksgiving, 2007, landing me in the ER. 248 kata lagi

Introducing a deaf singer: Mandy Harvey

My dear friends,

Mandy Harvey has lost her hearing ability. Before this happened she was singing a lot and gave up singing for 10 years, but with her courage she enabled herself to come back to the stage. 79 kata lagi


Joggers, Hair Up, Day-Time TV & Tea

A VEST, fleecy top, zip up hoodie, and fluffy dressing gown later, I am finally feeling a little bit warmer. Curled up on the sofa since 8am this morning, I’ve been unfortunate to catch a sickness bug. 176 kata lagi