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Imagine you are lying in a comfortable position. There is a warm blanket wrapped around you, and a warm drink easily reachable at your side. You are being waited on hand and foot, only expected to lie there and be comfortable, and you spend days at a time like this. 659 kata lagi


The Worst Week

I just got done experiencing quite possibly the worst week of pain in my life. It was all really scary and honestly, I almost called an ambulance. 443 kata lagi

Real Life

God and the Universe - Part 1

God is the Supreme Intelligence, first cause of all things. The book of the Spirits

Book of the Spirits Allan Kardec Year pf Publication: 1860 in Paris…

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I am strong, don't you see?

We sat here
The two of us
We quietly sip our tea
Not knowing what to say
Anxious and worries
We just stared at each other… 78 kata lagi

February 8, 1929

Fri., 8  A sunny day. Henrietta comes for the day. Sew a little. Mrs. Brown & 2 friends make us a little call. We are on the porch which is very warm & sunny. 26 kata lagi


Helping People

“My dream is to be a doctor. It’s good money and I want to be able to help people.

I’m going for my pre-med. I have 7 or 8 years until I’ll actually have the title. 57 kata lagi



There were a lot of things I knew were going to happen while training for the Ironman, but one that I did not account for were the  361 kata lagi