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Them's fighting words

Anger isn’t a common emotion for me. Annoyed, yes, but actual anger is reserved for the rare occasion when it is warranted. When I say anger though, I’m actually talking about righteous indignation. 204 kata lagi

In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 - Day 268

Feeling better today, but still not out of the woods. You know what time it is?

Anyway, you know what time it is? If your guess is “time for a bit of silly humor”, you’re right on the money. 89 kata lagi

Female Dominance

overwhelmed, overstretched, but trying to live my best life.

The best years and times of your life are often the ones that are the most overwhelming. Personally I am someone that gets overwhelmed easily. The littlest things can overwhelm me and its a day by day thing that I deal with. 1.018 kata lagi

Choosing to depend on God

When circumstances beyond our control come at us in such a way that we are faced with having to depend upon ourselves or God, sometimes it’s easier than at other times. 1.269 kata lagi


In the Midst of a Zombie Apocalypse

There are fictional story lines that exist, of which people believe will never happen: aliens invading Earth, a vampire take over, a zombie apocalypse, etc. What makes these scenarios impossible are the fictitious qualities; things that people have not witnessed first hand; products of ones’ imaginations. 1.081 kata lagi

Tough Questions about Sickness and Healing (Jas. 5:13-18)

If you’re physically weary and burdened by sickness, this passage toward the end of James should be an incredible encouragement to you. It shows you that God cares about your physical well-being, and he is able to intervene to restore you to health. 55 kata lagi


In 55 Words FD MC Challenge 2017 - Day 267

I wish I could say I’m feeling better but, sadly, that’s not the case. Still sick, I’m afraid. Still, the show must go on no matter what. 77 kata lagi

Female Dominance