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Flourishing Self-Ignorance

In the office of the modern psychoanalyst, the stages of the hero-adventure come to light again in the dreams and hallucinations of the patient. Depth upon depth of self-ignorance is fathomed, with the analyst in the role as the helper, the initiatory priest.

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Being sick with a toddler!

Being ill is rubbish, being ill with a needy toddler (or probably any child) is super rubbish.

Gone are the days of staying in bed and sticking two fingers up to the world around you, only getting up for chicken soup, a hot toddy and more tissues. 302 kata lagi


Travel Fear: Sickness

It’s another Spooky Saturday! This time around, it’s all about getting sick on travel–or staying well! I’ve heard people say they’re afraid to travel because of possible seasickness, air sickness, traveler’s diarrhea, foreign illnesses, insurance concerns, and more. 285 kata lagi

Fools or Sensible People?

Truth never damages a cause that is just.

Mahatma Gandhi

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It is really quite revealing that Hillary Clinton has not disclosed the nature and scope of her medical condition.  

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Dealing with epilepsy at university.

Going to university is a daunting prospect for everybody but can be especially nerve racking if you have an illness like epilepsy. I’m half way through my first term and so far I have had seizures every single day. 350 kata lagi


Do You Wish to be Free from Sickness and Disease? Then, Be Obedient to God’s Moral Law

George Jeffreys (28 February 1889–26 January 1962) was one of greatest evangelists of the 20th Century, and who had a powerful healing ministry that spread across the United Kingdom. 207 kata lagi


A Slight Hiccup

Just a short update this week.

Things have not gone to plan.

It started with a trip back over to Northumberland to see my family and its latest addition, my nephew, Ezra. 480 kata lagi