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God Has Not

Matzos, butter, apricot jam,
Matzos, butter, apricot jam,
Matzos, butter, apricot jam,

must be my breakfast ritual for now.
Usually some cheese. Sometimes
Farmer’s, sometimes Dubliner, and… 130 kata lagi


Five Minute Friday: Cheer

This week the topic for the Five Minute Friday link-up post is Cheer. What is a link-up? Essentially a link-up is when you join other bloggers and write on a similar topic. 385 kata lagi

Don’t worry. It’s Just a Broken Neck.

(The story of Carol Kopp written by Mary Alysse Dodds)

Sitting on our deck we agreed to lead life group with another couple. It was the first time saying yes to leadership since South Africa. 602 kata lagi

True Stories

You're the only 10 I see

We stopped for fuel at such a wasteland of a Pilot. It was absolutely one of the smallest I’ve seen in a long while and truckers got very creative. 814 kata lagi

Working Gal

Fighting the Plague...

by Cyndi Faircloth

On Monday, my classroom was the source of a “symphony of sickness”. Hacking, coughing, sniffing, wheezing…you name it, we heard it.

I think all but one student was sick. 467 kata lagi

Chapter 5: E is for... Energy

I am halfway drunk and all the way out of it, lying on the spare bedroom floor. My body hurts from a mixture of emotional distress and physically being ill. 591 kata lagi


Character of Time

The “primary consciousness,” the basic mind which knows reality rather than ideas about it, does not know the future. It lives completely in the present, and perceives nothing more than what is at this moment. 688 kata lagi