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Dysthymia is a kind of depression that has ups and downs. It’s what my physician has down in my medical record as my type of depression. 302 kata lagi

Hot Mess

Looks aren't everything...

No, this post isn’t about attractive or unattractive people. It is not dating advice or how to live in marital bliss 101.

I wanted to convey my distaste in this post concerning how people living with chronic illnesses are treated. 647 kata lagi

Chronic Illness

Mysterious Outbreak Of Deadly Legionnaire’s Disease In NYC Has Public Health Officials Scratching Their Heads

Thirty-one cases of Legionnaire’s disease have been reported in the South Bronx area of New York since July 10th. Two of those cases have resulted in deaths. 216 kata lagi

Emotion Sickness

Snot. Yet another episode of snot-filled nose giving me discomfort. If I get run over by a bus on my way home, I’d be nothing more than a snot explosion. 360 kata lagi



The town was devoid of life, but not empty.

Its streets were littered with corpses.

The bells in the main square had started ringing when news of the plague spread, but it was too late. 15 kata lagi

Creative Writing

Every Breath I Take

Nothing makes me appreciate my health more than being sick. In our home we don’t do things half-way, including getting sick. When illness strikes, we are completely shut down. 255 kata lagi

Then or then

I wish to have Alzheimer’s

for then I will not poison

the memories

I can’t remember

and those I can’t change

for they never were for me… 90 kata lagi

Spaghetti Knots