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The Cross & Suffering

God does not diminish the reality of human suffering; He gives no easy answers. God deals with our suffering from the depths of His heart. Human suffering is central to the gospel because suffering is the result of sin, and the gospel is Christ’s good news of atonement and redemption and deliverance from sin! 48 kata lagi

Christian Precepts

Diary, Jan. 15: The Sickness, the Next Chapter

There are many rules of parenting.

Rule #431: Don’t buy white carpeting.

Rule #193: Between the ages of 0 to 24 months, you can only attempt to do one thing a day that is outside the scope of taking direct care of your child. 220 kata lagi


Daily Update - 1/15

Mornings like today, I really wish I had help. This stupid sinus issue is taking its toll. Even after being on meds for weeks, I still can’t seem to shake it. 514 kata lagi


Haiku #114

Waning near the edge
in between… calling toward
one world or another.

Copyright © 2017, by J. Sibley Law


Lessons in Sickness

I have been sick.  It started last Friday, when I woke up in the middle of the night with my throat on fire.  Using the red pepper trick (put a pinch of red pepper in any liquid and drink up), I was able to go back to sleep with some relief.  1.210 kata lagi

Psalm 23

Ohútkȟaŋ Origins No. 926

Learning a new language can seem a daunting task. But when the language is related to terms, phrases, and words in a known language it becomes easier.

For example:

wo (woh) = sickness


My Acupuncture Experience

Hello Readers,

I’ve wanted to blog about this for a while now and it’s a little bit different to my usual posts about makeup but those of you who follow me will know I have suffered from awful migraines for most of my life and recently they’d become so debilitating they were absolutely affecting my life. 975 kata lagi

Health & Wellbeing