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Oh The Stress Of It All - Part 1 Again

Two years ago I posted this blog, and recently I’ve had a slew of clients dealing with the physically debilitating results of stress. So I thought since many people tend to take a summer vacation around this time of year, it might be some helpful food for thought to those of you who are “stressing out.” … 323 kata lagi

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"Why do I gotta heal?"

Hi all! :) here comes another personal splash at you. It kinda rolled out of me, and felt like a good outcome after another writer’s block season. 1.801 kata lagi



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A sickness
Which is contagious
Spreading with such eagerness
This is outrageous!
Turbulent thoughts, cloudy vision
Anger controls my emotions
Is there a cure for what I feel? 8 kata lagi



I know what’s happening

to me

He’s found his way


making me think

in love story


making butterflies

deep inside


and a sickness… 6 kata lagi

Kait King

Anything is Possible

I’ve come to the realization that if I have to wait until next Friday to be induced it won’t be such a bad thing. It might actually turn out pretty cool if this birth is long and torturous the way Henry’s was. 514 kata lagi



Aren’t you sick and tired of the enemy bombarding you with all types of issues. Then do something about it. God got sick and tired of the enemy using us as target practice to get back at Him, so He sent His Son Jesus, to defeat the enemy and restore our power and authority over the enemy. 332 kata lagi

Daily Message

For The Weary Mum

Happy New Week!

Tuesday is my new Monday. Well, at least since I had a baby. I feel like Monday is my Sabbath to recover from the Sabbath. 686 kata lagi