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When fear steals your appetite...

I love food. I love home cooked meals, occasional fast food splurges, fresh seafood, and trying just about anything I’ve never had before. I have no problem eating a bit more than I ought to, but I wouldn’t call it a food addiction. 301 kata lagi


From 23 Gulick Lane

I did not watch the reports, since I was a part of them.
There was no need to read the papers because I knew your face, 287 kata lagi


The Summer Cold

Throughout most of the year I suffer from allergies. I look at it as my body feeling bad for Mother Nature. J/k. Allergies suck. But what sucks more than allergies is the Summer Cold. 258 kata lagi

The joys of pregnancy .. 

I can’t believe I’m 34 weeks tomorrow .. It has gone so quick when I think about it but certainly not too quick.

Third trimester sickness is here , I was actually sick on myself whilst driving on Thursday. 263 kata lagi

The Importance of Health - 30/7/2016

I have never been sick for over three weeks. It started off with a small cold & cough, then headache & sore throat. Finally feeling better today, but another sickness comes by the way, since breakfast this morning my stomach was full of gas.  31 kata lagi


From Mourning to Dancing

He has sent me…to bestow on

a crown of beauty instead of ashes,

the oil of joy instead of mourning.

Isaiah 61:1, 3

God’s Holy Spirit brings not only peace but also joy.

503 kata lagi

Lessons from the ICU. 1. Doctors can be so wrong

As my heart beat went racing on July 8th, I was taken to a doctor in my hometown. He is a physician I respect a lot. 422 kata lagi

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