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Is chronic illness simple?

Oh my goodness NO!  Actually not just no, but hell NO!  So why in the world would I give this blog such a title?

Before I started this blog, I struggled to give it a name because once you name something it becomes real and reality can be harsh. 306 kata lagi

My Grandma

With my sweaty palms
I was afraid
To caress your gentle head
To feel your soft hair through my fingertips
I held my tears knowing how time was not on our side… 160 kata lagi

Inside My Brain

Illness Is a page in which you can add to your self care book.

A chance to show your body some self love by the arms which it carries

Avoiding the Plague

There is a lot that I like about winter.  The beauty of a fresh snow.  Warm tea and hot chocolate.  New TV shows.  Puppy snuggles. A new book.  269 kata lagi

An interesting weekend …

In fact, a very interesting weekend. So interesting for us, that I feel it is worth posting about. As I mentioned earlier, K*** has had a problem with her eyes and this has led to her spending much of the weekend trying to rest. 339 kata lagi


Thoughts on Isolation

Been isolating a lot lately.  I sometimes have entire days when I don’t even leave my apartment anymore.  I’m just burned out on people in general.  399 kata lagi

Mental Illness

In Sickness and In Health

I am writing this post six days after getting a flu that has seriously and mercilessly knocked me on my ass. I hadn’t been sick since Christmas 2016, which prompted me to think about appreciation. 866 kata lagi