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Book Review : Everything Everything 

Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon

I read this entire book in one day. That hasn’t happened in a while and that’s why this review is up so soon after my last! 116 kata lagi

Henry Miller: Sick Star

Yayoi Kusama, You Who Are Getting Obliterated in the Dancing Swarm of Fireflies

“I am thinking of one woman and the rest is blotto. I say I am thinking of her, but the truth is I am dying a stellar death. 98 kata lagi

A Food for Every Mood

Whether it’s chemical or all in our heads, it’s pretty obvious that foods can remedy or ignite different mood. Taste and smell work together to make you  272 kata lagi


Me and My Fishermen Three

Yesterday, after a stretch of intensified pain and discomfort, I reached my umpteenth pinnacle of frustration. As my husband was on his way out the door after dinner I lamented through tears, “I don’t think God likes me very much.” Now, I know the foolishness inherent in that statement, but pain and frustration are like drugs–both numbing… 728 kata lagi



Being a medical student, and also a meditation practitioner, gives one a unique perspective in life. One such thought is how manifestation of disease process come about. 37 kata lagi