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It comes. Shakes our priorities. And then goes away. That is what illness does.

Changing weather says the doctor. Both my kids fell at the same time. 134 kata lagi


Miracle Cure for a Sick Society

Most of us are aware that there are plenty of social problems in the world.  No developed country is immune.  But who wants to be reminded of problems that no one has answers to?  175 kata lagi


Till Death Do Us Part

I started out as a fragment, a piece
A single destruction amidst your pending chaos
I was dying, like a cell-inflicted cancer
Till I started spreading, devouring… infesting… 254 kata lagi


False Dawn

Remember when I wrote that after a few weeks of crappiness, things seemed to be getting better? As it turned out, that light we saw at the end of the tunnel was the headlight of a fast approaching train.  559 kata lagi

The Cutlet

Lost ability

“The experience sounds cliche—appreciating something only when it’s taken away, only realizing what you had after it’s lost.
But it’s accurate in the case of serious knee injuries. 38 kata lagi


Five Month Struggle

My husband and I have been two passengers on the struggle bus for the last week. First, I got sick with a “summer cold.” It kept getting worse, though, so I went to see my doctor. 159 kata lagi



The past two days of my son’s sickness have not been ideal but with his very picky eating habits, one can only expect days like this are bound to happen. 198 kata lagi