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Students Label Cold Season "The Bloom-bonic Plague"

High cases of colds and sinus infections rock students at Bloomsburg University.

With the recent drop in temperature and classes getting underway, students are becoming increasingly sick. 525 kata lagi

Online Journalism

Gramps, his later years

My grandpa’s life interwove with mine for a total of 26 years. I wish I could weave a story that makes the last half as magical as the first half, but I can’t. 452 kata lagi


"You Don't Look Sick"

I’ve been reading a lot lately about people who have a disease or mental illness, who have the handicapped plates on their car receiving nasty notes on their car that say awful things like “You don’t look sick.   619 kata lagi

Mental Health

What's the hurry?

Seriously, I was ready to skip October and start the NaNo. My perception of time has been messed up because of this sick leave.

So, my doctor has now concluded that I am not to return to my current job as a clerk. 275 kata lagi


Sand Castles and Kayaks

This post could have just as accurately been titled, “Peeing in the Ocean and Vomiting on the Bus”, but I didn’t think that sounded too inviting. 275 kata lagi


Joy Is Not Virtual

A glittering net of virtual technology has draped itself over us and binds us all together. A new kind of world is born; part reality, part fantasy, filled with all the hopes and dreams of humanity and therefore, rife with sin. 841 kata lagi