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Alright, Just One : Episode 12 : Wrestlemania & Getting Sick

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Allison and Bryan are drinking sodas this episode. Why? Because their both flippin’ sick! Allison talks way too much about wrestling before we get into the actual topic, getting and being sick! 21 more words

Bryan J Polk

Sorry Been Sick

Sorry I have let it go 5 days between posts.  I’m never sure how that happens! At least this time I have an excuse.  I’m afraid I have had a wicked virus and been quite sick.  296 more words



Back to real life… let me just say, it’s hard work, yo!

Tough re-entry areas:

1.  Sleep – I didn’t get enough while I was down in New Orleans.  567 more words


How Much is Your Pet's Life Worth?

Can you put a price on your pet’s life? According to a 2010 article in The New York Times’ health and wellness blog, the answer is yes. 501 more words


Angels Come Disguised

More and more I am hearing of children and teens suffering from Cancer, now it hits closer to home a young girl whose family I know is suffering from a Cancerous Tumor… 43 more words


everything will be ok in the end.

Hey there,

First of all, I want to apologize for the lack of blog posts this week.
I have been sick this week so I was lying in bed with a horrible flu, unable to move or think. 569 more words


Strawberry Cravings While Out Sick

I was ill for a day or two

More I suppose

My doctor said it was the flu

Bad case of ear infection and perhaps asthma… 41 more words