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Tuesday 12.01.2015

Waking up knowing my circumstances and at the same time remembering Gods promises is like having cornflakes without any milk. You know there is supposed to be milk but the reality is that you right now will have to eat without any milk. 678 kata lagi

It is a joke!!

So if you are ever stuck with the health care system in a country which is set up by the government , this is what happens to you- one day when you are travelling to work in the bus you look out and you look at yourself and you look at the time that has passed by and you start laughing thinking may be you were not well THEN. 676 kata lagi

Journal Entry 11.30.2015

It was raining when I was driving to Los Gatos Medical Center. For an abdomen ultrasound.
I glimpsed the movements of my organs on the screen. 75 kata lagi


Homestead Thanksgiving

So another year’s Thanksgiving has come and gone and, while it was quite a bit smaller than usual, it was also quite relaxing.

The basement girls have continued to make progress. 397 kata lagi


When I woke up today it was with a sense of anticipation in my spirit. If you had asked me what I was anticipating, if it was good or bad, I would first have said good and then been tempted to change it to bad. 1.869 kata lagi


Day 126

I’ve been ill, well yesterday I was (spoke with mum and dad on Facebook about it while I had pizza), that was an experience by its self, I drove back from collecting some money with a white board on my knee and a pizza cello taped to the back of my bike. 1.332 kata lagi

WOW ~ Word of the Week ~ Christmas Compliments

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.

Colder temperatures drive us indoors, and holiday celebrations drive us into closer contact over bowls of dip and platters of cookies. 160 kata lagi

WOW ~ Word Of The Week