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Retrotechtacular: Coopering Guinness Barrels by Hand

For almost exactly 200 years, the Guinness brewery in Dublin, Ireland employed extremely skilled craftsmen to shape and construct wooden casks by hand. These men were called coopers, and plying their trade required several years of apprenticeship. 380 kata lagi

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Badminton: My Addiction

I love sports, I guess most guys do, and I play cricket, football and volleyball fairly well. I don’t get the opportunity to try new sports very often but just over a year ago, a ‘Flaavaful’ friend of mine invited me to play a game called badminton with him and a group of friends. 707 kata lagi


A Month of Short Stories 2015, Day Fourteen - The Embassy Of Cambodia

The last two years, for the month of June, I wrote about a short story that was available online each day of the month… you can… 989 kata lagi

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Adam's Fun Facts: Spotify, Shuttlecock's, IRS & More

Who was BANNED from Disneyland by Walt Disney, himself?  How did 7 million American children disappear?  Who owns the patten for the shuttlecock?  All this and more are here with Adam’s Fun Facts: 136 kata lagi


The Aerodynamics of a Badminton Birdie

Did you know that a shuttlecock or birdie can travel up to 200 mph during professional games! How does a cone made of plastic and rubber reach such high velocities? 67 kata lagi

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My Badminton Experience

Why aren’t more people playing this sport, actually why aren’t people watching this sport.

I watched and reportedon a grade F badminton game and i was completely shocked to find a sport with a fast pace and tense rallies. 425 kata lagi