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Daily mythology: Cork in badminton-shuttlecocks

As we learned shuttlecocks were made of a cork-ball, covered with leather. A ring of feathers were tucked into to make it fly. Mesmerizing: only feathers from the left wing – mostly of goose or duck – were used, in order to make the shuttlecock rotate properly. 44 kata lagi


Netted Alignment

Similar to any other sport— it had rules too,
the null was called the love— probably just to woo,
you’re just to serve the shuttlecock diagonally, 169 kata lagi

Known Stranger

Badminton shuttlecocks are an odd piece of sports equipment. Typical shuttles have 16 feathers stuck in a piece of cork and can fly at speeds over 250 mph, making badminton the world’s fast racquet sport. 443 kata lagi


Robomintoner Badminton Bot To Defeat Amateur Humans

Watching robots doing sports is pretty impressive from a technical viewpoint, although we secretly smile when we compare these robots’ humble attempts to our own motoric skills. 244 kata lagi

Robots Hacks

Waterlogue Wednesdays: Julia Willard in Kansas City

Time to clear something up. Where am I from, many people have wondered… France? Non. Netherlands? Nee. U.K.? Nope.
I come from beautiful Kansas City, Missouri, USA. 123 kata lagi

Julia Willard