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Shuttlecock Spiral & Wreath

These Goose and/or Duck feathered wall hangings utilise the nestling cone shapes to form a bed and nest. The spiral re purposes about 10 ft of ‘birdies’ and the wreath is made of 8 rings bound together for a 3 tier depth. 8 kata lagi

Badminton Players Fuck Each Other in the Ass With Rackets

BY Sue DeNimm
Obscure Sports Reporter

PISCATAWAY—Things got out of control Wednesday during the Thomas Cup tournament when the players of the Denmark vs. England match suddenly arranged in a circle, bent over, and shoved their rackets up the anal cavity of the player to their left. 213 kata lagi


Division 1 Mixed Match: Friday 12th February 2016

Katie Scott shares the latest match updates from Langdon Academy

Well what a way to spend a Friday night! We swapped wine for water bottles this evening as your mixed squad headed out to the home turf of shuttle supremos Ramgarhia, a club who are notorious for their winning streak, speed around the court and general ‘did he just do that?’ style of play. 719 kata lagi


my life - badminton

Hello everyone!

Today I decided to talk to you about sport that I play for almost 15 years now. It is badminton. It is part of my life for almost as long as I remember, first as young kid trying to hit some shuttles with my neighbors, later as player and now, beside playing on national tournaments, I am working also as badminton coach for youngest players in our club. 449 kata lagi

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More on washing, and more from the pub...

Sunday nights is our regular time to go to the pub as a couple of friends usually go then and it’s a good way to catch up with them. 634 kata lagi

Pubs... And Pints!

More Birdie, Less Shuttlecock

ME AND BIRDIE | Alina Stefanescu

⇒Read the story in Broad! (Summer 2015 – “Sci-Fi and the Speculative”)

The story is on page 16 of the downloadable PDF. 935 kata lagi

Magic Realism