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Dryopteris affinis

The male fern populates my nightmares. They cluster together in corners and under shrubs like nests of massive spiders, with their legs pulled tightly into their bodies ready to pounce. 331 kata lagi

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shut·tle·cock (SHədlˌkäk) noun

a cork to which feathers are attached to form a cone shape, or a similar object of plastic, struck with rackets in the games of badminton and battledore, commonly known as a birdie. 12 kata lagi

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There is this fictional company in Chicago called Beaufort. The designer found that many bad quality synthetic shuttlecock in the market and hence, they decided to offer high-end badminton product. 44 kata lagi


Daily mythology: Cork in badminton-shuttlecocks

As we learned shuttlecocks were made of a cork-ball, covered with leather. A ring of feathers were tucked into to make it fly. Mesmerizing: only feathers from the left wing – mostly of goose or duck – were used, in order to make the shuttlecock rotate properly. 44 kata lagi