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The Aerodynamics of a Badminton Birdie

Did you know that a shuttlecock or birdie can travel up to 200 mph during professional games! How does a cone made of plastic and rubber reach such high velocities? 67 more words

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My Badminton Experience

Why aren’t more people playing this sport, actually why aren’t people watching this sport.

I watched and reportedon a grade F badminton game and i was completely shocked to find a sport with a fast pace and tense rallies. 425 more words

Shuttlecock untuk Turnamen

Di turnamen IBF, kebanyakan Wasit Utama akan mencoba sampai 3 kecepatan (speed) shuttlecock yang berbeda untuk memastikan bahwa kecepatan tertentu adalah cocok untuk situasi tempat dan pada waktu tertentu. 250 more words


Memahami Kecepatan Shuttlecock

Pertama, apa itu kecepatan? Dalam bulutangkis, “kecepatan” didefinisikan sebagai ‘seberapa jauh sebuah shuttlecock bisa meluncur bila dipukul dengan daya tertentu’. Shuttlecock yang memiliki daya jangkau “lebih jauh” dianggap “lebih cepat”. 135 more words


The forerunner of badminton- battledore and shuttlecock

2000 year old battledore and shuttlecock was the forerunner of badminton

There are many theories about the origin of badminton. Sport historians speculate that badminton originated from battledore and shuttlecock, a game that is about 2000 years old and originated in Ancient Greece. 458 more words

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Film Review: 'Sins of a Father'

An attempt to salvage a semi-lost feature, Andrew Piddington’s “Sins of a Father” adds footage reuniting some original cast members to the pre-existing “Shuttlecock,” an adaptation of the same-named Graham Swift novel that basically vanished after its San Sebastian Film Festival premiere in 1991. 667 more words