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June 2017 SFF Short Fiction Reading Part III

Yes, I’ve got more short fiction to share with you this month! All of these came from the many recommendations for queer SFF from lovelies on twitter. 413 kata lagi


Hunting; Snow

The soft swirl of snowfall fell before his eyes, distorting the landscape ahead of him. Each step left its mark; an indent quickly masked by the fall that threatened to blind him. 509 kata lagi


Curiosity - Part One

Isn’t it amazing how our lives are a product of our surroundings, as infants we are tailored to be exactly how our parents wish us to. 1.824 kata lagi

Word Prompt

Six again

It’s hot and thinking is … Something, something, too hard.
So here are more six word stories.

What’s on the floor? Not syrup.

Eyes narrow, fingers flex, boot hill. 43 kata lagi

Short Stories

Shades of Gray: Abraham Milestone’s Revenge

The following is an excerpt of a short story from my book Shades of Gray: Strange Tales from the Old Dominion, now available exclusively on Amazon Kindle. 905 kata lagi

Ghost Stories

My Editing Technique


This is, once again, an edit and repost of an old post I had. I am beginning to realize these are less simple edits… 572 kata lagi