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The Piper 39

Nobody knew that Pete could tell the time and only Nick knew that he had a special gift. Pete could read the thoughts that other people had. 1.092 kata lagi

"I could have done it better"

Well, I could have done it better.

I know that now.

But I didn’t then.

I didn’t think there was another way.

There was only one. 49 kata lagi

Flash Fiction

The Speech Therapist

This is an old piece of fiction that I’m quite proud of, and so am sharing with the world at large.

It’s fiction, definitely, but every single one of my colleagues or classmates can attest to the fact that we have all had at least one experience similar to this. 754 kata lagi

Speech-language Pathology

Society's Fault

Society is the majority of the people – maybe. Society is a like a troop of soldiers; if one strays, the one dies. Maybe it’s normal to stay within the troop, to not be deviant in any way, or stereotyped. 1.745 kata lagi

Short Story

Elizabeth: Notes from a Public Typewritter©

I was perusing the local bookstore the other day (which sounds better than desperately trying to come up with a blog-post idea), and Michael Gustafson’s book… 327 kata lagi


Found in a diary

Today, my Manna told me stories of the stars. How we, at the Hub, sent our Envoys far far afield, long ago in the Folding Times. 107 kata lagi