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Legendry's Epic Metal comes to Millhaven

  In the misty forests beyond the dungeons of Evermorn

did the metal warrior wander.

Thus begins “The Wizard and the Tower Keep” by D.R. Lackner.  The story deals with an unnamed warrior encountering a great ancient city, ruled over by an evil wizard from the top of a spiral tower.  428 kata lagi

The First Anxiety of the Day

By Judah Stiefel

The crunch of human mass shifting atop mattress springs reached me from across a familiar distance. I recognized the metallic creaks to be the sound of my roommate, Miles, struggling to hold on to, or else wrestle with, a few more moments of sleep before the stresses of his day took over. 995 kata lagi


Lazybones On the Move

Mr Ya Ya Khan on the Brixton Road did not take kindly to the road that faced him every morning. In his work clothes he was called Mr. 1.362 kata lagi

Benny Thomas

Help the Witch by Tom Cox

There is a line where mist becomes fog and during the early days of December it is crossed.  But it’s not during fog that what has been growing in the river breaks the surface and takes a look around.  

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Lilac Hill

Journal Entry:

Named for the mega-volcano that graces this tiny world, Lilac Hill is as desolate as it is beautiful. The giant volcano has a long history of eruption and is still active to this day, with a near constant flow. 707 kata lagi


Otherworldly October: 'Shona and the Water Horse' by R. Chetwynd-Hayes

‘Shona and the Water Horse’ by R. Chetwynd-Haynes (1972).
Collected in 65 Great Spine Chillers, edited by Mary Danby, 1982, Octopus Books Ltd., for St. Michael/Marks & Spencers, approx. 2.785 kata lagi

Changes Part 2

Changes by: Henny Daniels



The sun will soon rise, and this 20 page paper will remain in progress. I have no idea why I continue to pull all-nighters. 910 kata lagi