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Four ways to fun shopping with children

Shopping with smaller children is quite a hassle as they get bored easily. What’s more embarrassing is when they express themselves weirdly at marketplace but there’re times when you’ve no choice but taking kids along. 329 kata lagi


Saturday of shopping in Helsinki

This week I had Friday morning and entire Saturday off. As you might have seen in Instagram I went shopping to find a perfect outfit for next weekend when I’ll be a wedding guest. 302 kata lagi


Where will we go today?

Its the little things in life that make me happy…

Spring is only two days away, and the bitter winds and drizzle have -for the most part – died off, and each day it seems, is becoming a little warmer. 859 kata lagi


Statement Jewellery Pieces...

Is there anything better than finding the perfect statement necklace piece for your wardrobe. I think not.

And the best part of a statement piece..is that is should be versatile. 374 kata lagi


shopping for success

Today involved a visit to the grocery store to stock up on all the foods I’m going to be eating in week 1 of this challenge: 89 kata lagi


Easy meals!! 

Awesome deal. Delicious food!! Www.kitcheneez.biz/cookwithcarrieWww.facebook.com/carrieskitcheneez #shopping #food #foodie #foodporn #cooking #healthyfood #glutenfree #shoplocal #shoppingonline #shoponline #foodstagram #kitchen #kitchenlife #kitcheneez #colorado #denver

Kitcheneez website.

Canary Wharf, London

Today is a momentous occasion, it has been officially two weeks since I first arrived in London and moved to Canary Wharf (CW). There are many things that I do love about CW, despite the hate I receive from others who call CW boring, pretentious, etc. 115 kata lagi