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Souks, Donkeys and Dust - Marrakech Part 2

My second little piece on Marrakech is about the souks.

I have met a few people who found them hard work and didn’t like them. I Love them. 275 more words



Welcome to my first blog post! This summer I’m going to Córdoba, Argentina for my medical internship and I’m determined to blog my experience. In preparation for my trip I’ve simply been checking off things on my To-Do list including getting the clear from all my doctors, buying my medical supplies and of course shopping for some business casual clothing, which I really enjoyed. 62 more words


Shopping Saturday! / Itäkeskus (Itis) Helsinki, Finland

On Saturday I got home early so I decided to do some shopping in Itäkeskus (also known as Itis) that’s the biggest shopping center in Finland. 315 more words


Menagierie Makes

Well the other week we noticed from a distance that number 70 Hoe Street had a lick of new paint. Well according to Walthamstow Diary… 209 more words


GrabTaxi and Lazada - Making Life Easy

I am not exactly the techie type and I easily, easily get rattled when my Smartphone acts up and I have no idea why. My work demands that I immerse myself in social media while my foray in blogging has kept me sane — however, deep in my heart, I am still an old-fashioned girl who loves writing letters instead of email, reading actual books than Kindle and writing on my journal… 1.205 more words

I Like

Monetizing Memorial Day

Memorial Day is a holiday designed to celebrate veterans for their service and honor soldiers who gave their lives for our freedom. But if you ask the average citizen where he goes this holiday weekend, the answer is probably not Arlington where the President… 512 more words


Arghh! Hell's breaking loose and my piñacolada is on ice!

It’s a lovely day today and I should have gone to the gym this morning but at 4pm I just on my way to the shops instead of developing my wonderful idea that would enable me retire someday to my beach house. 207 more words