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it rained

We got a new washer today. It’s nice to get new things.

My husband brought two toddler plants home, kind of for a housewarming. They’ve been in their temporary planters for more than one week and one of them may be rotting closer to the roots. 109 kata lagi


Another Random Blog Survey

I haven’t posted in a while – things have been pretty crazy around here. In the past two days I gave notice to leave my current job and accepted a live-in nannying job, so I’m trying to get everything together to leave on Saturday! 344 kata lagi

Along the Promenade: Kensington High Street

Kensington High Street October 1961. The corner of Wright’s Lane. The photographer has noted on the back: midday. It’s good to know that now. The street is busy. 1.755 kata lagi

20th Century

First Plastic-less Shopping at Fruit 'n Veg

So, if you’ve read the About Me page, you’ll see how I stumbled upon this thing called Zero Waste Living (Thanks Lauren.) Anywhoo, first time I read the article, I thought it was impossible and not do-able at all. 1.069 kata lagi


14 Striped Shirts and Counting.

Although I’m a highly sophisticated individual with exceptional likes for the finer things in life, I can’t help but wonder about my compulsive shopping habits. As an intellectual, I don’t mean to quote Mr. 231 kata lagi


I am so incredibly thankful for how much joy this blog/shop has brought to so many and to my heart as well!

Because of how much positive feedback I have been getting I wanted to do a fun special for the holiday week! 152 kata lagi


Retail Therapy: 30 Days of Shopping Detox

What happened if the world stood still? What if the end of days was tomorrow?…No just kidding but this is what my next 30 days are going to feel like.

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