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Heaven’s Persona & Live/Traditional Aesthetics

As it’s almost six years to the day since the passing of Shizuka Miura, I felt it appropriate to pen an overview of her band. 453 kata lagi


☆Work while you wait for PR (Spousal Sponsorship) ☆

Pilot program allowing sponsored spouses for Canadian immigration to obtain open work permits will be continued for another year :)

If you have applied for a spouse or common-law partner in Canada class (SCLPC) sponsorship from inside Canada, you can apply for a work permit for the spouse or common-law partner whom you are sponsoring. 84 kata lagi


☆Xmas Market in Toronto☆

Christmas is coming in a month!

Toronto has many events for Christmas such as the Santa Clause Parade, the Swedish Christmas Festival, and other Christmas-related festivals all over Toronto. 161 kata lagi


☆Niagara trip #2☆

I went to Niagara two weeks in a row, this time with my co-workers as a business trip.

We visited Niagara College and toured the three different campuses. 143 kata lagi


☆Halloween, Zombie Walk☆

Let’s discuss another cultural event celebrated in Canada, HALLOWEEN!!

Have you heard of the “Zombie Walk?” They have them in some cities in Canada.

These are the pictures from last year! 126 kata lagi


☆ TORONTO: Safe City to Live In ☆

Toronto is one of the safest cities to live in the world.

According to The Economist U.K. published this year, Toronto has ranked in the eighth spot as the safest city to live in the world, after Sydney and Zurich. 160 kata lagi


☆ Toronto Tattoo Show ☆

There is a huge tattoo show in Toronto every year around this time.

The word “tattoo” has different meanings throughout a variety of cultures. However, the tattoo culture in North America suggests that tattoos mostly signify sentimental memories or maybe portrays a symbol that holds special meaning for an individual. 171 kata lagi