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☆ TORONTO: Safe City to Live In ☆

Toronto is one of the safest cities to live in the world.

According to The Economist U.K. published this year, Toronto has ranked in the eighth spot as the safest city to live in the world, after Sydney and Zurich. 160 kata lagi


☆ Toronto Tattoo Show ☆

There is a huge tattoo show in Toronto every year around this time.

The word “tattoo” has different meanings throughout a variety of cultures. However, the tattoo culture in North America suggests that tattoos mostly signify sentimental memories or maybe portrays a symbol that holds special meaning for an individual. 171 kata lagi


The difference between “Permit” and “Visa” explained

Many people question the difference between a “permit” and “visa.” Sometimes people mistakenly ask questions such as “do you have a work visa” when it is actually a “work permit.” Here is a short explanation. 344 kata lagi


☆ Pride Parade and Canada Day ☆

From the end of June to July 1st, there are many events including the Jazz Festival, Tastes of Asia, Pride Parade, and Canada day. Especially, the last two events are one of the biggest events in Canada. 181 kata lagi


☆Huge Italian Festival in Toronto: Taste of Italy ☆

There is an area in Toronto called Little Italy and the restaurants, coffee shops and stores there are inspired by Italian culture. Last week, the Taste of Italy festival was held there with about fifty or so restaurants participating. 186 kata lagi


☆ Canadian Health Care Compared to American ObamaCare ☆

The Canadian health care system is one of the major attractions that influence people to immigrate to Canada.

In the United States, the Obama Administration introduced… 361 kata lagi


☆ The Many Cultural Events of Toronto in Summer ☆

Toronto is one of the most multicultural cities in the world. There are even more different cultures than those found in New York City. Toronto is deeply devoted to developing its cultural communities. 304 kata lagi