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Lord of The Rings

One ring to rule them all

One ring to contain their space

The dark lord imprisoned

by crows in the clouds

A ring of students surround… 111 kata lagi




At the core of our ethos is creating a nostalgic feeling for you, every-time.


Finally some Familiarity

I knew that if anyone would come to see me overseas it would be my big sister and the day finally came on Friday, January 31. 997 kata lagi

Feeling Like Home (Away From Home)

When I came to America in 2014, I knew that this country was going to be my new home. However, I did not know that I was going to miss home as much as I did. 1.262 kata lagi


Exploring Sultanahmet: Snowy

The first time we went to Sultanahmet it was snowing. It was beautiful but my tropical self felt mostly miserable, wiping snot trying to get a good shot of the Blue Mosque. 359 kata lagi


Week in Eats 1.1: WE GOT RIPPED OFF

It happens to the best of us travellers. And it happens when you’re hungry, cold and just want to place your order ASAP.

I don’t know how we let it happen to us twice in our first week here. 790 kata lagi


Marilyn Oma Anona writes: Smoking has no advantage... Stop smoking!

The rate at which young people smoke these days is very alarming.
Sadly, smoking is seen as the new cool!
If you smoke, you are seen as civilised and exposed… And when you don’t, you are seen as timid! 261 kata lagi