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The Ultimate DIY Shisha Guide!

Sheesha/Hookah/Narghille, whatever you may call it, you can’t deny the relaxation it gives you at the end of a tiring day. Smoking Shisha is one thing but what if we tell you that the everyday objects around you can be made in to a fully functional Shisha! 213 kata lagi


Fuzzy Lemonade - Starbuzz

Fuzzy Lemonade used to be one of my go-to flavors. It was thick cut, unwashed, and tasted slightly reminiscent of Trix cereal. The smoke was unreal; one of the thickest cloud producing shishas I had ever experienced. 211 kata lagi


Turkey Unplugged - Day Four

Today was an even earlier start than yesterday.  We began by going to nearby Troy.  Huseyin told us how a German archaeologist destroyed the Troy of Homer’s Iliad because he believed it would be found in the lower layers of the site but, in fact, it was much nearer to the top.   210 kata lagi


London – even though it has its beauty, at times it can be rather stressful. Relaxation is needed and shisha not only allows you to fulfil this need  28 kata lagi



Whether it’s a espresso, latte or a cappuccino we have it all. Our baristas are fully trained and it’s fair to say – they know their stuff! 10 kata lagi



From our spicy peri peri burgers, grilled chicken breasts, to our salad bar… the selection is endless.  


New Project

Starting on new work for Bucks Open Studios exhibition next June. Following on from previous Indian embroidery work, I am using a Colouricious printing block as a guide and embellishing with shisha, sequins, beads and hand embroidery.