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Smoking shisha with hijab & other shisha related stories

When I workout, I fear smoking* will be even more detrimental to my health. Yes, travelling is pretty physically demanding but I tell myself, no, not as much as doing Crossfit WOD everyday. 435 kata lagi


The Circle - Poseidon’s Hangout

Trying to wear my shorts, but they didn’t fit, probably my love handles are getting more and more lovely. So I decided to call my dietitian Zesty and invite her to our gathering, as Gaston my partner, my brother and my friend couldn’t make it, so, she can control my calories ;). 533 kata lagi


Gulnaz Restaurant & Cafe-Dubai Marina

This is one of those reviews which I wanted to write, as soon as I visited the restaurant. When I went to Gulnaz Restaurant & Cafe I was super thrilled as I was trying a new cuisine for the very first time. 762 kata lagi


Habibi Funk at Yukunkun poster

My second poster work for Yukunkun Club, before i had to stop everything and start working on my comic book. It’s really cool to work for a club that brings alternative Djs like this one. 30 kata lagi


Sand flames....

I went to Sandflames for some shisha and a spot of dinner and dessert too. I have never been there but the food is yummy and the desserts are even BIGGER! 21 kata lagi

Just A Little Smoke: I’ve Been There. Shisha

What’s all the hype? Is anything special about it? Many have done it, more are getting into it. Why shy away; it’s normal. So I was told the first time I smoked; or should I call it “tasted” … 463 kata lagi

European Adventures: Day 13-Summer 2016

Day 13-7/2

I woke up at sound 11 then went back to sleep and woke up again at around 12. Then I just got ready. I forgot my contact lens solution in Bonn (along with other things of lesser value). 810 kata lagi

England: Summer 2016